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SRD S3 - 02 Great Britain GP (Brands Hatch) - Incidents

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Report the incidents you saw or was involved with by mentioning:

- RACE (1 or 2)

- LAP (1-20)

- SECTION (corner, straight etc)

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R1 L1 T1 Matsu vs. Fox
R1 L10 T2 Matsu vs. Fox
R1 L10 T4 Ribolli vs. Matsu
R1 L13 T1 Matsu vs. Saibonen

R2 L1 T9 Me vs. Arek

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R2 L1 T2 Me and Sajdi

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K. Saboinen slamming itno my back.
For further notice - no matter what, be extra careful on lap 1, Kimo

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- Lap 1, T1 - Adi & Twindle (contact)

- Lap 1, T7 - Sexy & Sajdi (contact) *

- Lap 3, T3-T4 - Sexy & Matsu (contact - ?) **


* = I'm not sure if Sajdi spun because of our contact. I tend to believe it was more because of having a bad racing line and getting the track bump on that corner, which would make us easily spin even when alone on track - I also tried my best to give him room (1 car width) and avoid my own car from going wide and out of the track, on a pretty hard corner to do that and I'm not even sure if Sajdi's overtake attempt on that particular corner was a wise decision or maybe just a too optmistic move... Still it's up to the stewards to analyze it carefully and see if I deserve a penalty or not (I'll keep my opinion about it to myself)...

** = On my screen it appeared that Matsu had some small lag, for his car made some 'unnatural moves' and it was almost impossible to know EXACTLY his car position, or to avoid him - I'm not even sure if we touched, but suddenly he appeared on the grass and I got the place, so I just kept going...


Please, check my own replay files to see exactly what I saw on my screen on the incidents mentioned above:

mediafire.com download/3p1lhcgolgdohra


OFFICIAL REPLAYS (files directly from the server) can be found here:


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Regarding my crash with Matsu, I found myself flying, idk what happened

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R2 - Lap 5 - T? - Matsu & Sajdi (contact)

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