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1 RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 4th March 2012, 9:52 pm


Italian GP (Sunday, march 4th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Suspect

Oh, boy, another messy race, huh?... I’m not surprised though…

So, it all started with our first attempt to actually start the race and… as predicted, T1 was a total mess with a great car wreck freak show… After that, about half of the grid was damaged and had to go to the pits, so… the admins. started to discuss if we should just restart the race or not and after most of the drivers asking for a restart, that was done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The admin. team is, once again, already discussing and suggesting new and better solutions to situations like those and we’ll announce our final decision soon, so please, be patient, try to understand that we’re ALWAYS and only trying to make this league more fun for everyone, by learning from our own mistakes and… thank you all for you comprehension.

So, we had a restart… which was actually better than the 1st one, but… not ‘crashes free’ and after re-watching the re-start over and over again at the replay, I saw that most of the drivers tried their best to avoid the crashes, by braking a little earlier, but still some of the guys who came from behind the pack just couldn’t avoid the crashes… Some were ‘light’, but some actually caused a few drivers to lose their front wings and surely the driver who got the worst of it was Tom McKay, who got hit by BläckFöx (who literally threw his Lotus on the grass to avoid crashing Bober_Belarus, but lost control of it and just couldn’t brake properly) and then Tom’s RBR was thrown on T1 escape area, but since that was made with a certain ‘high speed’ the game considered that as ‘cutting’ and gave Tom a stop/go penalty… (BläckFöx also got the same penalty, for the same reason) After that, Tom (who started at 3rd position and was also in 3rd when he went to the pits to pay for his penalty) got back on track on 11th and right on the pit exit he spun, hit the wall and just left the race… I’m really sorry for that, mate and I wish you a better luck at Mexico (and SURELY the admin. team has a LOT of things to discuss and improve)!...

Anyway… For this race we had 2 new drivers and, guess what?! One of them actually got the pole on the qualifying – damn!!! Adrian S Shole came straight from Australia and I guess there’s probably some ‘kangaroo power’ on his Fosters beer or something, because he is pretty damn fast! Not to mention he downloaded the mod only a few hours before the race, never drove on it before and he only needed a few minutes to be faster than everyone – it’s a little humiliating, but I guess we can only laugh about it now – LOL! So, congrats for the pole, mate! The other newcomer is Lufon, from the Czech Republic. Welcome to our league. Smile BTW, Adrian is Arek’s teammate at HRT and Lufon is Soutie’s teammate at Virgin (although Soutie said he would take a little ‘brake’ from the league, but might join us again in the future)…

So, except for the crashes at T1, we also had Arek crashing at the exit of Variant Ascari (still in the 1st lap), so he had to go to the pits because of a damaged front wheel, but... he wasn't so sad when he got there and realized there was a party going on, due to the big number of drivers there! Razz Well, the race kept going with ADI (who is also called Adrian – so now the league has 2 Adrians… and the 2 of them are pretty fast – damn, why is my name Gustavo?! I told my mom as soon as I was born: Mom, call me Adrian!!! But I guess she doesn’t understand Crying Baby Language) Anyway… where was I?! Oh, I remembered now!... So, the race kept going with ADI having a GREAT start and jumping from 4th to 2nd, overtaking the 2 RBRs at the very start and then ‘sharing’ T1 with his ‘xará’ (that’s how we call people with the same name here in Brasil…) and with Luft_inpektor, but in the end, ADI got the lead, which he kept until his pit stop at the end of the 12th lap, but… we’ll talk about that soon…

The 1st laps were a particular fight between the 2 Adrians – ADI always in 1st and Adrian S Shole trying his best to get closer and try to overtake, but that never happened (except on the lap ADI was going to his pit stop), although at certain point Adrian started to make fastest lap after fastest lap (BTW, the race fastest lap belongs to ADI, with an amazing 1:23.866 at the lap 25), but still ADI was able to keep the lead. Behind them there were Grisu (who started 6th) and Luft fighting for the 3rd place, with Joe McLaggen in 5th and Bober_Belarus in 6th.

