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1 RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 8th April 2012, 11:27 pm


Final GP - Malaysia (Sunday, april 8th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro albino

A great race to end a great season!

And surely to Arek! Yes, he did it and there’ll be fireworks at Poland tonight!!!

CONGRATS, mate!!! VERY well deserved for all of your great and nice (clean, fair and fast – obviously) driving the whole season!!! Very Happy

But what happened to Otti?! Wasn’t he 9 points ahead of Arek before the race? With one of his hands already on the trophy? (the other one was busy holding a dildo…) So, what happened to the ‘I’m not Swiss, cheese!’ guy?!...

Well, to be honest, Otti tried. He did his best and he did a good job, but… once again, his Big White Dildo… I mean, his engine, failed him at the end of lap 24, with only 4 laps to go, while he was in 8th place… But Arek was actually leading the race at that same moment, so even if it wasn’t for his engine, it’s hard to say that Dildo Boy would’ve made it anyway…
Well, I’m sorry for Otti. He also did a GREAT season and actually got better results than Arek, but at the same time, didn’t attend to all of the races and the ones when he didn’t score ended up costing him a little bit too much in the end…
Anyway… it was a GREAT fight between them on the Championship Table and also on the track. This time it was Arek’s time to smile and celebrate, but who knows what’s gonna come on the next season?! Let’s wait and see… it’s only about a month away – HA!!! Very Happy

Ok, and what about the race itself?! The Final GP, held at Malaysia, chosen by voting by the drivers… Pretty nice track! A perfect combination of a good setup and, of course, some good driving skills were the key to a good result – and also a terrible track to the keyboarders (me included)… Mad

We had a few surprises on the qualifying… Luft_inspektor had his best quali session on the season and was going to start 2nd, while Adrian S Shole was going to get the pole BUT… Adrian had a 5 place grid drop due to a penalty gotten on the previous GP (Brazil) and then Luft just couldn’t have a better qualifying – lol – congrats for the pole, mate!
And another ‘surprise’ was the fact that soutie only got online when we were 1 minute away from Q2, so he had to start last (17th place) – did you read that? ‘LAST’… Ok… remember that a little ahead and you’ll understand why…
And about the two guys fighting for the Title… Arek also earned an extra place and started in 2nd while Otti started only in 12th…

The first lap was as expected… with a few ‘race incidents’ here and there and even a few spins by some drivers and lots of fights for positions… Some got really luck, some got completely out of luck – jah, I was on this second group…
All I know is that at the end of the first lap, ADI, who started in 4th, got the lead while Luft and Arek lost 1 place each and were following ADI closely and Dildo Boy also had a pretty good lap and went from 12th to 5th (and went to 4th on the 2nd lap, getting into a direct fight with Arek – one of the great highlights of the race)! And soutie also had a damn good start and finished the 1st lap in 8th – remember he started last, in the 17th place?... Ok, keep this info in mind a little bit more…
And as for me… I was playing ‘the nicest guy on track’ again and just trying my best to don’t hit anyone and don’t get hit either, so I had some guys literally ‘throwing’ their cars on the corners, almost like if I wasn’t there and if they didn’t care if an accident/crash could happen, but it’s ok… some might say THIS is racing, right?... Fine... And I had as a personal goal the wish to score at least 100 points on the championship (and I had 94 before the race, so I needed at least 6, which means finishing among the top 7 – and I started in 10th), and I was also going for only 1 pit stop and I was using hard tires (obviously slower), so… I was REALLY being as careful as I could, but… I lost too much time trying to avoid the other cars and I had to brake and even go to the grass/gravel to avoid crashing – I saw some big fights from my cockpit and some of them (most of them) ended with someone frying tires, or going out of track, or braking too damn much… so, to me it was like a race with moving obstacles – lol – but the fact is that I lost too much time and I wasn’t having fun at all… my 1 stop strategy didn’t work because of my terrible 1st stint, when I was almost 2 secs per lap slower than my personal pace with the same setup and car/track conditions, but whatever… I won’t talk about my race, because I know that’s not what you guys want to read/know about – lol – but I had to say I finished in 10th and although I wasn’t able to reach 100 points on the championship (which now is my goal for the next season…), I got the very last point of this season – yay! /kimiface Neutral

