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How to start from the pits

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1 How to start from the pits on 10th June 2017, 8:27 pm

All new drivers, in their very first race in the league, must start from the pits.

They will, however, be ALLOWED to take part in the Qualifying session normaly, but they MUST SET A TIME INSIDE THE 107% LIMIT to be allowed to race.

If at the end of Quali their best lap time is above the 107% limit (from the pole time), they will NOT be allowed to race (they can stay in the server and watch the race, keeping their cars inside the garage, or they can simply leave the server - but they can NOT go to track, at ANY moment during the race and under ANY circumstances).

If your time is inside the 107% limit, you're allowed to race.

When we move to the RACE session, here's how to start from the pits:

- Do NOT click on the "Race" button
- Wait in your monitor until the lights go off and all the cars on the grid start to move
- Then click on the "Race" button
- Move your car out of your garage, until the exit of the pit lane, but do NOT cross the pit lane lights/line
- The pit lane lights should be red - WAIT until they turn green (this will happen when the driver in 1st place complete the whole first sector of the track)
- When the pit lane lights are green, you can GO!

If a driver fails to do that, one of the two things will happen:

- If you exit the pit lane before the lights turn green, the game will DQ you automatically
- If you click the "Race" button too soon and start from the grid, you will get a penalty after the race, applied by the Admins

In both cases, you will still have to start from the pits in the next race, simply because you actually failed to start from the pits in the current race.

If you do everything right and have a clean race, without causing incidents, you will be allowed to start all your future races from the grid - and also take part in the qualifying sessions - normally.


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