That’s pretty much how things went until the pit stops begun, about the 10th lap (some drivers pitting a little earlier than that, some a little later). And at the very beginning of the 10th lap, right after his pit stop, Sonny (RUS) got literally stuck at the internal kerb on T1 and he just had to abandon, since he just couldn’t move his car and after a while trying to get out of there, his engine died… At the very start of the 14th lap, while in 13th place (after his pit stop a few laps before) Joe McLaggen just lost control of his McLaren while braking for T1, stepped the grass a little bit, spun, hit the wall and… flipped over – WOW, mate! What a show you gave to us!!! Anyway… I’m sorry for that… And then Joe had to abandon, but the next race is at his home country (Mexico), so I guess he was actually in a hurry to go there and wait for us – right?!... And also at the 14th lap, while also in 14th place and braking to take the Variant Ascari, it was time for Lufon to say ‘oh, this grass looks so tasty! Think I’ll have some… OMG!!! I’ve just crashed the wall!!!’ and then it was ‘bye bye Italy – hi Mexico’ to him…

So… about the pit stops… they were SO ‘tricky’ at Monza!... The pit entry and pit exit are actually pretty easy and simple (without crazy turns and chicanes) and you don't lose too much time for a pit stop here, which is pretty fast and obviously good, BUT... at the same time, you reach the pit lane in a very high speed coming from Parabolica and it’s VERY hard to brake at the perfect right point and reduce speed to be within the pit limit after actually reaching the pit lane, so… LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of drivers just couldn’t brake enough on time so… yep, it was the ‘Stop/Go Penalty Festival’ – YAY!!! I was lucky (or just skillful – HA) enough to brake properly, but that pit entry made a lot of victims and just changed the whole race… starting for ADI… he was leading the race when he went to the pits and had clearly the chance to win the race after the stop, but… he got a stop/go penalty and then gave his xará the lead ‘for free’… But not for so long, because a few laps later when The Fast Kangaroo went to his pits, guess what?!?!?!... Yep, he also got a stop/go penalty for speeding in the pit lane and lost his 1st place to Luft_inspektor! BTW, since it was Adrian’s first race, he probably wasn’t too familiarized with all the engine issues and… unfortunately his engine broke a few laps later and he abandoned the race, finishing in 14th place – but at least he got the pole on his 1st race and showed to everyone how slow we are – LOL! Can you guess what he is capable of doing on the next races?!... Jah, maybe you can, but I actually don’t want to know – it already makes me depressed… Razz

Well, after all the pit stops and penalties the race was like this: Luft_inspektor leading, followed by Grisu, Bober, Jure Pazin and… ME!!! Jah, I was one of the guys who ‘survived’ the crazy start and penalty festival at pit lane and I was following Jure closely and about 1 second per lap faster than him! So… at lap 22, with only 5 more laps to go, I finally overtook him and got the 4th place – which was my best finish position on the season so far, so… that was already good enough in a race I started in the 13th place and wasn’t expecting much (in fact, I was ‘pretty sure’ I was going to make a silly mistake, crash and screw my entire race… well… that actually happened, but I’ll talk about it on the next lines, so… just keep reading – LOL)! So, as I’ve just said, Luft was leading and going pretty damn fast – he even set the fastest lap of the race at the 24th lap (although ADI was faster than him on lap 25, as I said before), but when Luft was already tasting the victory champagne on his lips… guess what?!?!?!... Oh, I won’t tell… Ok, I will tell: his engine just died!!! He was like affraid ‘WTF?!?!?!’ affraid - I couldn’t believe myself when I saw a message telling he left the game… first because he was leading and had just set the fastest lap and also because no one has been so out of luck as him on the last… 459893584543 races, so… to those who say that a lightning never strikes twice at the same place… say that to Luft!... Anyway… So, I’m sorry to say, Luft, but that also put a smile on my face when I checked for my position in the race and I was in 3rd, only 2 or 3 laps to go and that was going to be my first podium!!! OMG, I got pretty excited and tried my best to just stay on the track, since I didn’t have anyone next to me, in front or behind, but… no smile was bigger than the one on Grisu’s face! Jah, McFly just earned the 1st place (but of course, it was also his own merit, because if he wasn’t there, he wouldn’t earn it – right?) and he was going for his 1st victory in the season and in our league – just like Bober also earned an extra position and went from 3rd to 2nd – and they were pretty close to each other so it wasn’t so easy for Grisu to keep the lead, but… in the end he was able to do it and finally got his first victory!!!
So… CONGRATS GRISU – the league has a new winner!!! cheers

And then Bober finished 2nd and I was the guy on the lowest step of the podium, finishing in 3rd – my first podium and best finish position of the season so far… BUT… remember I said I kinda ‘knew’ I was going to screw up my race?!?!?!... So, here’s what I did: While exiting the pit after my stop, I was changing and checking my rFactor huds and also the track map from GID, to see where all the other drivers were on the track and if there was someone next to me and bla bla bla… so, when I realized, I was already too close to T1, so I just got ‘scared’ and stepped on the brakes and threw my car to the left side of the straight, so I could turn right at T1 and guess what?!?!?!... I ‘gently’ stepped the pit exit white line and that means I’ll get a drive through penalty – something about 15 seconds add to my total race time and then I’ll certainly lose my 1st podium with that… Oh, boy… how frustrating a race can be!... Right, Tommy?!...

