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1 RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 26th March 2012, 11:27 pm


Brazilian GP (Sunday, march 25th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Neutral

We had a pretty ‘busy’ race at Interlagos with LOTS of things happening not only on the race itself, but also on the championship – and some pretty important ones!

Otti got a victory in Brazil that it was also a HUGE step towards the Drivers’ Title, since he got the lead of the championship with only 1 race remaining now, but… what happened to Arek, who was the leader before the Brazilian GP?! And how all of that was possible?! Well, let’s begin from the beginning…

It all started on the quali, where Tom McKay got an unexpected, but also just great pole, followed by Arek, ADI, Joe McLaggen and Sven, while Otti got only the 9th place! So, things were looking good to Arek, but… the race wasn’t that nice to the Polish guy…

The start was good and pretty clean, considering that we had 18 drivers to ‘squeeze’ through the Senna S and even with a few bumps here and there, everyone went fine through it! Tom was able to stay in front and Arek had a hard time trying to defend his 2nd place, since Joe had a great jump start and almost overtook Arek, going for 3rd. Sven went to 4th and ADI fell to 5th. Otti, the Dildo Boy, also had a pretty good start and went to 6th!
The only ‘victim’ this time was Grisu McFly, who started in 7th and was literally playing Otti’s HUGE white dildo role (and that means literally stuck on his ass… Razz ) at Curva do Sol (the long left corner right after the Senna S and which means ‘Sun’s Curve’ in Brazilian portuguese) and gently bumped him, causing his McLaren to lose control and step up the internal kerb, which was enough to have even less control over the car and end up hitting the fence and with that, Grisu fell to last (18th) right after Goa…
On the Reta Oposta (the long straight right after Curva do Sol) we had lots of draft and fights on the braking for the ‘Curva do Lago’ (‘Lake’s Curve’) and, of course, a few race incidents too, with some drivers going wide on the runoff area – which was Joe and Arek’s case, but Joe lost a lot of positions because of that, falling to 7th, while Arek only fell to 3rd, being overtaken by ADI, who also overtook Sven on the straight, going to 2nd and starting to go after Tommy McEye!
At the end of that busy first lap (with a few more fights, race incidents and mistakes by the drivers – the biggest one involved Adrian S Shole, while he was in 11th place, trying to overtake our man in China, Alex Hill, and he went wide at the braking for Laranjinha (‘little orange’ – lol) and took a ride at the blue runoff area and while he was trying to get back on track, he spun and lost all positions and fell to last, waaaaay behind the 17th place – I guess that’s something ‘new’ to you, right, Adrian?! I mean… last place, so far behind everyone else?! LOL – it’s ok, mate! Shit happens to everyone!...), these were the positions on the finish line (at lap 1): Tom, ADI, Arek, Otti, soutie, Sven, Joe, Bober, Luft, Alex and everyone else – LOL!

At the very start of the 2nd lap, the race started to look good for Dildo Boy! He overtook Arek (on a direct fight for the Championship) and started following ADI as close as he could, just like ADI was also following Tommy as close as he could and Tommy was keeping the lead the best he could too – it was a pretty good fight for the next 12 laps, until most of the pit stops started to happen.

But a few laps earlier, some other very important things happened: At the end of the 4th lap, while trying to stay as close as possible to Otti and recover his place, Arek stepped up the external (and pretty cruel) kerb at the ‘Curva da Junção’ (‘Junction Curve’) and spun, falling to 7th place… and after a few laps, while starting to recover (he was already in 5th place), right after T4, on the 9th lap, Arek crashed on Sven’s back and lost his front wing! Sven was actually having a good fight with Joe and tried to overtake him on the braking for T4, but Joe kept his line and Sven got hit and spun. And while trying to recover and keep his car on track, he got hit by Arek on his back and although it was a real race incident, that caused a huge mess on the race and maybe also helped to determine the whole championship!!!
The fact is that Arek had to go to the pits for a new front wing and Otti had that ‘Hey, look at my HUGE white dildo and guess what I’m gonna do with it’ smile on his face! Arek was now in the 14th place (he went to 13rd right after getting back on track) and was just too far from fighting directly with Otti, but still he had to stay on track and try to recover the best he could, just because ANY points would be important for the championship…

And at the 7th lap another pretty important thing, both to the race and to the championship happened: Tom was still leading, followed by ADI and Otti and the three of them got Arnie in front of them and he was about to be lapped, but it wasn’t that easy for the three leaders to pass him! Arnie didn’t do anything illegal, but at the same time, he didn’t make things easier to them, so Tom lost some time and ADI was able to get a little closer and ADI also lost some time (he even touched/bumped Arnie) and Otti was, once again, the luckiest one, because he got closer to both ADI and Tom!

At the end of the 13th lap, Tom went to the pits and decided to put hard tires and go until the end of the race without stopping again. ADI got the lead and tried to stay on track with his softs the best he could, because they might last enough for only 1 pit stop and two stints with softs – unfortunately, that didn’t work so well… ADI had to stop at the end of the 16th lap because of a blown tire and he was actually overtook by Otti at T4, earlier on that same lap… Still it would be pretty hard to make his new soft tires to last for another 20 laps… but, this was what he decided to try anyway… and with those stops, Dildo Boy kept the lead and made his stop only at the end of the 17th lap.