So, as I said, Otti was going for a direct fight with Arek and all the eyes of the world were in them… (ok, that’s a lie, but whatever…) on the 5th lap, at the exit of T6, Otti went wide and while trying to get back on track he spun and started to kiss the Championship goodbye… Obviously, he tried to continue and only lost one place (overtook by Arek’s ‘body guard’, Adrian S Shole, who was OBVIOUSLY going to ‘defend’ his teammate now), but things were getting harder and harder for Dildo Boy, who was also overtaken (or overtook?! I never know – damn!) by soutie (still going up and beyond and he was now on 5th already)…

About the 8th/9th laps, the guys going for 2 pit stops (using soft + soft + soft tires) started to take that little ride through the pit lane and some positions on the race started to change…
ADI and Luft had both a great 1st stint and although the Romanian guy led all of it, Luft was always on his mirror saying ‘hi!’ and when ADI was supposed to go to his 1st pit, Luft decided to attack a little bit more and ADI actually ‘forgot’ to go to the pits while trying to defend his place and keep the lead, but with that, his tires just couldn’t hold for 1 more lap and the front left one just blew and ADI was overtaken by Luft and also lost a lot of time trying to complete that lap with a blown tire… and when he finally got to the pits, he found out he had some damage to repair, so he lost some extra time on the pit and he only came back to track on the last (17th) place… What a shame, Mate!!! From 1st to last… lol – it wasn’t your day either, right?! Anyway… ADI got back on track and kept his 2 stops strategy and just tried to accelerate the best he could and recover as many positions as possible… In the end it paid off, because he finished in 9th place, scoring 2 little points, but at the same time it wasn’t exactly something to celebrate, because he knew he could’ve fought for the win and it was all his own fault… Still he had a great season (except for the races he didn’t finish right after joining the league) and scored a pretty good ammount of points, won at the classic Monaco and will surely learn from his mistakes and come back stronger for the 2nd season – way to go, Mate!!! Smile

After the 1st round of pit stops, guess who got the lead?!... Remember a certain south African guy who started last?!... Jah… since he didn’t take part on the qualify, he had 100% fresh tires and they lasted for 11 laps (while most of the other guys’s tires lasted for only 8 or 9 laps), so that was enough for him to get the lead for at least 2 laps and also have some free track and run against the wind (without moving obstacles – lol)…

And when soutie went to the pits, guess who got the lead?!... Rubens Barrichello!!!... No, I’m kidding! Rubinho couldn’t get the lead even while playing Mario Kart against his dog… ¬¬’ – The Boss got the lead!!! Sven was going for a 1 stop strategy (hard + soft tires) and the strategy started to pay off then! He was able to lead the race until about the 15th/16th lap(s), but since he was on hards (slower) tires, all the other guys with softs were able to recover after their stops and were all over Sven’s ass – be careful with that, Boss… who knows if you’ll end up enjoying it?!... Razz
So, Sven tried his best to keep the lead until his one & only pit stop, but on lap 16, it was just impossible to hold all of those guys behind him - he tried his best - but after a nice battle with Arek, he just let the others go (or really just didn't have 'car enough' to keep fighting) and then went to change his tires. In the end his strategy was good enough to give him the 5th place!
And now Arek was on the lead again (while Otti was crying), but only for 1 lap, because Arek also went to his 2nd stop right after that and it was time for his teammate, Adrian to get the lead – but also for only 1 lap, because he also went to the pits for his 2nd stop… and then guess who got the lead again?!... Rubens Barrichello, my ass!!!... Soutie was there again – damn! What makes these south African guys be so fast?! I don’t know what you’re drinking, mate, but make it two and gimme 1, pliss! Very Happy

