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SRD S3 - Rules & Regulations (Season 3 REGISTRATION)

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REGISTERED DRIVERS (in order of registration):

Total seats: 24
Seats taken: 16
Free seats: 7
Reserve Drivers: 9

- Sexy Brigadeiro - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Jakub Rostkowski (DevereM) - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Sajdi Xhumari (Eri bobo) - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Juan Caires - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Arek Kulak - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Joe McLaggen - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Adrian Bacea (ADI) - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Antonio Hreljanovic - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Marco Capacci (mark70) - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Augusto Floriano - ACTIVE DRIVER
- George Tsoumalis - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Javier Torrus (JokeeR) - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Miguel Rocha (Miguel98) - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Marius Popescu - ACTIVE DRIVER
- Free Seat
- Free Seat
- Free Seat
- Free Seat
- Free Seat
- Free Seat
- Free Seat
- Daniele Spadi (Synestra) - RESERVE DRIVER
- Elisse Jean - RESERVE DRIVER
- Kimi Saibonen - RESERVE DRIVER
- Ariff Roslan - RESERVE DRIVER
- Riaan Oberholzer - RESERVE DRIVER
- Massimiliano Ribolli (Rib96) - RESERVE DRIVER


In the SRD Series, you will get a permanent seat (and be considered as an 'Active Driver') once you read all the rules below and accept them.

Your seat will be yours for the whole season (and no one can take it), UNLESS:

- You miss 3 (three) or more races in a row without telling that to the SAT or LAT.

In case of losing your seat, you will be set as a Reserve Driver - and your seat will be given to a Reserve Driver (ordered by registration date), who will now get a Permanent Seat.

If all the seats are already taken by the time you read/accept these rules (make your SRD S3 Registration), you're gonna be considered as a 'Reserve Driver'.

A Reserve Driver can still take part in the SRD Events (Races), as long as one of the Active Drivers announced they won't be able to take part in that same event (which means we would have a Free Seat for that specific event and it CAN be filled TEMPORARILY by one of the Reserve Drivers).

The number of Reserve Drivers allowed to race will depend on the number of Free Seats avaliable to each event (in case one or more of the Active Drivers announce they won't take part in that event).

Priority of getting a Free Seat filled by a Reserve Driver will be given to whoever registers first to each even (on the Opener topics of each event) among the Reserve Drivers.

A Reserve Driver can become an Active Driver (and get a Permanent Seat) when one (or more) of the Active Drivers disrespect the rule above about how to keep their seats.


If you want to take part in the SRD Series Season 3 Events (races) and Championship, you MUST READ and ACCEPT ALL the rules in this rulebook (by posting an 'Accept' at the end of this topic) and this will also be your Official SRD Season 3 REGISTRATION.

The rFR LAT are the League Admininstration Team, and they run/manage the rFR League as a whole.

The SRD SAT are the Series Admininstration Team, and they run/manage the SRD Series specifically.


The use of the Anti-Cheat software (SimRacingTools) is MANDATORY for ALL SRD Official Events.

To know exactly how to download, install and use the SimRacingTools anti-cheater, click HERE.

If a driver fails to use the anti-cheater, this will happen:

- First fault: Warning + Back of the grid penalty (applied on both races of the next event).
- Second fault: Disqualification from the current event where the fault happened.
- Third fault: Exclusion from the season for not complying with the regulations of the SRD championship.


The drivers MUST save their Qualifying and Race replays (for LAT/SAT, if required).
The game does that automatically (generating a .VCR file after each session you play), but they get overwritten by default and to fix that, the drivers must edit a line on their .PLR file and make it look like this: Save All Replay Sessions="1"

It's strongly recommended that the drivers use AT LEAST one (1) virtual mirror during the Official Events and also to lower their game graphics settings in order to avoid graphical lag in case they don't have too powerful PCs.


Our Official Events ('weekends') take place on the SATURDAYS and start EXACTLY at the time set on the OFFICIAL CALENDAR (at 21:00 UK Time - start of quali) - make sure to check your own LOCAL TIME to know exactly at which time our events will start for you!

If there are any changes on the events starting time, this will be announced to the drivers some days before the events!

