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SRD - Season 3 Preview (News & Changes)

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1 SRD - Season 3 Preview (News & Changes) on 2nd March 2016, 10:20 pm

Hello, everyone!

As in each new SRD Season, we will have a few changes - some small, some bigger - and the idea is to always try and bring a new, exciting and fun season for all the current drivers and some 'new' drivers (to the Series) too.

The general purpose and goal of having the SRD Series is to offer the drivers a slightly different experience than the rFR GP Series - and basically just follow the 'more races = more fun' (to the rFR League as a whole) belief.

At the SRD Series, we will have shorter seasons and use all kinds of different mods (F1 or not) and most things here are decided (by voting) by the drivers.

We also want to 'learn from our mistakes' and always try to fix whatever went wrong on the previous season(s) and improve things as much as possible for the future seasons.

Just like we had for Season 2, we will also have some polls (votings) to decide most of the things, like the day/time of the SRD events (races), competition format, mod and tracks on the calendar, among a few other things.

Here are some general ideas of what's to come - a few things will be decided by myself (as the Series Director) and some decided by the drivers (by voting):



The SRD events will keep being on the SATURDAYS, but we will definitely need to have a NEW/DIFFERENT TIME for the races.

They will NOT be at 23:00 UK time anymore.

We will have a poll with a few suggestions and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone and have a 'perfect time' that would suit everyone perfectly, so all we can do is get whatever time is better to MOST people - and believe that all the people who vote for that are commited to show up in all the events (since they VOTED for it).

Some of the early suggestions may be: SRD Events starting about a couple of hours earlier than now (like at 21:00 UK time), or even earlier - maybe even at the same time as the rFR GP races on sundays (15:00 UK time), but on saturdays, of course...

For now, these are just a few ideas/suggestions for us to start thinking about them.



We will keep having a 10 events calendar (shorter season, compared to the rFR GP Series) and exactly like the SRD seasons 1 and 2 were - NO changes here - that's already decided.

We will also have a couple of 'breaks' as we did in the previous seasons as well.
That means we will have, for example, 3 events in a row (3 straight saturdays), then have a break on the 4th saturday and get back on the following one for another 3 events in a row (3 straight saturdays) until we have a new brake and then get back for the remaining 4 events (also in a row, for 4 straight saturdays) - this example would be a 3+3+4 model. But we can also have a 3+4+3 model, or a 4+3+3 model - this will be decided by myself later.



We will have a poll/voting about this too.

We should decide if we want to keep 2 shorter races (of about 25 mins long) per event, or to have a longer race (of about 45 mins long) on each event.

The race finish criteria (laps or time) will most likely be decided depending on the mod we pick.
But still, feel free to share your thoughts on what you preffer (laps or time).


- MOD:

We will have a poll/voting to decide which mod we want to use for Season 3.

The mods on this poll will be suggested by the drivers, BUT each driver will be allowed to suggest only ONE mod and they also MUST provide a download link to the mod they're suggesting, so everyone can download and test the mods BEFORE they vote for their favorite one.

On the next days, I will open a thread for people to make their suggestions and only 2 weeks after that (which gives all the drivers 14 days to test the mods), a poll with all the mods suggested will be created and we can actually cast our votes.
This poll will be up for another whole week, giving the drivers another 7 days (and a total of 21 days) to download, install and test all the mods until they make their final decision and vote for what they want to.

The current mod we are using (Peugeot 207) will automatically be included on this poll, just in case most drivers want to have another season with the same mod - the current mod of each season will ALWAYS appear on the new mod polls in the future as well, so there will always be a chance for a mod to stay at the SRD Series in case most people want that.


We're gonna use the exact same model we used to pick the tracks for Season 2 on Season 3.

It works on a 2 steps way.
For more details on how it worked and how it's gonna be again, check it here:

Step 1:

Step 2:



It will depend on the mod we pick, but I will try to let the drivers custom their 'gear' as much as possible, as long we have the car and/or helmets templates.

Drivers are not forced to use custom car skins and/or helmets and they can use the default ones from the mod, if they want.

But ALL drivers will have/use custom driver numbers and they WILL be added/painted to their car skins by myself.

At the SRD Series, we use the 'Season Driver Numbers' scheme, meaning at each season, the drivers can pick a different (or keep their previous season's) driver number.

The selection (picking) of their driver numbers, cars/teams and teammates is made based on the previous seasons final standings, where the Champion has the right for the first pick, then the 2nd place makes their picks, then the 3rd place and so on.

All new drivers (to the series) will have the right to make their picks after all the current drivers are done and the new drivers will pick according to their date of registration (for the new SRD Season) order - whoever registers first, picks first.



As we did between Seasons 1 and 2, we will have a 4 weeks break between the last event of Season 2 and the first event of Season 3 - meaning Season 3 will (at first) debut on a SATURDAY at APRIL 30th of 2016.

My idea was actually to start only on May, but the first saturday on May is only on the 7th, so maybe starting on the last day of April (30 - a saturday) is a better idea.

BUT... if for some reason I need an extra week to finish all the preparations for the SRD S3, the season MIGHT have its debut only on May 7th of 2016 anyway - so keep that in mind, just in case...


Make sure to leave any comments/suggestions below and keep an eye on the forum, because the polls/votings and more news will come on the next few days - and when they're up, I will need an as fast as possible response from the drivers - stay tuned!


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