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rFR GP S13 - NEWS 01 (17/07/2017)

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1 rFR GP S13 - NEWS 01 (17/07/2017) on 17th July 2017, 3:13 am

Hello, everyone!

Everybody excited for another great season at rFR League?!

Well, you certainly should - let me tell you about some of the stuff that's gonna come soon:

The rFR League's 13th Season will begin on AUGUST, 20th (sunday), at our usual 3pm UL Time.

We have a 'break' of 4 'free' weeks from now until then, so let's put it to good use!
In these 4 weeks, we will have a TEST RACE on each sunday - as you can see on the forum header, above - this is for everyone to test and get used to the new mod, so we can all begin the new season well prepared!

We only made a few changes to the mod (so don't worry - it's pretty much the same as before), but now we will have again different tyre compounds (a Soft and a Hard one), but ALSO the refueling - so we will have two elements to increase the overall strategy for each race and for each driver, which should make the races a bit more unpredictable and balanced between more drivers!

Right now, there's only the version 1.0 of the mod avaliable - which has only 1 car (the Reserve Car) and the other 12 teams will be added in the future, after we begin our Team Picking process (in the next days/weeks), along with the drivers custom helmets and car numbers, painted on their cars - all of this will be added to the mod only on it's final version, which should be released a few days before the season begins!

You can download the mod and the tracks from the links below:

- MOD:






And we still have a lot of work to do and a 'long' way to go until the new season begins - here are some examples:

- Team Picking process - as usual, based on the previous season's Final Standings - Champion picks first and so on (which includes: picking a car/team, a driver number and inviting a teammate - the LAT will offer a total of 15 car liveries and the first 12 ones to be picked (filled with at least 1 driver) will be the 12 teams on the final version of the mod)

- Track Voting process (the LAT will offer a list of several tracks and both the LAT and the drivers will select a total of 16 tracks for the calendar)

More info on everything else that's to come will be on the forum, little by little, in the next few days/weeks - so make sure to check it for new info every day, so you won't miss anything important!

See you guys on track - cheers!

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