Now check below for all the race pointers and possible changes on the Drivers and Constructors tables (remember the results are provisoty for the 1st 48 hours after each race, until all the drivers report any race incidents to the admins. and the admins. analyze them and take/announce their decisions)!

***UPDATE*** (after Italian GP Penalties)

Some drivers got penalized due to causing crashes and also by crossing the white pit exit line and also by... not making a mandatory pit stop (which is on this league's rules), so... here's how it went:

BläckFöx and Sonny got, each, a 5 place grid drop for the next race in Mexico by causing an accident and crashes in T1... Black didn't like it, because he was trying to avoid hitting Bober and threw his car on the grass, but... at the same time, ended up hitting Tom, who got a stop/go penalty and that pretty much ruined his entire race... But don't be mad, Black! You didn't lose the points you earned at Monza and, in fact, with all the penalties, you actually EARNED an extra position, going up from 9th to 8th and then also earned 2 extra points for the championship - LOL!

ADI, Arnoldinhu, Antonio and I got each 15 seconds add to our race total time for crossing the white pit exit line and guess what?!... I was afraid I was going to lose my podium because of that, but in the end I didn't - LOL!!! Because the two guys who were behind me (Arnie & Jure) got penalties too! And the same happened to Arnoldinhu and ADI, who also didn't lose their 5th and 7th places, respectively!

The biggest loss though happened to Jure Pazin... he was actually DQ... and although it looks too 'harsh', in fact it was because he broke a very basic, but important rule: He didn't do ANY pit stops, while according to this league's rules, ALL drivers MUST do at least ONE pit stop in EVERY race, even if their tires can hold fine for the entire race...
So, the fact is that I don't know if Jure KNEW that and did it anyway, or if he didn't knew (because he didn't read the rules when he joined the league), so... in both cases, it was his own fault anyway... sad but true...

And with all penalties applied, Arek went from 6th to 4th - helping himself and his team HRT to stay, both, in 2nd place on both Championship Tables!
Stig went from 8th to 6th, also scoring 'extra' 4 and VERY important points on the Drivers' Championship!
As I said before, BläckFöx and also Sven earned an extra position each and also a few 'extra' points on both Championship tables!
But guess who earned his VERY FIRST point on the championship, going from 11th to 10th?!?! Goa09!!! CONGRATS, MATE!!!!!!! And you also made the Renault team score points again, which didn't happen since the 5th race of the season, in San Marino - WOW - it was so long ago, that I wasn't even born then!... Razz

So, the biggest changes in the Drivers' Championship are the fact that SexyBrigadeiro (ME) moved 2 places up (from 11th to 9th) and now I'm tied with Tommy MacEye in points (both with 76) although Tom has a 'few' better results than I do, so he has officially the 8th place... And Bober_Belarus, who also earned 2 places and is in 7th now - well done, Belarus friend (Denis is proud of you and waiting to rejoin the league in Canada)!
And, of course, Arnoldinhu, who REALLY did a pretty good race and scored 10 more points (he only had 6 before - jah, for the whole season until now - LOL) and now he has 16 points, which also gave him a 2 step jump, from 22nd to 20th place - congrats, Arnie!!!
Alex Hill, who didn't race at Italy, because he had to go to school early in the morning actually fell 2 places and is in 10th now, with 67 points - we hope to have you back in Mexico, China Boy!
And although he also didn't participate this race, the lucky Dildo Boy (AKA Otti, The I'm Not Swiss, Cheese! guy) is still leading the Championship with 169 points, only 3 ahead of the two Poland guys: Arek, with 166 and Stig with 160 - so, I hope you don't miss more races, mate! They're both just like your big white dildo: right behind you... LOL! Razz

On the Constructors' Championship, Force India stepped up 1 more place and overtook the 'as slow as in real life' Ferrari and is now in 3rd, leaving the red team in 4th!
And with Grisu's victory, McLaren is trying to recover and also overtook Tom & Luft's RBR and went to 6th place, leaving the Red Bull guys in 7th...
Sauber keeps the lead, followed closely by HRT, so everything can happen on the last 4 races!!!
And oh, another CONGRATS to the Lotus guys, Black & Arnie for a GREAT weekend, with their best result so far: 14 points, getting closer to Virgin, ready to overtake, pressing the 'Blue Flag, pliss' button already!!! Very Happy

***UPDATE 2***

BläckFöx 5 grid drop (in Mexico) penalty was CANCELED after being revised by the FIA guys. Black actually received a penalty from the game itself DURING the race, so it wouldn't be fair to penalize him two times for the same infringement/race incident.
NEXT RACE: Next week, at Joe's backyard (Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, in Mexico), March 11th, 2012 – 3pm UK time (nachos, tacos, tortillas and tequila are all on Joe's too)!!!

