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Grand Prix Series S9 R08 - Abu Dhabi Gp - Incidents

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Feature Race
Lap 1
Turn 8-9

Luft brake late, and went off a bit, then I wasn't expecting him to take the inside line, and we both collided. I spun.

It might be my fault because I wasn't aware enough.

Feature Race
Lap 2
Turn 16-17

I brake late, collided with Dario and I think I caused some damage to his car.
idk if i need to be penalized Sad

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I want to quickly report that when I checked my log via the reader to see if everything was okay (after I sent it to gustavo), I discovered a line saying that I'm running "possible cheating software".
The file linked with it is called MoTeC i2. Don't know if anyone knows it, but I use it to read out telemetry I gather, you can try and search for it on google or something... Would be great if I could get quick confirmation of that it's okay.

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Well, this may be a long one, so.. bare with me, kids..


I checked on Google and I didn't find anything saying the program was a cheating software. HOWEVER.. I'll TRY to reach rF_Scan developer and see what he has to say about it (if it's just a false positive or if the program may give the driver using it any kind of unfair/ilegal advantage).
Your case will be discussed inside the LAT and they'll let you know about their decision ASAP.
For now, what I can suggest you is: do NOT use this program on our official races anymore. Because in a way or the other, there's a report on your log saying you're using a potential cheating software (even if it's a false positive) and we should consider that as an 'invalid log', which means a DQ - ALTHOUGH, as I've just said.. I'll try to get in touch with the rF_Scan developer and also the LAT will discuss your case internally.
This is all on this subject for now.


About the event incidents...

Here are my own replay files, in case the stewards want to see exactly what I saw on my screen: download/2ca37j3t7f32akl/08+-+Abu+Dhabi+Quali+PB+%2B+Races+1+%26+2+Replays+%5BBrig%5D.rar

And I have one incident to report, which I'd like to explain (as I saw it).
It was on the very last lap of the first race, at the braking for the chicane after the long back straight (start of S2) and it involved me and Quentin.

At the beginning of that long straight, he overtook me and I tried to get his slipstream, to try and overtake him back at the braking for the chicane - we were fighting for a podium (P3).
As soon as I begun to get his slipstream, he made some weird zig zag in front of me, which obviously, upset me a bit... And we kept going until the end of the straight and I just didn't know what he was going to do when I put my car aside and tried to overtake him back, but I assumed that he might try to block me or something, so I decided to be 'ready' for it in case it happened.

Well, I pulled my car to the left (trying to take the inside of the first chicane 'leg'), but as I've just said, I was expecting him to block me there and move his car towards mine as well, so I instantly moved my car back to the right (I was going to try and overtake him from the outside of the first chicane leg, in case he moved his car to the left, towards mine), but the thing is.. he didn't move his car towards mine.. So, when I moved my car back to the right, he was still there.. And sadly, my front right wheel bumped his rear left wheel and we both got damage on our cars - mine wasn't turning properly and that's why I lost my place to Joe McLaggen on the very last corners at the end of that same lap..
And although I was wondering if it was really my fault (since I was just trying to be 'defensive' about his previous unpredictable zig zags), I decided to give him the place back (he was only overtaken by me after our incident), but he spun (all by himself) when trying to accelerate at the exit of the chicane, so I had no choice but to keep going with my race, since now it's all on the hands of the stewards anyway..

But when the race was over, I read his chat (ironically) saying "thank you, Montenegro" and I was like... "Well, fuck you, mister!!.." - so... jah... I apologize for that, but as I've just said, I was upset by your zig zag and the incident was caused because of that (even if it was my mistake in the end) and I was going to give you the place back if you hadn't spun by yourself, so when I read you being ironic/sarcastic with me, I got REALLY mad..
Still I apologize, simply because that's not right, especially coming from one of the league admins/supporters (whatever the name of my 'job' on the rFR GP Series is)..

But anyway.. I may/might(?!) get a penalty for that and lose a lot of places, kissing my 4th place good bye, so I hope that makes some people happy..


And now, last but not least...

I'd like to say a few words in behalf of all LAT...

The technical issues that lau and Riaan had today were really just unfortunate events..
On lau's case, it was a game bug, that for an unknown reason, didn't activate his pit crew - I saw it happening before on other tracks and mods, so I can guarantee you it's a game bug (not a track or a mod bug), so it's not fair to blame any of the admins for that - or to ask for a race restart, or even to just chat while other people are racing...

What happened to Riaan before the 2nd race was also an unfortunate internet connection issue...
It seems you had some lag and sadly, it happened during those 30secs countdown right before the race start and when your computer finally 'synced' with the server, the race had already started and I'm not sure if the game kicked you from the server or something... But you were lagging before, during the first race and knew your internet connection was pretty bad, so.. it's a shame it caused that issue and took you away from the 2nd race - but again, not the LAT's fault or anything (still I'm sorry for that, mate)..

And about MY decision to restart the 2nd race..
I'm sorry if someone didn't like that, but as one of the admins, I just couldn't let that happen (between Tom and Sven) and if I hadn't done it, Joe or Arek (the other admins on the server) would've done it anyway..
Obviously, the goal was NOT to prejudice anyone and the restart would actually give EVERYone another chance to have a nice and fun race and.. the admin issue will be discussed internally on the LAT and we will do whatever has to be done about it to NOT let things like that happen again, of course.

And then I'd like to apologize to all the drivers for all of the 'admin incidents' on our last event.
But I'd also like to explain that we (the LAT - especially Tom and Sven on the rFR GP Series and me on the SRD Series - along with Fox, Arek and Joe, having the big responsability of being the race stewards, going through all the race replays and incidents and trying to be as fair as possible to everyone - even knowing it's impossible to 'please' everyone, but anyway).. we all work REALLY hard on and for this league (for us and also for YOU guys), 8 days a week and sometimes all we get is a lot of complains from some people, who insist to act like spoiled children (even being adults), so.. it's natural that sooner or later, we just run out of patience, as every human being - LOL
BUT... at the same time, we are not 'proud' of that and we know our faults, we know we make mistakes and we are just not perfect. But we are TRYING our best to have a nice league and envoirenment, where everybody can have FUN (at least more fun than stress)..

So, I hope you guys understand and keep supporting us (the admins) and the league, so we can all make this better and better, together - and then just have lots of fun together as well!

See you guys on our next event - peace!

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You can see that i'm using the MoTeC plugin aswell I think, but yeah, I will stop using it from now on then if it's causing trouble.

What you can try (only if you want tho) is install the plugin with MoTeC, run MoTeC and run the game with rf_Scan and see whether you get the error aswell. But yeah, I'll wait and see, thank you

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Sprint Race
Lap 1
Turn 7

I was side by side with Luft, he shut the door and we both crashed into the rail.

Sprint Race
Lap 11 
Turn 8

Montenegro did a beautiful two-wheel trick into me Wink 

Sprint Race
Lap 11
Turn 18

Tom Mckay divebombed me.

Feature Race
Lap 13
Turn 8

I was ahead of Denis by 100 meters maybe and he found the way to crash into me and cause a crash to Antonio aswell.

And i want to report Tom Mckay's behaviour which was unfair during the races, and I don't know if it was on purpose because of the crash in the first race but he was blocking my pit area during the feature race.

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Sorry This guy was totally my fault. It seemed to me that I brake too early, and decided a little push on the accelerator pedal and wrong. I'm sorry that it happened again I apologize. Sad

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To be honest Q, I haven't trying to close the door, I was preparing for the corner and didn't realize that you are already inside. Shit happens

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