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SRD - Season 1 "Epilogue"...

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1 SRD - Season 1 "Epilogue"... on 29th November 2015, 9:43 pm

Well, well, well...

What a fun Season 1, huh?!

And no, I'm not saying this just because I ended up as the Champion (something I honestly couldn't imagine at all - and some may say it was by pure luck and I'll actually have to agree - LOL - but at the same time, it's not my fault if some of our best drivers just didn't show up to race (while I did) and also if some of the faster guys didn't give all they could (while I did), so)... I think it was REALLY a pretty fun season, with LOTS of nice races (even the ones with low attendency - which was a shame and you guys don't know what you missed...) and LOTS of great fights on all 'sectors' of the grid!!..

Well, at least I had LOTS of fun myself, even if I actualy didn't like the mod too much (and had a pretty hard time controling that damn car - GRRRRR!!..) - BUT it was picked by the drivers on a democratic vote - which is the same process we are already doing for Season 2 - vote HERE in case you haven't yet:

So, I'd REALLY and HONESTLY like to THANK ALL the drivers who took part in at least one of the SRD Series events in Season 1 - hope you guys had some fun - and also that you keep coming (or come back - and also that even MORE people join us) for more action on Season 2 - the mod may be different, but the fun will surely be the same (although we expect even MORE of it as well)!!!

Special thanks to the SRD SAT (Series Admin Team): BlackFox, Joe McLaggen and Arek, for helping me to admin this series!

Special thanks to Gilson D'ávila, BRC's Director, for inviting me to start our leagues together (SRD and BRC) and helping each other to grow, including getting us a server to host our races (SRD and BRC)!

Also very special thanks to Sven and Tom for suggesting the leagues (rFR, SRD and BRC) to integrate, join forces (and drivers) for everyone to grow together - and yes, we WILL invest more and more in this integration and try to have more drivers from both sides racing together on both sides - but thank you guys for this partnership!

And last but not least.. another VERY special thanks to the drivers who were the most commited ones to the SRD Series, the ones who wouldn't miss any (or almost any) of the races and would be there 'every' sunday, ready to race and have some fun - also the guys who were 'brave' enough to help me start this series a few months ago, from scratch.. the very first guys to join me, trust me and believe we could turn this idea into something really nice and fun for everyone - well, I think we did it, so.. it's also YOUR 'fault' - thank you ALL for that!!
Very Happy

Ok, and what now?!..

Well, I need about a whole month (december) to organize everything for the SRD Series Season 2 (customize the mod, tracks and etc) - we still have a LOT to decide and even vote, like for example, the exact TIME of our races.. They WILL be on SATURDAY (that's already decided), but we still need to agree on the TIME of the day and find one where MOST people can join - etc, etc, etc..

Anyway.. here are some of my ideas, thoughts and even a few things that are already decided about Season 2, if you guys are curious about it..:

So, stay tuned to the forum, because on the next few days and weeks, there'll be LOTS of nice stuff about the SRD Series going on and I'll ask YOU guys (the drivers) about some decisions, so we can build this TOGETHER!!!

Thank you ALL again and again, for the support and FUN!!!

Ya'll take care and see you soon!!!

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