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SRD - Season 2 Preview (news & changes)

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1 SRD - Season 2 Preview (news & changes) on 12th November 2015, 2:43 am

Hello, everyone!

First of all I'd like to thank every driver who took part in any of the SRD events and especially the guys who joined me when I first had the idea of creating this Series (as a separated league - but also thanks to Sven and Tom for integrating it with the rFR and making a part of it) - thanks to everyone who believed in and supported this little project and I hope you guys had as much fun as I did with it so far - and there's a LOT more to come yet!!..

So, here are some of the ideas I had for the SRD Season 2 and some of them are already decided and some will be decided together with you guys (drivers and supporters)!

I'll give you guys just a brief description of most of things that are already decided - but don't freak out, because some of them may (and will) have adjustments and nothing is a 100% decided yet (maybe 99,99% - LOL) - anyway.. before anything else, I gotta ask you guys to just TRUST ME, ok?


- Season Length & Calendar Format

No (big) change here: The plan is to keep having a 10 races seasons and also the calendar format would be pretty much the same: 12 weeks (10 races and 2 breaks).
On Season 1 we had 4 races, 1 break, 4 races, 1 break and 2 races. So, it was a 4+4+2 season.
We may have a 3+3+4, or a 4+3+3 or even a 3+4+3 Season 2 - this will be decided by all the drivers on a poll (voting).

- Race Day & Time

Here we're gonna have one of our most important changes: The SRD races will NOT be on sundays anymore, because it's not good for the rFR League as a whole to have 2 events from different series on the same day (SRD and rFR GP), so as I've been 'warning' everyone since the beginning of SRD Season 1, the races on SRD Season 2 will be on the SATURDAYS - probably at NIGHT in the UK
We must decide (via voting) the exact time of the SRD events...
My initial suggestion/idea is that the events may start, FOR EXAMPLE, at 10pm UK time, or 10:30pm UK time, or 11pm UK time - or any other time of the day, as long it's a good time for MOST PEOPLE - it will be IMPOSSIBLE to make it 'perfect' for everyone and I'm sad to say we MIGHT lose (or not gain) a few drivers because of that, but at the same time I believe we MAY get MORE drivers racing with us with that change - and as I said before, it will be better for the whole rFR League if we move the SRD events to the SATURDAY NIGHTS - THAT decision is already taken (we only need to discuss and vote for the exact time of the SRD events).

- Event Model & General Rules

The SRD events will keep the exact same model they have now - and so are their general rules - especially if we pick a Formula mod for Season 2 (yes, I will talk about the mods for Season 2 below - hang in there, buddy!!..) - but IF we pick a 'non formula' mod, for example, the races would be by TIME and NOT by laps anymore (simply because if it's a mod with cars that are slower than F1s and if we take the same number of laps we do with F1s, the races would be too long, tiring and maybe even boring), so the races would have a 40 mins duration (and the number of laps of each event would vary and be determined according to how fast people can be on their race sets) - Don't worry too much about it for now and I'll explain better how it's gonna work IF (and that's a BIG IF) we pick a non-formula mod, ok? I just wanted to say that the event model and general rules will be pretty much the same, except for a few 'adjustments' here and there if they are necessary, according to the mod we pick.

- Mods

My plan is to always have a poll (voting) for us to pick the mod for the next season(s).
I want it to be a poll with only 5 (FIVE) options (it's pointless to have 10 or more different mods to pick from, mainly because no one would bother to test all of them and the winner would get only 2 or 3 votes, which does NOT represent the wish of most drivers) - so, as I was saying... I want us to pick only between 5 mods for each new season and one of these mods will ALWAYS be the current season mod, so.. for Season 2, for example.. we're gonna pick between the current F1 1992 mod and another 4 (FOUR) new options - ok?
And yes, I want you guys to suggest mods for the future seasons (from Season 3 on - yes, Season THREE), but for Season 2, I already picked these new 4 mods - which I'm gonna announce soon on another thread, with download links to all of them, so they can be TESTED before we have the poll and people vote for their fav one.
And hey, hey, HEY!!.. Remeber I said to DON'T freak out and to TRUST ME?!.. Well, THAT'S what you guys gotta do about the mods I'll offer to you guys - I can ASSURE you that they are ALL REALLY GREAT, challenging and fun to drive and compete - I raced with them before in other places and I'll be offering 2 Formula mods and 2 non-formula mods.
So - hey, hey, mr., DON'T freak out just yet - hold it!!.. Hoooold it!!.. Misteeeeerrr..
So, as I was saying.. For Season 2, we're gonna pick between F1 1992, OR 2 other Formula mods OR 2 non-formula mods.
More info about this specific topic will be posted here in the next few days - stay tuned and keep holding on, mister!!.. Don't let me down now!!..