On Season 3, the races will be defined by TIME (and NOT by laps) and will have a duration of 25 minutes.

Event Format (in order):
- Qualifying (Private, 10 minutes of duration and limit of 9 opened laps)

- Warmup 1 (5 minutes of duration)

- Race 1 (A battery of 25 minutes - starting grid = quali)

- Warmup 2 (5 minutes of duration)

- Race 2 (A battery of 25 minutes - starting grid = reverse final positions of battery 1)

Pit stops are NOT mandatory (fuel consumption is set to x3 and tire wear x2).

During the pit stops, if the drivers want/need, they are allowed to refuel, change tires, fix damage and even adjust some settings like for example, wings, tire pressure, etc..

The official races have NO RESTARTS (except if we have a server issue - e.g. server goes offline or any other unpredictable server/technical issue that affects everyone).

Chat is NOT allowed during Official Qualifying and Official Race sessions (although it is allowed at the Official Warmup) - drivers must wait until the LAST DRIVER crosses the finish line at the end of an Official Race to be allowed to chat again.

Chatting during an Official Qualifying and/or Official Race sessions WILL result in PENALTIES (read more about the penalties below).

Points will be awarded to the top 10 drivers listed on the charts after each race (regardless of how many laps they completed, EXCEPT if they haven't at least started the race - in this particular case (not starting the race), NO points would be awarded at all).

Points System:
1st place = 15 points
2nd place = 12 points
3rd place = 10 points
4th place = 8 points
5th place = 6 points
6th place = 5 points
7th place = 4 points
8th place = 3 points
9th place = 2 points
10th place = 1 point

There are 2 Tables/Standings/Championships:
- The Drivers' Championship, where the points are scored individually by each driver, according to the place they finished the race (if they finished inside the top 10)
- The Constructors' Championship, where the points are scored for the team by both drivers of that same team (teammates), also according to the places they finished the race (if both or just one of them finished inside the top 10)

Although the ideal is to always have AT LEAST 10 drivers to start each official race, ALL races previously set on the official calendar will be considered as official and valid for the current season Championship, regardless of the number of drivers who showed up and/or actually started the race - and championship points will be awarded accordingly to the points rule mentioned above.

Races can be canceled and/or rescheduled by the admins, due to any unexpected technical problems that may appear. But IF that ever happens, a message will be sent to the drivers as soon as possible before the race date.


After each race, an 'Incidents Reports' topic will be created and the drivers MUST report ANY incidents they were involved at (or that they saw), especially if they feel they were prejudiced by another driver (or if they know they prejudiced other drivers), or even if they think another driver did something 'unfair', giving these drivers an unfair advantage and prejudicing the driver reporting the incident(s) - including cutting the track and/or gaining time/places unfairly.

We have a group of 3 Stewards to analyze the quali/race replays and check the reported incidents - and then they will 'judge' each incident and apply penalties accordingly, if necessary.

Only reported incidents will be analyzed by the stewards! (unless they 'happen to see' an unreported incident by themselves and they think that incident deserves a penalty..)
So, if you see something 'wrong', don't forget to report it after the race!

The stewards will NEVER analyze/jugde an incident where they (or their teammates) are directly involved - and in this case, they will be replaced by another SAT member to judge that specific incident.

If the stewards agree a driver (or drivers) must be penalized by causing an incident, this penalty will be applied onto the Official Race Result (in the form of time added to the driver(s) final race time) and MAY change the final positions and points - in case the penalized driver(s) finished the race.

If a driver gets penalized but did not finish the race, their 'time penalty' will be converted to a certain number of 'grid drops' (Qualifying place(s) loss) for their next race - depending on the severity of the caused incident and the stewards' judgement.

The penalties may vary from a simple warning to a league ban, depending on the severity of the incidents:


Drivers MUST respect the TRACK LIMITS, which are determined by the white lines on both sides of the track - Pic. 1

A driver/car status is considered as being 'out of the track' everytime they have LESS than TWO (2) wheels (of the same side of their car - right or left) inside (or over) one of the white lines - Pic. 2

The white lines ARE still part of the track, but the kerbs are NOT.
Kerbs can be used by one side of the car, as long as the other side of the car keeps the 2 wheels INSIDE the track limits (inside or over the white lines) - Pics. 3 and 4


If you go 'out of the track' and gain time or places by doing so, that's considered as CUTTING - and cutting is ALWAYS FORBIDDEN.

