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RACE REPORT – MEXICAN GP (Hermanos Rodriguez)

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Mexican GP (Sunday, march 11th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro cheers

Well, that was certainly a pretty good race! Ok, maybe not for everyone, but… to most of the drivers and also to the league and I’m gonna tell you why…

Things went just fine through the quali – no issues of any kind, except for the fact that since 2 drivers (Stig and me) didn’t take any lap at Q2, rFactor decided to change our positions on the grid… But that was quickly fixed by the admins. And the race started without any ‘drama’…
BTW, congrats to Adrian S Shole! It was his 2nd race on the league and guess what?!... Yes, he did it again! He got the pole in BOTH of the races he raced so far – great job, Kangaroo Flash!!! (lol, that was a new one… Razz )

Another GREAT thing that helped to make the Mexico GP a good race for the league was the fact that we DIDN’T have ANY crashes or accidents in T1 (ok, we had some touches and bumps and even a few cars going to the grass – thank God there was a HUGE runoff area there – but still no one broke anything), so… we had a CLEAN START for the 1st time in the season – better late, than never… - YAY!!! Very Happy
I know, I know… we were ‘only’ 16 drivers and that probably helped too, but… ALL the 16 drivers gave more room to the cars in front, braked earlier and were more careful and that was REALLY GREAT, so… CONGRATS to ALL of us!!!
Now I just hope the 3 remaining starts of the season are EXACTLY like that one, even with more drivers – we CAN do it, guys!!! Smile

At T1, as in almost ALL test races, Sven braked a little bit too late and almost crashed into Arek, who had to brake a little bit more to avoid that crash, making most of the drivers behind him also step a little bit more on their brakes – and that was when some of the bumps occurred… Both Sven and Stig went to take a walk on the grass, but were able to get back on track. All the other drivers were fighting for positions and avoiding new bumps, crashes and race incidents the best they could… The 2 HRT (Adrian and Arek, respectively) got the lead, followed closely by Alex Hill and his Williams and also by ADI and his Force India. Right behind them, Sven (Ferrari) and Tom McKay (RBR) were fighting for the 5th place.
Antonio Hreljanovic was doing good in 11th place, after starting in 16th (last) and was right behind Otti and Luft who were fighting for the 9th place right in front of him, but at the entrance of the Recta Del Ovalo, he slightly touched on Otti’s ass (don’t try to replace his dildo, Tony!) and also stepped the kerb a little bit, which was enough to spin and crash the wall… so Croatia’s Wonder Boy had to go to the pits for a new front wing and got back in last again…
I went from 10th to 8th and was going after Speedy Joe McLaggen Gonzalez, who was racing at his backyard, but although he did a good quali and started in 4th, he fell to 7th place and I wanted that position too… sorry, mate!

At lap 2, in the middle of the Esses, Adrian S Shole heard on his team radio ‘Arek is faster than you!... You Noob!’, so… he was just a good boy and literally lift up the throttle pedal and gave room for Arek to pass him and gave him the lead, since Arek is fighting for the championship… And on the following laps, Adrian was just ‘escorting’ Arek, although he could be faster than his teammate at anytime… But still… team orders are team orders… Razz

Also in lap 2, everything – and I mean EVERY thing – went wrong to BläckFöx… The Finland Guy started the lap fighting with Sexy Brigadeiro (me!) and tried to overtake him (me) at the main straight, but just couldn’t do it because Sexy (me) is just too sexy to be overtaken… Ok, not really, but... thanks to my setup with less wings, I had a faster car on the straights so, after getting my draft and putting his car alongside with mine, Bläck just couldn’t keep speed enough to overtake, so he gave up and went back behind me and also trying to keep his own position from Luft_inspektor, but… in the final part of the esses, Black made a mistake (probably caused because it’s pretty hard to drive there when you’re getting someone else’s draft, since you lose a LOT of downforce) and then he went out of track and lost 3 positions, falling from 9th to 12th, but he was able to put his car on track again… kinda… because a few meters later, while preparing to take the last and most tricky turn of the track, the Peraltada, he went too wide and just couldn’t turn his Lotus on time and then he just went out of track again, but this time there was a tire wall to stop him… The only problem is that he was about 250kph and his car got a ‘little’ too damaged and he had to abandon… Sorry, Black! We meet again in Canada next week! Smile

