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Grand Prix Series S9 R09 - Austria - Incidents

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1 Grand Prix Series S9 R09 - Austria - Incidents on 6th December 2015, 2:50 pm




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Sprint race

Lap 1

Turn 2

watched the replays again, I guess I didn't give enough space to joe (sorry)

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Feature race

- I started from the back (should've started in 8th place - only noticed when the lights went green and I saw too many cars in front of me. On those 30 secs, I was worried about checking the weather and setting my car strategy - still this shouldn't be blamed on ME, right?!..)

- Lap 5, beginning of S3


My race 2 replay (race 1 wasn't saved, due to the blue screen of death I got from my PC) + quali PB: download/aaunhq7ws3sp6mm/09+-+Austria+Quali+PB+%2B+Race+2+Replays+%5BBrig%5D.rar

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Usually I don't complain, but this time I have to.

SPRINT RACE - Lap 4, Turn 1
I'm doing my good race - strange, I wasn't last - and my race is completely fck*d up by an impossible overtaking trying from Alby. Probably it's not his fault - I hope - but I'm not happy about that.

I want also the start of FEATURE RACE (so Lap 1, Turn 1) to be checked, I don't know what has happened but it was a mess.

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There was an incident with Arek and me in the sprint race, Turn 3 or 4 I think, Lap 5. He collided with someone before, and I just held my line through that corner and when I saw areks incident I tried to stay as tight as possible to the inside and arek was off the usual line on exit of the corner (also tighter) aswell... So in my opinion just a race incident, reporting it nevertheless

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Feature race

Lap 1
Turn 1

Ariff crashed into me at the start due to a missed brake I think

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Here are my replay files for the feature race (Austria).

I think it was caused by connection lag, I was one car length away from you. Sad

I don't know what website to upload my replays so I used zippyshare.

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