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rFR S10 R03 - Fuji Penalties

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1 rFR S10 R03 - Fuji Penalties on 18th March 2016, 4:32 pm

No penalties, only warnings.

- LAP 0, Monitor: Alex, Joe & Scott (chatting)

WARNING to all - NO chatting at all during the race session, even before the race starts! (unless to make admins aware of a problem).

- LAP 1, T14: IgorG & Kimmo (track rejoin & contact)

WARNING to Igor - Unsafe rejoin

Incidents investigated but judged NO ACTION

- LAP 1, Main Straight: Sven & Joe (push)

- LAP 1, T1: Tom & Joe (contact)

- LAP 1, T1: Several drivers (late braking - several contacts)

- LAP 1, After T5: Ste Mitch vs. Tom (rejoin & contact)

- LAP 2, T2: Gustavo & Quentin (contact)

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