At the 4th lap Otti (the Championship Leader until before the race started and who started in 11th, got to 10th and then fell to 14th and was trying to recover) overtook Goa on the hairpin with a nice move and get to 12th. And at the 5th lap we had Stig overtaking Arnie (going from 11th to 10th) on the main straight with an easy but skillful move on the braking for T1 and also the crowd booing when Joe, The Mexican, McLaggen was overtaken by me (Joe fell to 8th and I got his 7th place)… Sorry again, mate, but it was a nice battle and defensive move by you – same one as yesterday (on the test race), but today you moved a little bit earlier and I had time to react – thank you for being nice (honestly) and I’m sorry if you think you gave me the position ‘too easily’… The fact is that I wanted to show I REALLY DESERVED it and then after overtaking you, I tried my best to open a good gap and ‘prove’ that, at least at that moment of the race, I was faster than you, so… don’t feel bad for ‘giving’ me the place, because I would’ve probably taken it anyway, sooner or later, on the easy or hard way, so… I’m glad you offered me the easy one and I thank you, once again, for such a fair and clean driving! Smile

On the 6th lap it was time for Goa to lose his place to Jure Pazin, with a VERY nice overtake, from the outside on the Esse Del Lago (T4). Jure was now 13th and Goa 14th… And at the start of the 7th lap, it was time for the crowd to boo one more time, because their loved one was overtaken again, on the main straight, by Luft and this time Joe didn’t even try to defend… Luft got to 8th and Joe fell to 9th…

And at the end of the 9th lap the race started to change completely… The pit stops started to happen and they had a VERY important role on this race – a good strategy was as important as a good setup and… some good skills from the drivers as well… Some had all of them… some not…
The pit entrance was a little tricky… it also had some kerbs on both sides of it and even a small touch there could make the car drift and even spin and some drivers had a hard time on that path… even with 4 wheels… can you imagine with only 3?!... Well… ask Alex Hill how it feels – LOL! China Boy actually lost one of his wheels, at the end of the lap 9, while he was 4th, at the same place where Tony crashed in lap 1 – he also stepped the kerb a little too much (probably because he was getting ADI’s draft and lost downforce, which makes the car turning a REALLY hard job) and then he hit the wall and one of his tires decided to take a walk by itself… he didn’t even say goodbye… ‘Call me!’, Alex screamed… in vain… Anyway… Alex tried to take his car to the pits, but… he should’ve known it would be impossible to fix that anyway… I also lost a tire at Monaco (thanks, Denis! We miss you! …kinda…) and I was also able to get to the pits, but… my crew told me it would take 610 seconds to fix it… well, if you’re good in math, you probably noticed that 610 seconds are actually 10 minutes and 10 seconds… Which is ok to me… I can wait that long… get lapped about 6 or 7 times... fine... BUT… my engine can’t survive for more than 30 secs when we’re stopped at the pits so… I’m sorry to say, Alex, but you should’ve just abandoned… But you didn’t and then guess what?!... Sven and Tom, who were fighting for positions went to the pits right after Alex – OF COURSE NONE of them knew that was going to happen (Alex didn’t know and Sven and Tom weren’t expecting to face a ‘tricycle’ on the track either), but the fact is that since Alex couldn’t go too fast and there was no way for overtaking at the pit entrance path, Sven and Tom were both slowed down by Alex and Tom also bumped Sven because of that, which caused him some minor damage to his car, but enough to activate the automatic fix from the pit crew, which gave Tom some unwanted extra 5-10 secs on his pit stop… Oh, boy, what a mess! But although it was pretty tragic, it was also pretty funny – sorry guys, don’t hate me! Razz
So, Alex (who actually tried to continue with only 3 wheels – WTF?!...) abandoned a few meters after getting into the main straight and although Sven got back in front of Tom with a larger advantage, ‘The German Boss’ had a hard time trying to overtake Goa and a little ahead lost control of his Ferrari and spun at the esses… Tommy MacEye passed him, so in the end, he had the last laugh (I BET he was ready to press the ‘Blue Flag, Pliss!’ quick chat button)! LOL Very Happy

