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SRD - Farewell

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1 SRD - Farewell on 17th July 2016, 6:21 pm

Hello, everyone.

I'm here to officially announce that, sadly, there won't be an SRD S4 and the SRD will not continue for now.

This is due to the low number of drivers avaliable (or interested) in racing on the saturday nights and then it's just not worthy to keep going with it for only 5-10 people (it's a LOT of work, for too little 'return') - which is obviously a shame, since the races were actually pretty fun, with amazing fights and great action...

The Series MIGHT return in the future, IF there's a REAL interest, support and ACTUAL PARTICIPATION from a good number of drivers and we can keep/guarantee more than 10 drivers per event.

Still I'd like to THANK ALL of the drivers who took part at ANY of the SRD events in the 3 seasons we had.
I especially thank the drivers who were 'always there', for almost all events, since the very beginning in Season 1 - thank you SO MUCH for the support to the series and to this little project of mine!

And I'd also like to apologize to these guys, because I know they wanted the series to keep going (just like me), but sadly it's not 'possible' if nothing would change (as it didn't between S2 and S3, when we had the same problem and etc).

So, that's it for now.
Sorry and thanks, once again.

And we'll see each other on the rFR GP (F1) Series, every sunday!


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