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1 Howdy! on 10th June 2017, 4:11 pm

Hello Smile

I'm Ryan, from New Zealand but living in Germany.

My first racing game was Pole Position on the Atari 2600, I then upgraded to Enduro, then the almighty Indianapolis 500, followed by Microprose Formula 1 grand prix, then Indycar Racing. By then my PC was shit, and then got a Sega Saturn and pounded around Sega Rally for a while. Then along came Gran Turismo on the Playstation, then GT2, GT3, GT4, then I stopped with racing games until I bought a gaming rig earlier this year and started playing rFactor. The only experience I have of online racing is from the Seacrest Racing Club where I drive a sexy pink Ferrari 458.

I'm looking forward to trying my first online F1 race here Smile

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2 Re: Howdy! on 10th June 2017, 8:31 pm

Hello, Ryan and welcome to the rFR League!

Very nice 'background' you bring - and it's pretty much the same as most drivers here, which also means you can evolve and improve just as much as anyone else in here as well!

Right now, all you need is to go to track and practice as much as possible!
And also, just to make everything official about your league Registration, make sure to read carefully all the info and to check all the links inside the link below - especially the one about the anti-cheater:


Also, as every new driver in their very first race in the league, you will have to start from the pits - which also means you will not take part in the Quali session and will have to remain in your garage - more info about how to start from the pits, can be found here:


Take care and see you on track!

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