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Season 10 - Permanent seat waiting list and overview

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League Director
League Director
At this point it is necassary to create a waiting list to guarantee a good and fair process for all drivers waiting for a permanent seat.

Drivers lose the right to own a permanent seat after they did not race for 3 GPs in a row without notification.

The free seats will be refilled by other registered drivers. Drivers with the most entered GPs in the current season will be prefered. If drivers have the same amount of entered GPs, the one who responds first in THIS thread will get the avaible seat.

Current permanent seat overview: wrote:
Marlboro Ferrari 2000
#1 - Antonio Hreljanovic
#11 - Gustavo Montenegro

Jaguar Racing 2000
#43 - Nicholas Ramacci
#78 - Kimmo Savolainen

Benson & Hedges Jordan 1999
#36 - Massimiliano Ribolli
#40 - Jakub Rostkowski

JPS Lotus 1985
#2 - Joe McLaggen
#50 - Srdjan Marjanovic

McLaren Honda 2015
#7 - Sven Dirks
#16 - Tom McKay

Rothmans Williams Renault 1994/96/97
#14 - Denis Belarus
#43 - Igor G.

West McLaren Mercedes 1999
#66 - Alex Hill
#12 - Juan Caires

Mercedes AMG Petronas 2015
#21 - Sajdi Xhumari

Telefonica Minardi 2000
#19 - Arek Kulak
#42 - Andre Langunzad

Orange Arrows 2000
#74 - Steven Mitchell
#10 - Daniele Spadi

Mild Seven Renault 2006
#9 - Arimas Auga
#xx - Kimi Saibonen

Red Bull Racing 2012
#xx - Andreas Fischer

Current free seats to pick:

- Mercedes
- Red Bull

Waiting list of drivers registered for Season 10 without permanent seat yet:

1. Daniel Sara (2 races entered)
2. Scott M (1 race entered)
3. Luis Lima, Robert Kiss, Carl Mika, Jean Elisee

Register for Season 10 here!

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Aurimas Auga and Kimi Saibonen are now permanent Renault drivers. They drive cleanly and safely and have shown commitment to the league!

Current free seats:

1 seat - Mercedes
1 seat - Red Bull

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I want to be in the free seat of Mercedes

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3 race-participations are needed to get a permanent cockpit, is that right?

@Tom: please send me a PM, as I have some questions and I'm still unable to send PM's by myself ... open new post is also still impossible for me :/ even a different browser didn't help.

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear, well, he eats you." - A stranger
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Oh, forget the first part of the post. Sorry for doubleposting, but editing my posts also is one of those strange issues I have with the board :/

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear, well, he eats you." - A stranger
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Hi, I dont care in which Team I am I'd gladly take the ones that are left Smile Smile


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