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SRD S3 - 08 Italy GP 2 (Monza) - Incidents

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1 SRD S3 - 08 Italy GP 2 (Monza) - Incidents on 2nd July 2016, 9:55 pm

Report the incidents (or cuts) you saw or was involved with by mentioning:

- RACE (1 or 2)

- LAP (1-15)

- SECTION (corner, straight etc)




- Lap 7, 1st chicane, Adi & Jakub (contact/bump)

- Lap 10, 2nd chicane, Adi & Jakub (contact/bump)

- Lap 13, 1st chicane, Adi & Jakub (contact/bump + spin)


- Lap 1, starting line, Jakub & Miguel (dangerous move)

- Lap 1, 2nd chicane, Jakub & Miguel (push off of the track)

- Lap 1, 3rd chicane, Jakub & Miguel (push off of the track)

- Lap 2, start/finish line, Jakub & Miguel (contact/bump)

- Lap 2, Lesmos, Sajdi, Jakub & Matsu (contact/crash)

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Finally when I didnt make a mistake on my own other shites happen  Facehand

Lap 7 - 1st chicane Jakub touches me slightly (yes very easily) but that causes me to go wide and give up the place. Not the major one, but I put it up here...

Lap 10 - 2nd chicane Jakub gets on the inside (he has room as you will see on the replay-although space very tide, dangerous move, on the outside would be a better solution) - he bumps me, I can't make the chicane, I go straight into those 'kerb obstacles' - not a sign of giving up the place or at list wait for me. He was BEHIND before we touched.

and Lap 13, the most clear one - 1st chicane, bumps me from behind (I clearly felt it and you can see on the replay) - I spin, he goes ahead not giving the place back or at list wait....

Sorry Jakub but that was not very fair from you, at none at these incidents you at list waited for me... 1st one was not so clear but at list at the 2nd or 3rd.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Race 1
[I don't know laps, but I will excuse myself from few incidents]

Me and Adi #1
Second chicane

Adi left me barely enough space on the inside, we made contact, Adi was sent across the chicane. Apologies for the hit, but you should've made your mind if you are going on the inside or the outside instead of going in the middle of the track. 
EDIT: I didn't go across the track to the outside to avoid crash because I thought Adi will go there.

Me and Adi #2
First chicane

I hit Adi in the back accidentally (same happened before aswell, but it wasn't severe) because he was driving through the chicane slower than me and he spun DESPITE on my screen there wasn't any contact. Damage got registered though... Either lag or glitch. Sincere apologies to Adi though... I'll upload my replay soon.

Race 2

Lap 1
Start-finsih straight
Me and Miguel

Miguel pulled awkward move after the start, making me go all the way across the track to avoid contact and still remain fast.

Chicane 2
Me and Miguel

Miguel pushed me off the track

Me and Miguel

Same thing as above, I belive...

Lap 2
Start-finish straight
Me and Miguel

Miguel pulled into draft despite I was already alongside of him (slightly, but still)

Lesmo 1
Me, Matsu and Sajdi

Not sure what happened, but I saw only Matsu and Sajdi making contact, then Matsu was upside down and I had no way to avoid him.

Race 1 replay:

Error 404 lolError 404 lol
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Lap 2 lesmo 1 my POV

I was side by side with Matsu at the exit of lesmo 1, when i got hit just a bit jakub at my rear right part of the car, that made me go a bit to the left of the track and somehow after all of this matsu was upside down. Dont really know how that happende cuz the contacts were very very light.

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I had a few incidents to report, but... I don't want to.

I'm still upset at the show of bad driving and even more at the show of bad sportsmanship in this race.

Here are my own replays anyway, if necessary for whatever reasons:


Official Replays (files straight from the server) can be found here:


Incidents reported (so far) were already added to the first post in this topic - ALL incidents reported in this topic are automatically Under Investigation.

Penalties (if necessary) will be announced soon, along with the Official Race(s) Results and updated (and Official) Standings.

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If one of the incidents that Jakub mentioned was one in the exit of the first Chicane on Race 2/L1, I would like to point that on that exit I forgot to shift up my gear properly, and my car got 'stucked' on the 1st gear, then Miguel hit me (obviously not his fault, because I was slower and he was on a normal race speed) and then I lost my rear bump (I had only that visual damage).

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