ADI had some problems on his pit and due to that blown tire, he couldn’t stop exactly on the right spot, so he had to put reverse on his gear box, but with the speed limiter turned on, the car moves at only about 1km/h! And when Force India was finally done in replacing his tires, he tried to accelerate, but realized his car wasn’t moving, because his gear was still on neutral – LOL! What a mess Mate – I’m REALLY sorry for that! I guess when Otti has luck he REALLY has luck – and that means almost everyone being COMPLETELY out of luck – so ALL of the drivers that could offer him some danger (both on race and on championship) were having issues – damn!!!

Otti got back on track after his pit stop on 2nd and pretty close to Tom. Otti was still on softs and Tom had hards, so… you guys may imagine what happened on the next few laps… Not to mention Tom, once again, got a car ‘ignoring’ the blue flags in front of him – congrats to Lufon for that one – which, BTW, gave him an amazing BAN from the league… It wasn’t just for THAT, but because of a LOT of other ‘idiotic behavior’ from him, so… we hope he was the first, only and last driver to be banned from our league – pliss, don’t try this at home, kids!
Anyway… on lap 20th and after a good fight and desperate tries to keep the lead, Tommy was finally overtaken by Dildo Boy (softs x hards, remember?! No chance for the poor hard ones again…) and the ‘I’m Not Swiss, Cheese’ Chilean guy could smile and just take a nice ride at the Brazilian lands of Interlagos for the next 16 laps… Except for his last 2 laps - especially the last one, in which he did in about 5 seconds above his normal pace, because his stires were about to blow - and they actually blew a few meters after the finish line, so... if the race had 1 more lap, a LOT of things (both on the race and on the championship) could've been COMPLETELY different, but... IFs are IFs... Razz

Tom was able to keep the 2nd place and at that time of the race, he was being followed by our Muchacho, Joe Mclaggen, looking good to get his first podium in the season! Right after Joe we had China Boy (Alex) also having a pretty good race, but having Adrian S Shole (recovered from his ‘nightmarish’ 1st lap, after most of the drivers went to their pit stops) pretty close to him, in 5th and soutie in 6th – amazing highlights of the race!

On the lap 24, soutie made a mistake on the Senna S and ADI was able to overtake him and he (ADI) was now going after Kangaroo Kid & China Boy! But at the end of that same lap, Adrian went to the pits and ADI was 5th now and getting ready to fight directly with Alex… But at the end of the lap 26, China Boy made a mistake and got ‘stuck’ at that Junction external kerb (falling to 5th) and ADI earned the 4th place.

Joe McLaggen went to his 2nd pit stop at the 27th lap and with that ADI was 3rd again and things were looking as if they were going to stay that way until the end, BUT…

We started having a few surprises and some of them were not so great to some drivers and there’s a word they probably just can’t stand to hear anymore: engine.
As always, some engines couldn’t make until the end of the race and while some drivers were punching their wheels, Nelson Piquet style, some other drivers were just opening HUGE smiles with a few positions earned here and there… but engines weren’t the only things to failure on this race: tires played an important part too, especially to the ones trying to make only 1 stop and 2 stints with softs… and ADI was their biggest victim…
He was in 3rd again when with only 1 little lap to go his tires blew again and he had to go for an unscheduled extra stop and got back on track only in the 8th place… and if that wasn’t enough, with only 1 corner to go (lol) his engine blew too! I’m REALLY sorry for that, Mate, but… it’s almost impossible not to laugh too! Razz At least both 9th and 10th places were already lapped by Otti, so you kept that 8th place and scored 4 little points – yay! Smile

So, CONGRATS TO DILDO BOY both for the great victory and also for the amazing achievement on the Championship (the lead, 9 points ahead of Arek)!!! Arek was able to finish in 7th and scored 6 points, which was not so bad compared to all of the bad things that happened to him on the race and now he still have some chances for the Title, being in 2nd on the championship and the last race of the season has a GREAT potential to be just AMAZING!!!
Tom kept the 2nd place and put 18 more points on his pocket, moving up 2 positions on the Drivers’ Championship Table, being in 5th now! And it was also a good day to his RBR, because his teammate, Luft_inspektor also scored 8 points, with a good 6th place and their team scored 26 points and also moved up 2 places on the Contructors’ Championship, also being in 5th now.

