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SRD - Season 2 TEST Mods (CLOSED)

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1 SRD - Season 2 TEST Mods (CLOSED) on 13th November 2015, 9:11 pm

Ok, so here I'm gonna give you guys download links to 4 new mods to be TESTED - and then we're gonna VOTE and pick ONE mod (out of 5 - the current F1 1992 one and these new 4 ones) to be our SRD Season 2 mod.

I'm gonna give you guys a brief description of what each mod has, but still don't take just my word for them - you guys MUST TEST them yourselves!

We're gonna have our poll/voting from november 22nd to november 28th - it's gonna be up for 6 days - and you guys have from today (november 13th) until november 28th to TEST all the new mods and take your final decision - that's a total of 15 days to do that (more than enough time, I'm sure).

You guys WILL be able to change your vote at any moment until the poll closes on november 28th - but after that, your vote will be 'locked', so... test as much as you guys can for these 15 days - and on november 29th (the same day of the last SRD Season 1 race) we will get to know our Season 2 mod!

All the 4 new mods CAN be installed on the same rFactor install - still I suggest you guys to create a fresh/new rF install only for these 4 mods (although they should work just fine along with any other mods - but you guys know rFactor has a few crazy bugs here and there, bla bla bla)..

These are NOT the final versions of the mods and they WILL be customized to get the 'SRD looks' on the menus and interface - also a few technical aspects, like the mod name to appear on the servers screen and mods list, etc, etc, etc - not to mention all the custom helmets/skins, depending on the final mod we pick - these versions here, now, are just for TESTING and the final version of the mod we pick WILL look better and just nice!


- F1 1992 (by F1SR) - 826.4 MB!wAgjmTxZ!EcIHuyb_k_xCM_gko3Djt47rxYWNL3gcBfT8E5MNX3o

This is our current SRD S1 mod.
I think everyone knows it pretty well by now...


- F1 2010 (by RFT) - 392.0 MB!pV5hxQIY!wD8wn9v1H3inBXvh699_parwIEFTZjO25r5CixCbt8A

This is not only a great and fun mod to drive and compete against other people, but it was also a mod that won a poll here at rFR a little while ago, although there was some 'plot twist' a little down the road and we ended up using a different mod... But, I'm pretty sure this mod would be a great choice - definitely it's worth to give it a try!
IF we pick this mod, we will have our custom helmets, driver names, country flags and season numbers painted on our cars as well!


- F1 BMW 2007 (by ISI) - 150.2 MB!ZApmxRAB!8Xnn3d_8qeWf7B91yjjXHa6IJuQqJJqGrX3JPNdiHwI

This mod is original from rFactor and it's where this whole league was born...
About almost 5 years ago, some of the 'old guys' here (including me) enjoyed playing with this mod on public servers (like Damaboo and Battlestats) and although they were only quick races we used to have tons of fun with it!
And then some of us became friends and that was when Sven and Joe decided to found a league and guys like Arek, BlackFox, Alex Hill, Tom McKay, Antonio Hreljanovic and me (among others) joined early as well and... 5 years later... here we are!
Anyway... this version here is a CUSTOM version of the mod - but only about its LOOKS - NO change to its physics, except for the 'random engine failure' that was removed and also the tire compound NAMES that were changed to match the current F1 ones (SS, S, M and H) - I also added CTDP 2005 engine sounds to this mod (because they're more realistic and just awesome)!
The original mod had only 1 (ONE) team (BMW Sauber 2007) and 2 (TWO) cars/drivers (Kubica and Heidfeld), but in this custom version, I found some skins on rFactor Central and I created 3 other teams (McLaren, Williams and Ferrari), so we have a total of 4 (FOUR) teams and 8 (EIGHT) cars now!
IF we pick this mod, the plan is to add more teams/cars - they can be custom ones, or real life ones (you guys will decide) and we will also have our custom helmets and driver names, country flags and season numbers painted on our cars as well!


- Peugeot 207 (by XXX Team) - 107.2 MB!oVAn3Q6a!sL7DhfGVGjmMmDK1_YehglOrn3GTsBFSnBNe7gtj8O4

This is a non-F1 mod, but it's also a great one - just so fun to drive and compete, with close races and fights all of the time - it even allow some small drifts through some corners, with a good ammount of control, so it has a lot of potential!
This version was also customized by me, but only the car skins (teams), where I picked the best skins I found on rFactor Central years ago and put them all together in this version - I also changed the drivers names and I put only 'famous people' there (drivers, celebrities, etc) - LOL - obviously, the driver names would be replaced by OUR own names if we pick this mod!
It has a total of 26 different teams and about 40 different cars (some teams have only 1 car, while others have 2 or even 3 cars) - for our final version, IF we pick this mod, the plan is to have 15 teams and 2 cars per team (a total of 30 seats)!
I have the car template for this mod, so we can also have custom skins (and teams) easily if you guys want!


- Mustang Saleen (by RMi) - 67.6 MB!cAAEwSqK!-atmrF3R3V081GtpVGACb-pk8U-M82soKFZzdEbksTg

This is one of the best mods I've ever had to compete against other drivers!
So fun to drive, but also pretty challenging and generates such amazing races with lots of close fights and it's just guaranteed thrill and fun - I've been in a LOT of races and 3 Championships with this mod before and you guys can trust me when I say these things - but please, make SURE to check them for yourselves!
I had more than 60 skins for this mod, but I deiced to put only 15 of the best ones in this test version and for now it has only 1 car per 'team' - it actually has only 1 team and all the skins can be found under the SKIN tab in the car menu in the game - but in the final version, IF we pick this mod, I'm gonna make those skins actual teams and have 2 cars per team (with also a total of 30 seats), so we can also have a nice Constructors' Championship!
And yes, we can have custom skins and teams for this mod as well if you guys want!


So, I believe we have 5 mods that can please everyone pretty well (or at least most people) and once again I ask: make SURE to TEST ALL the mods for the next 15 days and when the voting is on, you can honestly make a wise decision and pick the mod you liked the most!

And no worries, if your fav mod doesn't get picked for Season 2, it CAN and MAY be back to the voting table on the future seasons!


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