The fact is that we had a total of 6 different drivers leading the race and at that point, a pretty good fight for the lead started between soutie, Arek and Adrian, all with fresh soft tires for the last stint, just like Luft and Sven, although they weren’t so close to each other, or so close to the 3 leaders… And they were also followed by Tom McKay, Denis_Belarus and Otti – the 3 of them pretty close to each other, all fighting for the 6th place, followed by Arnoldinhu, who was also followed by ADI…
And things in front were really amazing, but in the end, the Virgin guy (soutie – lol) was stronger than the 2 HRTs and since Arek just wanted the Championship and a fight with soutie could be dangerous (and pointless), all they did after a while was to ‘accept’ the results of that great fight and just take their babies home…
Otti still had hope for Arek to crash, spin, explode, die or something like that, but as I said on the beginning, all hopes went down the drain when his engine blew with 4 laps to go… I guess he’ll scrap or cover that ‘Powered By A Big White Dildo’ sticker on his car for the next season… maybe not… So, all he could do was to cry a little bit more and went home to eat some chocolate (I heard that eating chocolate makes people feel good… seriously)… Smile

And that was pretty much how it ended… soutie won… (congrats, mate!) and remember I said he started in last?!?!?!... Jah, it’s true. Arek finished 2nd, followed by his BFF Adrian (who got the fastest lap of the race with a great 1:30.788), so it was a happy podium to the HRT guys: 2nd and 3rd in the race… Drivers’ Championship to Arek… Contructor Championship to HRT… what could be better?!?!?!... Chocolate, anyone? Very Happy

And we also had a few ‘surprises’ at the Drivers and Constructors tables!
The main ones were: Arek was 9 points behind Otti and finished the season 9 points ahead (lol)… Sven finished in 5th, by overtaking Stig (who pretty much gave up of the Championship after what happened to him on Belgium… Denis said ‘hi’)… and with the victory, soutie ‘jumped’ 5 positions and finished right in front of me (GRRRR!!!) in 8th place…

About the Constructors: Force India lost part of its ‘Force’ in the last races and finished in 3rd (we KNOW we could’ve finished in 2nd, right, Mate?! But it’s ok! We’re gonna WIN instead on the next season – HA!)… RBR was able to recover from a few bad results and finished with the same number of points as Force India, but… FI has ADI’s victory (thanks, Mate)!... Ferrari also recovered 1 place and finished in 5th, while McLaren also got a little weaker and fell 2 positions… And soutie himself led his Virgin (no, I’m not talking about his ‘so called girlfriend’) to finish with the same points as the 2 Williams, but since Virgin (through Sam) has 4 victories, against only 1 from Williams (through Alex Hill), they got the 9th place.

Thank you ALL SO MUCH for reading my silly (and nor journalistic or impartial at all) reports and also for the AMAZING season!!! I had a LOT of fun and I’m pretty sure all of you had too!!! Of course we also had some drama and a LOT of things that didn’t go so well, but… the admin. team is ALWAYS working hard to fix what’s wrong and improve what’s good and just make this league better, bigger and funnier!!! And I’m SURE we’re gonna have an even better 2nd season!!!

CONGRATS TO AREK once again and we now have our first CHAMPION!!! And on the next season he is going to be defending his title – who’s gonna defeat him?! Who's gonna win the next one?! Will we have a different champion?! Or did Arek enjoy it so much that he wants it all again?!...
We have a LOT of GREAT drivers who could’ve won if they were in the league since the beginning – soutie, Adrian S Shole, ADI, Barrichello's dog...

