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Hi! Hope to make a good impression!

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1 Hi! Hope to make a good impression! on 30th October 2017, 11:03 pm

Hi, my name is Mikal Rashid, I've taken a bit of a break to simracing, and now that I'm back into things, I'm getting back in the groove of things. I already used to race over at American Stock Car, and I plan on talking to them tomorrow about getting back into it. Anyway, you guys look pretty professional, and I think it'd be fun to race here. I'm looking for some more road racing series, but my results have been low. I was looking for something a little more casual, as I am quite busy usually, and I'm not sure how often I'll make the races, but, it certainly looks like fun, and I think I can manage it, since I couldn't really find anything that casual, ever since R2P went down. Actually, one of my mods was the one of the last mods to ever go up on R2P. I had a huge update ready for it, but never got a chance to see it through. That's a little off topic though. So yeah, Hi lol. I hope I can fit in here.

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2 Re: Hi! Hope to make a good impression! on 31st October 2017, 3:44 pm

Hello, Mikal and welcome!

Sure you can race with us!

You'll have to start using a reserve car (but don't worry, the cars performances are all the same) and if you commit to the races and to the league, you'll be awarded with a permanent seat in the near future (meaning you'll be able to pick any of the free/available cars to be yours only).

Right now, please make sure you check and read ALL the info and links inside the link below and follow each step to be a 100% ready and officially allowed to race with us:


Our next race is this sunday, at Sochi and if you follow all the steps I mentioned (link above), you may be able to race with us already!

Once again I say: read it all, carefully and make sure to follow ALL the steps - don't miss anything, or you won't be allowed to race with us yet...

Cheers and welcome once again!

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