So, only some of the guys made their pit stops, because those were the ones who started with soft (fast) tires and were going to 2 stops (or tried to put hard (slow) tires and go until the end without stopping again) and some of the guys, like me, who started with hards earned a ‘few’ positions with those stops and… at the 11th lap I got to LEAD a race for the FIRST time on the season!!! I’m sorry if this is a silly thing to most of you, but to me it was an AMAZING feeling!!! I already led and even won some test races, but in our Official League Races, this was the VERY FIRST time I EVER led a race!!! And I did that for 5 laps!!! So, now I also entered the stats of laps led, with my humble, but VERY important (to me) 5 little ones – YAY!!! cheers

The fact is that a few laps later, when all positions were coming back to ‘reality’ (after everyone’s pit stops), I was still on track with my ‘loved’ hard tires, which are naturally slower, but they were pretty worn out so… they were even slower (still I was keeping a pretty good 1:14.low pace) and ‘suddenly’ (yep, he was about 2-3 secs faster per lap, so in my mirrors, he appeared from out of the blue – LOL) I got Adrian S Shole literally ‘flying’ behind me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold him, even if I tried… But I also KNEW he was with soft tires and he would have to go for another pit stop and then MAYBE I would have a chance at the end of the race, so… fighting with him at THAT moment of the race, even if I could, wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, so… he simply overtook me at the 16th lap, getting the lead back and I didn’t even bother to defend (I know how it feels, Joe!)… LOL
On the next laps, I started to feel some kind of déjà vu, because once again a pretty damn fast HRT car ‘popped up’ on my mirrors and I thought that Adrian was so damn fast that he was already lapping me… Razz No, not really, but anyway… It was Arek, his teammate… And he was with new soft tires and I was with old hard ones, so… yep, we all know what was going to happen sooner or later, so I decided to just keep my line and position the best I could, but I wouldn’t fight for it when it was just inevitable to avoid the overtake… The fact is that it wasn’t so easy for Arek to overtake me after all, because although he was actually faster, the only overtaking spot on this track is the main straight, if you take the Peraltada close enough to the car in front of you AND if you have a car fast enough on the straights and Arek didn’t have it… My setup had less wings than his and on the straights I was faster, so… he was pretty close through all of the ‘roller coaster esses’, but from the Recta Del Ovalo to the end of the main straight I was faster and he took some laps to finally get close enough to get the draft on the straight and overtake me. The problem (to him) was that in the meantime, ADI who was also with fresh new soft tires got closer to him too and actually overtook him (Arek) before he could overtake me and then I wasn’t going to fight with any of them and at the end of the main straight at the lap 20, I just let (literally) both of them pass (I didn’t want to be ‘accused’ of ‘blocking’ Arek, while letting ADI pass, so… sorry, Mate, but I had to let him (Arek) pass too. But I know we both appreciate a fair and clean race and I would NEVER block Arek or anyone else so ADI could win. Anyway… just to make things clear, ok? Smile )
The fact is that Adrian was leading, ADI was 2nd, Arek in 3rd, ‘glued’ in ADI’s ass (ooh, nasty!) and I fell to 4th, but I was also getting ready to go to MY one and only pit stop at the end of the lap 21… But at the end of lap 20, right on the tricky Peraltada, I saw my teammate spinning and hitting the wall… I felt SO sad and SO bad for him!!! He was looking good for the rest of the race and we could’ve scored a good amount of points with both Force Indias… But still I had to keep going, no matter what and so I did! ADI also tried to keep going and tried to get his car to the pits, but without his rear wing it was almost impossible… He spun at T1 and crashed again, also losing his front wing AND his front left tire – OMG! But still he bravely tried to keep going and get to the pits anyway – true drivers NEVER quit!!!... Except when your car quits for you – LOL! So… he just HAD to abandon… Still, I congratulate you, Mate, for at least TRYING (that goes to you, McFly)… Smile