A SPECIAL CONGRATS to our Tequila Man, Joe McLaggen, for his FIRST PODIUM!!! He was 3rd and El Chavo Del 8 is proud of you – just like all of us – mate! cheers

So… after EVERYTHING, take a look below to see how things ended, who scored points and how are the two championship tables (remember the results are provisoty for the 1st 48 hours after each race, until all the drivers report any race incidents to the admins. and the admins. analyze them and take/announce their decisions)!
NEXT RACE: ???... scratch

1 – Otti (Sauber) – 25 points
2 – T McKay (RBR) – 18 points
3 – Joe McLaggen (McLaren) – 15 points
4 – Alex Hill (Williams) – 12 points
5 – Bober_Belarus (STR) – 10 points
6 – Luft_inspektor (RBR) – 8 points
7 – Arek (HRT) – 6 points
8 – ADI (Force India) – 4 points
9 – Goa09 (Renault) – 2 points
10 – soutie (Virgin) – 1 point


1 – RBR – 26 points
2 – Sauber – 25 points
3 – McLaren – 15 points
4 – Williams – 12 points
5 – STR - 10 points
6 - HRT – 6 points
7 – Force India – 4 points
8 - Renault - 2 points
9 - Virgin - 1 point

1 - Otti - 196 points (+1)
2 - Arek - 187 points (-1)
3 - Stig - 160 points
4 - Sven - 159 points
5 - Tom - 122 points (+2)
6 - ADI - 113 points (-1)
7 - Grisu - 105 points (-1)
8 - Sexy - 94 points
9 - Bober - 92 points
10 - Joe - 88 points (+1)
11 - Luft - 80 points (+1)
12 - Alex - 79 points (+1)
13 - Soutie - 76 points (-3)
14 - Black - 44 points
15 - Adrian - 37 points
16 - Michal - 36 points
17 - pxr5 - 29 points
18 - Denis - 26 points
19 - Arnie - 25 points
20 - Giorgos - 22 points
21 - Jure - 22 points
22 - Dead - 13 points
23 - ax89 - 7 points
24 - Goa - 3 points (+1)
25 - Sonny - 2 points (-1)
26 - Rapide - 1 point
27 - Antonio - 0 points
28 - Lufon - 0 points


1 - HRT - 246 points
2 - Sauber - 232 points
3 - Force India - 207 points
4 - McLaren - 193 points (+1)
5 - RBR - 192 points (+2)
6 - Ferrari - 188 points (-2)
7 - Mercedes - 167 points (-1)
8 - STR - 118 points
9 - Williams - 101 points
10 - Virgin - 76 points
11 - Lotus - 69 points
12 - Renault - 18 points

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2 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 26th March 2012, 11:40 pm


nice report!

i think it's worth mentioning that Otti's tyre blew up halfway round the cool down lap. if the race had been one lap longer, i would have won Sad

3 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 26th March 2012, 11:47 pm


LOL! I don't doubt that, Tom!

And the same can be said about ME IF I had raced, because I KNEW I had a good chance to fight for the victory on this one too!

Anyway... I've just added that info on the report and thanks for reading and enjoying it!!!

4 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 27th March 2012, 3:27 pm


Nice report sexy .. but my code is not clear here just riding the top five drivers and not the 18 drivers as they were in the race ... in this Report, only the following events with a top five position ..... this is wrong because negligible other drivers .... 100% do not know how I gave up .... It does not matter because I am not among the top five was

5 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 27th March 2012, 3:31 pm


Jure - it is very difficult for sexy to write about every single driver and everything that happend in their races. You didn't make any comment in the 'shouting thread' to tell sexy about your race. You cannot expect him to look through your whole replay. Sexy very kindly volunteers to write these reports, and as such we should have no expectations on him to write about anything. I'm sure the whole league is grateful for what he does, but we need to help him out if we want him to talk about ourselves.

6 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 27th March 2012, 3:44 pm


NIce Report Sexy, verly long, I like it Smile

7 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 27th March 2012, 6:37 pm


Thanks, Jure, Otti and especially Tom!!!
And I make Tom's words mine's... Smile

I'm sorry, Jure, but I didn't have any info about your race and I saw that you abandoned on lap 3... And as I said on my previous reports (don't know if you read each one of them), I'm ALWAYS trying to improve/change something on my reports, to make them more 'enjoyable' for everyone to read...
Some drivers 'complain' that it's too long... others 'complain' when it's NOT too long (LOL)... Some say it's not too 'journalistic'... others enjoy the fact that it's pretty informal (and silly on purpose)...
Anyway... I'm ALWAYS trying to make the best to THE LEAGUE - and not just to myself...
But I went through each driver's replay before and it took me about 3 to 4 hours to write the report (read the Fuji one, for example) and that's just too damn much! So, I decided to talk about the most relevant facts of each race on my reports and if the drivers want more details (or want to give their own point of view of the race), they should write this info on the shouting thread - THAT'S why the shouting thread exists... - and that info (on the shouting thread) ALSO helps me to write my report...

I hope you understand.

And thanks for reading it anyway!

8 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 27th March 2012, 10:28 pm


good report as always

9 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 28th March 2012, 1:51 am


Thanks, Sam!

10 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 28th March 2012, 9:38 am

good job Sexy and i love long report

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11 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 28th March 2012, 8:18 pm


(a long word to you, mate! Razz)

12 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 30th March 2012, 3:58 am

Very nice report Sexy i liked it very much Razz

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13 Re: RACE REPORT – BRAZILIAN GP (Interlagos) on 30th March 2012, 4:48 am


Thank you VERY much, Joe!!! And, once again, congrats for your first podium on the Season/League, mate! I'm pretty sure there are a LOT more to come in the future!!! Very Happy

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