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SRD S3 - Official Penalties - 09 - Spa-Francorchamps

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The penalties below are given based on the SRD S3 RULES & REGULATIONS - special attention to the 'PENALTY SYSTEM' section.


- Lap 1, Penultimate Corner, Arek Kulak & Marco Capacci (contact/side bump + forced off of the track)
10 SECS. PENALTY to Arek - Arek claimed he was using the cockpit camera, with no side virtual mirrors, so he couldn't see Marco.
Still the drivers MUST be ALWAYS aware of other cars around their cars (with whatever mirrors they have and also via engine sound - especially when on the 'blind spot') and avoid contacts/incidents/crashes as much as possible.
The penalty applied was given because it wasn't a deliberate crash, although at the same time it prejudiced Marco's race a lot, because he got stuck on the kerb for several seconds, having his race ruined.

- Lap 1, Last Corner, Arek Kulak & BlackFox (contact/rear bump + spin)
DT (15 SECS. PENALTY) to BlackFox - It clearly wasn't a deliberate crash, but still it made another driver spin and lose a lot of time - the kind of incident typically penalized with a DT.



- Lap 2, T9, Adi, Marius Popescu & BlackFox (unsafe rejoin + crash)
S/G (25 SECS. PENALTY) to Adi - Rejoining the track safely is one of the most important rules we have and all the drivers MUST follow the proper 'protocol' to ensure the safety of everyone in situations like these.
Sadly, Adi failed to do that and hit two cars, making them spin and causing a lot of damage.
Marius was a bit out of the ideal racing line, but still Adi should've waited for them to pass before trying to rejoin - also Adi rejoined on a 'T' angle, while he should've tried to rejoin as 'parallel' to the track as possible - to avoid a 'T-crash', which was exactly what happened, causing some damage and time loss to Marius and also heavy car damage to BlackFox, who lost a lot of time completing the lap without parts of his car and was forced to make an unscheduled pit stop to fix it.

- Lap 6, T13, Arek Kulak & Jakub Rostkowski (contact/rear bump + forced off of the track)
3 SECS. PENALTY to Arek - Arek clearly brakes too late and hits Jakub, sending him off of the track. But Arek waits and let Jakub recover.
Usually this would be a DT if Jakub had spun and/or gotten heavy damage and/or lost places, while Arek just kept going with his race. But Jakub didn't spin or got heavy damage on his car, neither lost any places. And also Arek waited, so that's why the penalty was 'reduced' (adjusted to the infraction).

- Extra: Sexy Brigadeiro & Adi (chat)
1 PLACE GRID DROP to Sexy Brigadeiro - to be served at the Race 1 of the next SRD event.
3 PLACES GRID DROP to Adi - to be served at the Race 1 of the next SRD event.

Updated Results and Standings - all Official now.



Do NOT use the chat during any league official Quali or Race session.

The only exceptions are IF one of the admins need to inform something important to the drivers, or if a driver notices something wrong with the server or its settings and alerts an admin right before the official quali/race begins, or right after it already begun - NOT to be used in the middle of a session/event.


Even IF an admin or driver uses the chat for a 'non-important' or just 'wrong' reason, that does NOT mean 'chat is opened for everyone'!
So, please, do NOT use the chat 'just because someone else did'.

Admins and drivers WILL be penalized for disrespecting this rule.

Avoid adding incidents to this list after each race - be smart, gentlemen!

P.S. Chat infractions (or any other infractions that could generate grid drops) will be penalized as TIME ADDED to the total race time on the next SRD event, for it's gonna be the Season Finale - keep that in mind!


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