Checker flag is out and so am I!...
See you guys on the NEXT SEASON!!! Senna

NEXT RACE: 2nd season starts at SUZUKA - MAY 6th, 2012 - BE THERE!!! Surprised Very Happy Smile Wink Shocked Razz Cool Shocked sick Rolling Eyes bounce Basketball cheers study scratch rendeer king Sleep

1 – soutie (Virgin) – 25 points
2 – Arek (HRT) – 18 points
3 – Adrian S Shole (HRT) – 15 points
4 – Luft_inspektor (RBR) – 12 points
5 – Sven (Ferrari) – 10 points
6 – Denis_Belarus (STR) – 8 points
7 – T Mckay (RBR) – 6 points
8 – Arnoldinhu (Lotus) – 4 points
9 – ADI (Force India) – 2 points
10 – Sexy Brigadeiro (Force India) – 1 point


1 – HRT – 33 points
2 – Virgin – 25 points
3 – RBR – 18 points
4 – Ferrari – 10 points
5 – STR - 8 points
6 - Lotus – 4 points
7 – Force India – 3 points

1 - Arek - 205 points (+1)
2 - Otti - 196 points (-1)
3 - Sven - 169 points (+1)
4 - Stig - 160 points (-1)
5 - Tom - 128 points
6 - ADI - 115 points
7 - Grisu - 105 points
8 - Soutie - 101 points (+5)
9 - Sexy - 95 points (-1)
10 - Bober - 92 points (-1)
11 - Luft - 92 points
12 - Joe - 88 points (-2)
13 - Alex - 79 points (-1)
14 - Adrian - 52 points (+1)
15 - Black - 44 points (-1)
16 - Michal - 36 points
17 - Denis - 34 points (+1)
18 - pxr5 - 29 points (-1)
19 - Arnie - 29 points
20 - Giorgos - 22 points
21 - Jure - 22 points
22 - Dead - 13 points
23 - ax89 - 7 points
24 - Goa - 3 points
25 - Sonny - 2 points
26 - Rapide - 1 point
27 - Antonio - 0 points


1 - HRT - 279 points
2 - Sauber - 232 points
3 - Force India - 210 points
4 - RBR - 210 points (+1)
5 - Ferrari - 198 points (+1)
6 - McLaren - 193 points (-2)
7 - Mercedes - 167 points
8 - STR - 126 points
9 - Virgin - 101 points (+1)
10 - Williams - 101 points (-1)
11 - Lotus - 73 points
12 - Renault - 18 points

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2 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 8th April 2012, 11:43 pm


lol sexy....thats all i can

3 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 8th April 2012, 11:46 pm


Thanks, Sam!!!
I'm actually reviewing it right now and fixing/adding a few things here and there...
But I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Congrats for the win and for the great race!

4 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 12:41 am


Well done Sexy. Very good report but I have to clarify one thing. I passed Sven on track before his only one stop (lap 16 turn 1). It was a nice battle between us. (Adrian and Soutie both passed him as well a moment later (he let them go seeing he was much more slower and didn't want to cause any colision - that's my interpretation). Read my report in shouting thread Smile

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5 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 12:43 am


I'll add/fix that info, Arek - thanks!
And congrats once again!

6 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 12:59 am


lol nice report!

a good season generally. fun most of the time. i am just disappointed not to have done better - the incident at monaco still haunts me.
hopefully next season will be more fun and cleaner with less drama and mess.

also - english tip, i hope this clears up 'overtake' for you

'Arek overtook me'
'I was overtaken by Arek'
'I have been overtaken by Arek'

Last edited by Tom McKay on 9th April 2012, 11:55 am; edited 1 time in total

7 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 1:18 am


Thanks for the tip, Tom!
I wasn't sure about the 3rd person... Like... 'Tom was overtaken by Sexy Brigadeiro, because Sexy is faster and Tom is a noob...' - but now you helped me - thanks!!! Smile

And I agree with you about the next season... I just hope it's more fun to everyone - with less drama - including US, the admins. (because WE also want to have fun, right?!) Smile

And thank you for enjoying the report!
I'm sorry if I focussed on the 'pointers' and on the main important things of the race - pliss, don't get mad at me like Jure, ok? Razz

Try to see it this way: wanna be on Sexy's Report?! Then make a good race!
HA! Very Happy

8 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 7:20 am

Great report as always Sexy, fun to read!

