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Grand Prix Series S9 R06 -Korea Gp -Incidents

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1 Grand Prix Series S9 R06 -Korea Gp -Incidents on 8th November 2015, 2:24 pm


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Sprint race, i was pushed just a bit in 1st lap, corner 2-3 (i dont know exactly) spun and started from back. 

Long race - misjudged braking point and braked a bit late, i pushed few cars but turn back the position even to those that were not involved - my bad Smile
Later Alex touched me on ass and again spun.

I would call both (sprint and long) a race incident and nothing to report but a good, hard race.


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I was struggling against those micro graphic lags the whole time - those ones that freeze the screen for fractions of seconds, but enough to drop the frame rate and fuck up a most precise driving..

With that being said..

Second race
Lap 1
Turn 4 (the hairpin after the '2nd starting straight')

I got one of those graphical lags - which was also exactly when Piorun chated before he went offline - but that may have been just a coincidence - and then I hit the brakes a split second too late and tried to avoid a contact to a car ahead - which happened anyway - he seemed to be able to stay on track and even in front of me, so I kept going as well.

Still if I prejudiced that (or any other) driver(s), I apologize and will accept any penalties coming my way.

Here are my 2 race replays files for the stewards to analyze - although I don't think it would show the graphical lags, but.. whatevs.. download/sb4mihumimpxrvx/06+-+Korea+Races+1+%26+2+Replays+%5BBrig%5D.rar

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You went straight into my ass there, Luft Razz
But np, I saw you were trying your best to avoid and when you realized you couldn't do anything just closed your eyes sqeezed your teeth and prepared for a big impact Very Happy If i found myself in such a situation I would do exactly the same thing Razz

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I apologize for that Luft Sad did wait and let you passed on the main straight

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No problem mate, as I said it was a fair battle and I enjoyed the race. Sometimes you make mistake as I did, Arek your ass is nice to hit Very Happy. Shit happens, most important thing is not to do it on purpose and not to force the way.

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