Drivers WILL ALWAYS get penalties by cutting.

If a driver goes out of the track accidentally or to avoid a crash in front of them and then gains time and/or places by doing that, they MUST lift up the throttle for a few seconds to compensate the time gained and give any gained place(s) back - if a driver fails to do that, they WILL get penalized.

If a driver goes out of the track and loses control of the car (or by losing control of the car), they MUST be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when rejoining the track.
They MUST wait for cars passing by before rejoining the track - check your map hud if you have one, or at least your rearview mirrors before moving your car back to the track!
Rejoin slowly, carefully and on an approximately 'parallel' angle towards the track and race direction - and if possible, stay OUT of the 'racing line', until you are back on 'race speed' again and is SURE no one is coming from behind on a higher speed than yours.

NEVER just 'throw' your car back on track desperately trying not to lose too much time - be ALWAYS careful about the other drivers on track before rejoining!!!

Overtakes MUST be done withOUT any contact.

When overtaking, do NOT cause a collision or force the other driver to avoid them - that's YOUR responsibility in the first place, since you're the one executing the move.
And do NOT move directly in front of the overtaken car, right after the overtake.

When being overtaken, do NOT 'throw' (move dangerously) your car over the overtaking car. Also do NOT 'block' by moving your car towards the opponent, at the very last second, if/when they already have part of their car side by side with part of your car - avoiding a collision at this moment is also YOUR responsibility.

When defending a place (trying to avoid being overtaken), you are allowed to make only ONE (1) defensive move - Pic. 5

You CAN do more than one defensive move, but ONLY IF you leave AT LEAST ONE (1) car width space to your opponent(s) - Pic. 6

NEVER force another driver out of the track (or into a wall, or into another car) - Pic. 7

Also NEVER block another car when doing that 2nd move to defend your place - Pic. 8

If you are being lapped (are under BLUE FLAGS), simply move over, lift up a bit and let the faster car(s) pass as soon as possible - do NOT 'block' them or make them lose time behind you.
Disrespecting/Ignoring blue flags WILL give you a penalty.

Do NOT follow other car(s) (to get their slipstream) into the pit lane entrance - unless you're also going to pit.
Be careful when leaving your pit box and do NOT 'throw' your car into another pitting car's path.
When rejoining the track after your pit stop, do NOT cross the white pit exit line or endanger the cars already on circuit.

NEVER drive on the wrong direction (obviously)...
NEVER drive unnecessarily slow or dangerously (also obviously)...
And if for some reason you just can't keep driving (blown engine, out of gas, car got stuck on a kerb or gravel, etc), just press ESC and retire your car from the track as soon as possible.


- Yes, you CAN be competitive and even aggressive (we all want and expect that from each other, right?!..), but be ALWAYS FAIR and HONEST before ANYthing else - ALWAYS use a 'Gentlemen's Race' mindset!

- ALWAYS respect not only the rules above, but also ALL of your opponents.

- Remember: people are here to have FUN, above all else - and so are YOU.

- You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. Act like it. Wink


If you agree and accept all of these rules, make sure to reply an 'Accept' below - and you're officially REGISTERED for the SRD Season 3!

See you on track!

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Read & accepted

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Read and accept

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I'm new here, so how do I know what cars, numbers and assists are used in SRD Season 3
Anyway, apart from that I would love to join this league.

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Read and accept

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Hello, Twindle and Kimi Saibonen!

We don't have only this FIA GT (SRD) Series.
We also have an F1 (rFR GP) Series if you guys are interested.

Here's some info about both series - the mods used, the day and time of the races and links to how to sign up to any or both of them:


About SRD specifically...

You guys just need to check this other link below and it redirects you to all the necessary info (get the mod, tracks, anti-cheater and server info), so you guys can get online and start testing right away - our next race is on this next saturday, at Brands Hatch, so practice as much as possible from now!

See you guys on track!!


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