- Custom Helmets/Skins (& Driver Numbers)

The SRD Drivers Numbers are DIFFERENT than the rFR GP carreer driver numbers, simply because if a guy is the Champion of SRD and he wants to use the #1 on his car/helmet on the next SRD season, he would be able to do it - and also on the SRD Series, the drivers will be able to pick a new (or to keep the same from the previous season) driver number in each season (so, jah, it's NOT a 'carreer driver number'.. it's a 'season driver number' - ok?) and the process of picking your driver numbers will happen along with the whole process of picking your car/team and teammate - based on the previous season Standings: the Champion picks everything first.. than the 2nd place, then the 3rd and so on and on and on... Obviously, ALL current SRD drivers will have priority over the 'new drivers' that may join for the future season(s).
About the custom skins and helmets.. This will also depend on the mod we pick.. If it's a Formula mod and IF we have the car templates, I will allow the drivers to paint their own skins (if they want) and we could also have custom teams if you guys want. But if it's a mod that we don't have the car templates, we will just use the original car skins from the mod - we can always have custom helmets though for F1 mods and I will also add (paint) the driver season number and name/flag to your car liveries.
If it's a non-formula mod, we would hardly see the helmets inside the cars, so in this case we would NOT have custom helmets, BUT... if we pick any of the 2 non-formula mods I'm gonna offer, I already have the car template to them, so we can (and WILL) have custom car skins - so jah, let me say it again: if we pick a non-formula mod for SRD Season 2, we will have custom car skins (driver season number, name and flag WILL be added to your custom car skins as well) - ok?

- Tracks

The process to pick the 10 tracks of Season 2 calendar will be exactly the same one we used for Season 1: I'm gonna show you guys a biiiiiig list with ALL the tracks used in the rFR Season throughout its 9 seasons so far (including the 10 tracks used on SRD Season 1) and each driver will pick 10 tracks and make their own calendars.
I will then build a list with all of the tracks mentioned by all the drivers in each one of their '10 tracks lists' and we will have a poll between the most mentioned tracks (the ones that were mentioned more times) so we can pick 10 tracks out of those 'how many' were the most mentioned ones.
Anyway.. it worked pretty well for Season 1 and the calendar had at least 1 or 2 tracks that each driver mentioned, so it was a very fair mix of tracks that each driver liked and it was the best way of trying to 'please everyone' - I just can't think of anything more 'democratic' than that..

- Season 2 Starting Date

Season 1 ends in a bit more than 2 weeks from now (on november 29th), so my plan is to have the whole december to prepare everything to Season 2 (having all the voting and picking process here in the forum and also customizing the mod and tracks here on my PC, uploading everything to MEGA or MediaFire, so people can download eveything and etc) so jah, I need at least a whole month to do all of that with calm and make sure everything is 'perfect' when it's all done. And my plan is to start SRD Season 2 at the first week of JANUARY, 2016 (it could be on saturday, january 2nd or january 9th - probably january 9th - and yes, lemme say it again: these are SATURDAYS).


Well, guys, this is all I have for now and I'll give you more info as soon as I have more info to give (LOL).

Obviously, I'm opened to suggestions and ideas, but I CAN'T promise I'd be able to do all of them and as I said before, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone so.. once again I must ask: DON'T freak out and PLEASE, just TRUST ( and support) ME - ok?

Thank you all in advance -  I PROMISE SRD Season 2 will be even more awesome than Season 1!


And speaking of Season 1..
Let's keep focussed on it, because it's not over yet and the fight for the Titles (Drivers and Constructors) is pretty tight with lots of drivers and teams 'alive' - and I hope we can have even more drivers in these last 2 SRD events at Suzuka (sunday, november 22nd) and Adelaide (sunday, november 29th), simply because the SRD races have been pretty damn great (just sayin'.. Razz ) - see ya'll on track!!..

cheers Flag cheers

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