Me and Otti stopped at the end of the 21st lap. My stop was just normal (thank God) and I got back to the track at the 4th place, right after Zorro… I mean, Joe… But Otti’s stop was… not exactly ‘normal’ and… once again… Stig paid for that too… Here’s what happened: Otti was already in the pit entrance path when at the very last meters of it, his front left tire blew and he lost control of the car, which made him go back to the middle of the track! Obviously, his natural reaction was to pull his car back to the pits again, but… I guess Dildo Boy just ‘forgot’ to look at his mirror, because Stig and Joe were right behind him, in an extremely high speed (exit of Peraltada) and they just couldn’t avoid Otti… Well, Joe was lucky enough, but… not Stig… again… So, the Poland guy crashed the ‘I’m Not Swiss, Cheese!’ guy and lost his front wing AND his left front suspension… He was in 4th place… AND both Otti and Stig are directly fighting for the championship (along with Arek)… more drama ahead?!... The future will tell… The fact is that Stig lost too much time with the entire lap with the car damaged like that and also a lot of time wasted on the pits to fix all of that mess and then he got back on track in 11th, fell to 12th overtaken by Goa, but then got the position back and finished in 11th… NOT scoring points for the championship (but luckly keeping the 3rd place on the Drivers’ Championship table)…Otti was a little bit luckier… Got back on track and was going to finish in 7th, but in the very last lap earned an extra position and finished in 6th, scoring 8 points and losing the lead on the championship, which was taken by Arek, who finished in 3rd in Mexico… But WAIT! I still have a few things to tell about this race!...

After my pit stop, I was in 4th, with Joe (3rd), Arek (2nd) and Adrian (leading) in front of me and I was afraid Joe wasn’t going for another pit stop and although I was using soft (faster) tires now (for the 14 remaining laps – so, no more pit stops for me), I wasn’t sure if I could be faster than him again… Yesterday at the test race, I was a little faster than him when we were both on hard tires, but when we were both on soft (like at that moment of the race) he was faster, so… I was afraid that would happen again… BUT a few laps later he went for another pit and I said to myself: YAY! Very Happy And then I got to 3rd and was going for another podium – my first one in the season was in the previous race, in Monza, so to me it was REALLY amazing to get two podiums in a row (since I haven’t got any until then – LOL)! Anyway… I was actually trying to go after Arek now, but the other Poland Guy was also pretty damn fast and a little faster than me… So, I just couldn’t get closer to him… I had Luft in 4th, behind me, but he was pretty far away from me and I was actually a little faster than him lap after lap and then I knew I wasn’t going to lose that 3rd place (unless I made some crazy shit), but still I wanted to get to 2nd or even win the race somehow – I also didn’t want the 2 HRT to finish 1st and 2nd, because Force India was close to them in the Constructors’ Championship and ADI was already out of the race, so… I was the only Force India remaining… I HAD to get a few more points – GRRRR!!! But still lap after lap Arek was a little faster and I was about to cry when at the end of the 33th lap – with only 2 laps to go – Arek finally made me smile… He went to the pits, because his tires were about to blow – HA!!! THANK YOU, AREK!!! Very Happy

And then that was how it ended… I got 2nd, my BEST finish place in the season so far, which I offer to My Beautiful Girlfriend - she always reads my reports and loves to know about our league, so... this was for YOU, baby!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I love you (3rd in Italy, 2nd in Mexico… I’m saving the victory to BRASIL!!! cheers )
And 18 more points on the Drivers’ Championship – not bad!!! I’m still sorry for my teammate ADI, who could’ve CERTAINLY put his Force India on the podium too – even if it was in front of me, I’d be happy anyway!!! Smile

So… CONGRATS to Adrian S Shole for the WIN!!! – once again he was faster than everyone, both in quali and in the race! Had a great strategy and just deserved to win! And although he joined the league only about 8 days ago (OMG), he already got 2 poles and 1 victory – DAMN!!!

Arek finished 3rd, completing the podium, but even losing the 2nd place at 2 laps to go, he is pretty happy for two reasons: HRT scored 40 points for the Constructors’ Championship, which gave them the lead (Otti’s Sauber fell to 2nd) and Arek also got the lead on the Drivers’ Championship (and again Otti was the one falling to 2nd)! So, congrats, Arek!!! Only 3 races to go on the season and still the fight for both titles (Drivers & Constructors) is opened and ANYthing & EVERYthing can happen!!! What a Face

