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SRD S3 - Official Penalties - 01 - Laguna Seca

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- Lap 1, T2 - Sexy & Matsu (contact):
DT to Sexy

- Lap 5, Braking for Corkscrew - Sajdi & Massimiliano (contact):
DT to Sajdi



- After crossing the line (but with cars still on track) - Sexy (chatting):
Back Of The Grid penalty to Sexy *

- Whole race - Almost everyone (using the headlights on and off, all of the time):
Warning to everyone who used their headlights unnecessarily **


* = The penalty for using the chat on the SRD Series is a grid drop penalty for the Race 1 of the next event the penalized driver shows up to race.

The number of grid drops may vary accoring to the severity of the offense.

In this case, Sexy Brigadeiro abused the use of the chat, with several messages, so the driver gets the most severe possible grid drop penalty, which is start from the back of the grid on the race 1 of the next event he shows up to race.

Do NOT chat during an official qualifying or race session, until the very last car crosses the finish line.


** = It's known that the excessive use of the headlights can be distractive to the driver in front and in some cases, it can even cause some graphical lag if someone has a 'weak' computer and struggles with their graphics.

It's also known that ALL the SRD Events will ALWAYS be with DRY track and with daylight (the races are set to start always at 2pm - game clock), so the use of the headlights is a 100% NOT necessary.

So, please, do NOT use your headlights - they CAN be distractive to the driver in front (which is clearly a 'dirty' move), they CAN cause graphical lag in some cases and they are TOTALLY unnecessary anyway.

Do NOT use your headlights.

If it happens again and a driver is reported from doing it, a penalty (and not just a warning anymore) will be applied.



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