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Grand Prix Series S9 R10 - Germany Gp - Incidents

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1 Grand Prix Series S9 R10 - Germany Gp - Incidents on 13th December 2015, 2:49 pm




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Did server crashed now or just I cant join in?

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Feature Race - Lap 1 - Turn 1
I don't quite know what happened, but looked to me like lau squeezed Arek and caused some crashes including me, losing about 5 positions.

Feature Race - Lap 1 - Hairpin
Smith completely divebombed everyone, causing a huge pile up including me.

Feature Race - Lap 2 - Hairpin
Quentin made contact with Joe McLaggen and caused another pile-up

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I don't want to report anything, but I want to make an advice: look when you return in the track.

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Everyone makes mistakes, its not unusual and it will happen. But when things are done with intention - that's something else and there should be no room in this league for drivers like that. 

Sprint race

Lap 2, long straight - Smith deliberately turned to get me off the track, we were almost side by side and i had better corner exit and was going to overtake him. There was no way he didn't saw me.

Long race, lap 2, again Smith, this time he hit me in the ass after long straight before braking - 100m mark with full load is the place to start braking, at that mark he was still accelerating.

Now did he just missed the braking point? After what he did in sprint race I'm not that sure. In both races after he did mayhem and could not advance in position or crash someone  - he left. 

Usually I'm not complaining, shit can happen to everyone, mistakes are part of this game. I don't like when someone is ruining you race just because he wants to stay in front no matter what.

Smith - you are not alone on track, learn to respect the others

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Now I'm looking replay and there is 1 more 

Long race, lap 7, few corners before finish line, he braked to late and got a bit outside, i kept inside line and was at least 1/2 length of the vehicle as he started to turn heavily, hit me and still trying to shove me of the track. That's not a mistake, that's intention.

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All I can say is that I am extremely sorry that these events occurred. This is my first league race and one of my first online races on rfactor. I admit that I was a little aggressive in the races and at times got caught up in the action around me, usually meaning I missed my braking points.

Luft - Despite what you may think, the incidents were far from intentional and I did not leave because 'could not advance in position or crash someone' but because my internet failed and I was disconnected from the server. It is not my intention to ruin your race, but as you said, accidents happen.

This footage, from midway in lap 3 shows all opponent cars leaving on my screen, as a result of my internet crashing. It was when the video stops that I was returned to my menu screen.

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Also, regarding the incident on Lap 7 of the feature race, you can see that going in to the turn, I lock my brakes and begin to spin around. Sadly, Luft was on my inside as I was spinning and took the force of the accident. Again, this was completely unintentional and I give my sincerest apologies.

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It's ok, Jake.

But here's a 'tip' for you..

If you consider yourself a bit of an unexperienced driver, that's just another reason why you shouldn't be too aggressive - at least not for now, until you get more experiene and control of what you're doing.

That's the actual 'mistake' you made, in my opinion.
You forced a bit too much, beyond your own limits and ended up putting others at risk.

It's obviously ok in being aggressive, since this is a competition. But at the same time, there are rules - and other drivers on track - that MUST be respected and we all MUST be careful with each other, no matter how aggressive we try to be and how strongly we fight inside the track.

I'd rather lose a fight or a race, than to risk it all - both my own race and the races of the other people fighting along with me.

Maybe that's just me, but anyway.. since we play for the FUN and not exactly for money or fame or anything (even if there ARE actual prizes for the first time this season), but the point is: the fights and the races MUST be FUN above all else and... if we have to lift up, or let someone else go, or even to 'give up a fight', that should still be ok in the end, if we're doing it to keep the fun unharmed for everyone!

Anyway.. Just use what happened today as more experience for you - learn from your mistakes - and don't let these things happen again in the future - and I'm SURE that SOON you'll be driving a LOT better and will also be a very strong (but also clean and fair) competitor!
Just keep practicing!


And now for the incidents I was involved with...

Some of them were already mentioned above, but here goes my own list for the stewards to check from my point of view:


- Lap 1, Hairpin - I was forced out of my line and lost the place (actually 2 places - and then a few more ahead) with/because of that move - I honestly don't think that's a fair one and if someone does, that's a shame (and lame)..


- Lap 1, Hairpin (again..) - Got hit strong, sent out of the track, lost countless places, got suspension damage (car was pulling to the left during the whole 1st stint - 10 endless laps on Softs - I was about 1 sec per lap slower than my own pace) and lost extra 5 secs on the pits to repair damage (8 secs stop, instead of a regular 3 secs)..

- Lap 2, T2 - I got a very light bump from Jake while I was already braking and trying to turn right - I (obviously) saw Luft in front of me and was trying to avoid him the best I could, but due to the small contact my car went a bit wider than I wanted on the corner, while Luft was also bumped by Jake and got his car out of balance, turning a bit tighter into the corner, while I was already there, so we had a contact and Luft spun.. I honestly don't think it was my fault (and I had a damaged car/suspension, pulling to the left and was trying to avoid the contact the best I could), still I apologize to Luft if it was my fault - and let's see what the stewards decide about this one..


My own replay files: download/h47m77312r81ltx

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OK, I was maybe little harsh on words, it was just to many incidents with the same driver and I got mad Smile In the future, be more careful and that's it, keep the good spirit Smile 
Sexy you did touch me in the corner just enough to spin me, i was already bumped so probably that caused increased instability.

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My fault then - penalty for me - and I'm sorry about it.
But I got my car out of balance too and couldn't turn exactly as I wanted to (although I tried my best) - just so you know it wasn't a 'careless' or 'purposedly unfair' move or anything.
I wasn't even trying to overtake you. I was just trying to turn my car and take the corner normally, so we could have a nice fight on the long straight..
Anyway.. another fucked up race for me, so.. what's new?!..

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I know Sexy, no hard feelings, I'm gonna bump you in next race and we are even Very Happy

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Don't worry. I'll get bumped by anyone else anyway, so.. wait for your turn in the line, mate!!..

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Feature Race
Server who kicked me out as soon as i joined the server just before it went to the race session

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