A few other highlights of the race:
VERY EXCITING LAST LAP!!! Luft was in 4th, but his tires were all worn out and he was literally struggling to stay on track, but he had his teammate, Tom McKay, right on his ass and also Joe McLaggen right behind them and at the Esse Del Lago (T4) Luft went a little wide and pushed Tom to the grass (I think you guys are taking this RBR thing a little too seriously… you looked 'almost exactly' like Vettel and Webber in real life – LOL), but luckly no one was ‘harmed’, except for the fact that the crowd now was just releasing fireworks when they saw his Home Boy (Joe) overtaking BOTH RBRs to get the 4th place in a mix of luck, talent and little mess by Luft (not too helpful to his own teammate – LOL)!... Tom also overtook Luft so in the end, Tom stayed in the 5th place anyway (lost and won 1 place at the same time – lol).
Luft had a blown front left tire a few meters ahead and he was desperately trying to hold his position and he had Stig behind him, but Stig was 1 lap behind… Still Luft couldn’t ‘just open’ because Otti was going through too and Luft would lose his place to Otti… So, Luft tried his best to literally drag his car to the finish line, but on the very last turn of the race, at Peraltada, Dildo Boy was pretty clever and overtook Luft anyway… So, Luft lost 3 places on the very last lap because of his tires… Otti finished in 6th.
And when Luft thought that was just too much, but everything was finally over… he got Sven on his mirror and coming in a very high speed through the Peraltada while Luft was not so fast due to his flat tire and Sven tried to overtake through the left, while he had ALL available space on the right – but at the same time it’s almost impossible to ‘throw’ your car to the right when exiting the Peraltada, so… I’m not sure who’s to ‘blame’ on that… the fact is that both cars touched each other and Sven tried to overtake through the left anyway and they finished the race ALMOST literally together and according to the ‘photosharp’ and official race timing… Luft finished ahead of Sven, but only by .005 milliseconds – OMFG!!! affraid

So… after EVERYTHING, take a look below to see how things ended, who scored points and how are the two championship tables (remember the results are provisoty for the 1st 48 hours after each race, until all the drivers report any race incidents to the admins. and the admins. analyze them and take/announce their decisions)!
***UPDATE*** (AFTER penalties)

There were only a few penalties this time and they didn't alter the Drivers and Constructors tables in terms of positions, but... they brought some direct fights a little close together:

- Alex Hill got a 5 place grid drop on the next race (Canada) for all that mess at the pit entrace with his trycicle...
- Luft_inspektor got a drive through (15 secs added to his race total time) for his little mess on the last lap, especially between him and his own teammate (Tom McKay) and also with Sven at the finish line, but was able to keep his 7th place due to Otti's penalty...
- Otti got a stop/go (25 secs added to his race total time) for the accident caused to Stig and fell from 6th to 9th, scoring a few less points which wasn't so good for the championship tables - both his and his Sauber's...

The most benefited ones were Jure and Sven.
Jure and his Williams went from 9th to 8th and scored 2 more points.
Sven and his Ferrari went from 8th to 6th and scored 4 more points.

Final results and Drivers & Constructors standings already updated below!!!

Congrats to the benefited ones and a 'BE MORE CAREFUL!!!' to the penalized ones!

We ALL KNOW that some race incidents are caused by accident and not on purpose, but SOME of them are caused because we were not as careful as we should, so... let's do our best to be more careful and let's help ourselves and everyone else to have more and more fun!!!
NEXT RACE: (click HERE for details)
Next week, March 18th, 2012 – 3pm UK time, at Canada - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, in Montreal (BRING YOUR UMBRELLAS Very Happy )!!!

1 – Adrian S Shole (HRT) – 25 points
2 – Sexy Brigadeiro (Force India) – 18 points
3 – Arek (HRT) – 15 points
4 – Joe McLaggen (McLaren) – 12 points
5 – Tom McKay (RBR) – 10 points
6 – Sven (Ferrari) – 8 points
7 – Luft_inspektor (RBR) – 6 points
8 – JURE PAZIN (Williams) – 4 points
9 – Otti (Sauber) – 2 points
10 – Arnoldinhu (Lotus) – 1 point


1 – HRT – 40 points
2 – Force India – 18 points
3 – RBR – 16 points
4 – McLaren – 12 points
5 – Ferrari – 8 points
6 - Williams - 4 points
7 – Sauber – 2 points
8 - Lotus - 1 point