And a dedication for all of us in that things can get better next season (well except from Arek, it can't get better for him Razz )

I woke up with this track in my mind Smile

(did I mention that I love music Razz )

A bit of oldies, but hey they're the goldies.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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9 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 7:46 am


This is pretty old, but it's also a pretty good song to inspire us to another - and BETTER - season!!!
And it's GREAT to know you love music and have a great taste to it!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for enjoying the report, Mate!!!
It was a good season for us, but we both KNOW we could/can do BETTER - and we WILL!!!

10 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 11:00 am

Good reporting! i guess
i mean
I thought that u tell people of my fantastical overtake, where i overtake you Very Happy
in 5 or 6 corner Very Happy

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11 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 1:02 pm

gz Arek

Some say he isn't machine washable. Some say he's terrified of ducks. All we know - he's called The Stig

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12 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 6:58 pm


Right, Arnie. It was a good move, but...
I was on hards and you were on softs...
And I lifted my throttle, because I didn't want to risk my entire race on the 1st lap...

Still, thanks for reading the report and congrats for your race! You got faster on the last races!

13 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 7:17 pm


guys its BMW server time come on stiggy you know you want 2 Razz its a month break lets all be BMW Razz

14 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 9th April 2012, 7:55 pm


BMW Sauber (the good and ol' Battlestats one, where most of us met) OR some Megane at BROS too - Very Happy

15 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 2:03 am


Great report, Sexy!

Except... Very Happy, I don't think Soutie was stronger than us, but take nothing away from his great win, we were just too conservative to finish the race.
I'm not sure if Arek had issues, but when I was trailing behind him I had to lift, short shift and never really used full boost except that time Soutie overtook when I set the fastest lap. In testing we were able to do consistent high 1:29s in the 3rd stint for around 10 consecutive laps. We probably should've won the race, but that wasn't our goal, plus Soutie did a really great job.

16 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 2:07 am


Yes, I had an issue knowing that Otti is out of the race Smile

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17 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 2:12 am


Maybe the drivers championship would've been a bit too close if Otti stayed in the race! But anyway, "we learn from our mistakes and look forward to the next race", LOL!

18 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 2:13 am


Well, THAT'S what I meant when I said that (I thought) Arek didn't went to a direct fight with soutie because it was too risky and just pointless. Arek was right in just focussing in finishing the race, especially after knowing Otti was out.
And I'm pretty sure both of you could've battled soutie.
Still he did a pretty good job going from last to 1st and Adrian and Arek worked well as a team and just made sure you got the 2 championships!
So, my most honest congrats to all of you guys!!!

And thanks for reading and enjoying the report too!!!

19 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 2:16 am


I think Soutie made everyone look like a cucumber, so I'm just clarifying our story. Very Happy

20 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 2:18 am


Well, he is usually faster than ME, so I have nothing to clarify myself about my race - it was just shitty anyway - LMAO!!! Razz

But I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a great battle on the next season with all of you guys being on it since the very beginning! Smile

Arek's Title is already in danger.. Very Happy

21 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 7:20 am

Adrian S Shole wrote:Great report, Sexy!
In testing we were able to do consistent high 1:29s in the 3rd stint for around 10 consecutive laps.

Wow, that is seriously fast... Shocked

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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22 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 7:25 am


That's annoyingly fast!
My PB on the 3rd stint was just a damn 31.8 - LMAO!!! Razz

23 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 7:31 am

I never got below 30.6 in the 3rd stint...I guess I'm a little worried for the next season Very Happy

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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24 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 7:33 am


I was testing at Suzuka today and after trying like hell, I got to an 'amazing' 33.6 but Tom told me the best laps are around 32.low, so... I finished the previous season almost 2 secs slower than the fastest guys and that's how I'm gonna start the next season as well - yay!

25 Re: RACE REPORT – FINAL GP (Malaysia) on 10th April 2012, 7:45 am

Yes Sexy, the reality is that the differnce between the wheel guys and kb guys will get bigger in time, because their potential to fine tune is bigger, we haven't got much to fine tune...But doesn't matter we'll just keep on charging, who knows how luck could strike Smile

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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