1 - Arek - 181 points (+1)
2 - Otti - 171 points (-1)
3 - Stig - 160 points
4 - Sven - 149 points
5 - ADI - 109 points
6 - Grisu - 105 points
7 - Sexy - 94 points (+2)
8 - Tom - 86 points
9 - Bober - 82 points (-2)
10 - Luft - 70 points (+1)
11 - Alex - 67 points (-1)
12 - Joe - 67 points
13 - Soutie - 50 points
14 - Michal - 36 points
15 - pxr5 - 29 points
16 - Black - 29 points
17 - Adrian - 25 points (+11)
18 - Giorgos - 22 points (-1)
19 - Denis - 22 points (-1)
20 - Jure - 21 points (-1)
21 - Arnie - 17 points (-1)
22 - Dead - 13 points (-1)
23 - ax89 - 7 points (-1)
24 - Sonny - 2 points (-1)
25 - Goa - 1 point (-1)
26 - Rapide - 1 point (-1)
27 - Antonio - 0 points (-1)
28 - Dario - 0 points (-1)
29 - Lufon - 0 points


1 - HRT - 228 points (+1)
2 - Sauber - 207 points (-1)
3 - Force India - 203 points
4 - Ferrari - 178 points
5 - McLaren - 172 points (+1)
6 - Mercedes - 167 points (-1)
7 - RBR - 146 points
8 - STR - 104 points
9 - Williams - 88 points
10 - Virgin - 50 points
11 - Lotus - 46 points
12 - Renault - 16 points

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I haven't read that yet but Sexy asked about to leave a comment so I just want to leave: " affraid " Razz

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I'm sorry if it's big, but just take your time to read it and ENJOY reading it...


very thorough as usual! great report Smile

i will add it to the website tomorrow (did you notice i put a mexican man instead?! lol)

i'm working on the rules at the moment for next season study


Thank you, Tom! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I know it's long, but I tried to make it in a funny and enjoyable way to read...
Anyway... thanks again!

And jah, I noticed that and I was like... WTF?!... JOE, IS THAT YOU (or your dad)?!

Nice and entertaining Sexy!

You can read the enthusiasm even more now that you got such a good result Smile You're getting there man Wink

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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Thank you SO MUCH, Mate!!!
I know I naturally talk a little bit too much and also write too much, but... I just sat down and started writing about everything that was on my head and I also watched the replay and tried to talk about some highlights of each driver, so... I'm sorry if it's long again, but I also tried my best to make it interesting and enjoyable to read!
Thank you for reading and enjoying it, ADI!!!
And thank you for your compliments too!!! I'm just trying to keep the same quality level of my teammate, you know? HA! Wink
I'm sorry for your race, but we're gonna do better and better on the next ones!!!


Thanks for the race report, Sexy. It's fun to read as usual, and nice to see what happened to the others.
Congrats on your 2nd place. Next race is your first win, and wow, imagine the race report then! Very Happy


Thank you very much for the support, Adrian!!!
Once again I apologize for it being so long, but... as long as you and everyone else enjoys reading it anyway... I'm ok with that - LOL!!!

And now I'm also not sure if I want to win... you're right about how the report will probably be... LMAO!!!

P.S. Congrats for the pole and for the victory again! Very well deserved!


League Director
League Director
cheers VERY GREAT REPORT!! cheers

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Great report as always Very Happy

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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Good Report Sexy Wink


League Director
League Director
TOM the mexican guy is EPIC Very Happy lol!

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Thank you VERY much, Sven, Tony and Otti!!!

And the mexican guy is Joe's father!!!...

...or is it Joe himself?! Razz


***RACE REPORT UPDATED*** (AFTER Mexico penalties)

Take a look at the end of the report on the 1st post, pliss!
Very Happy

This is the first time I read report and its very good Smile, I like the part where RBR drivers are taking their roles too seriously Smile. It was a bad luck, not the intention that my tire broke at that corner. Keep it up Sexy Wink

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Thanks, Luft!
You should read the previous ones too...
I know they're long and not everyone has enough time (or patience) to go through everything - LOL - and I'm sorry for that!
But I'm always trying to make something 'funny' and enjoyable to read, even being a little long...
I'm trying to improve myself little by little - be patient, guys!
And thanks for keep reading and for the support anyway!
Very Happy

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