1 – Grisu (McLaren) – 25 points
2 – Bober_Belarus (STR) – 18 points
3 – Sexy Brigadeiro (Force India) – 15 points
4 – Arek (HRT) – 12 points
5 – Arnoldinhu (Lotus) – 10 points
6 – Stig (Mercedes) – 8 points
7 – ADI (Force India) – 6 points
8 – BläckFöx (Lotus) – 4 points
9 – Sven (Ferrari) – 2 points
10 – Goa09 (Renault) – 1 point


1 – McLaren – 25 points
2 – Force India – 21 points
3 – STR – 18 points
4 – Lotus – 14 points
5 – HRT – 12 points
6 – Mercedes – 8 points
7 - Ferrari - 2 points
8 - Renault - 1 point
DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP - After Italy (FINAL RESULTS – After penalties):

1 - Otti - 169 points
2 - Arek - 166 points
3 - Stig - 160 points
4 - Sven - 141 points
5 - ADI - 109 points
6 - Grisu - 105 points
7 - Bober - 82 points (+2)
8 - Tom - 76 points (-1)
9 - Sexy - 76 points (+2)
10 - Alex - 67 points (-2)
11 - Luft - 64 points (-1)
12 - Joe - 55 points
13 - Soutie - 50 points
14 - Michal - 36 points
15 - pxr5 - 29 points
16 - Black - 29 points
17 - Giorgos - 22 points
18 - Denis - 22 points
19 - Jure - 17 points
20 - Arnie - 16 points (+2)
21 - Dead - 13 points (-1)
22 - ax89 - 7 points (-1)
23 - Sonny - 2 points
24 - Goa - 1 point (+1)
25 - Rapide - 1 point (-1)
26 - Antonio - 0 points
27 - Dario - 0 points
28 - Adrian - 0 points
29 - Lufon - 0 points


1 - Sauber - 205 points
2 - HRT - 188 points
3 - Force India - 185 points (+1)
4 - Ferrari - 170 points (-1)
5 - Mercedes - 167 points
6 - McLaren - 160 points (+1)
7 - RBR - 140 points (-1)
8 - STR - 104 points
9 - Williams - 84 points
10 - Virgin - 50 points
11 - Lotus - 45 points
12 - Renault - 16 points

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2 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 2:16 am


Wow, thanks for writing such a long report! It must take a lot of your time.

I'd just like to add that I actually did pass ADI! We had a nice fight into the 2nd chicane which was clean and fair. I think at the end of the lap he dived into the pits but got a drive-thru penalty for speeding in the pit lane. After he pitted, I had an 8 second lead over Luft_inpektor so I turned the engine down and pitted a few laps later. I got caught out by the pit lane as I'm used to the original rFactor Monza, and I forgot to practice a pit stop before the race. I had a stop-go, then another one for speeding in the first stop-go. Then I had a nice, dramatic engine failure infront of Arnoldinhu, where my engine blew up on braking to the Ascari chicane. Thankfully he saw the flames and avoided my car. Sorry to him that I was on the racing line, I didn't know the engine was dead until I tried accelerating again. I guess these engines are really vulnerable. Will take more caution into the next race, and hope for a finish, and maybe some points. Congrats to Grisu for his first win. It was well deserved!

3 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 2:32 am


LOL! Thanks, Adrian! But, believe me: this was one of my 'short reports'... Just take a look at the very first one (the Monaco GP one) and also at the Fuji one... THOSE were 'long'! Razz
But after trying a few different 'approaches' in writting them and also according to how it's better for everyone to read them, I decided to try these 'short' ones...
Anyway... I'm glad you liked it anyway!
And about the few 'mistakes' about what really happened in the race, it's because I use a software called 'Autosim Analyzer' and it gives me all the info about the racers positions at the end of each laps and also their lap times and etc, so I pretty much guide myself by this data and I also check my own replay of the race to see some specific crashes and abandons.
So, for example, if you overtake a driver in a lap, but this driver gets the position back in the same lap, at the software data, no change will appear in the position of the two drivers after these two laps, because in both of them, their positions were the same at the exact moment each one of them crossed the finish line... Anyway... this is only a silly example... So, if you overtook ADI at the same lap he went to the pits, that was also NOT 'shown' at the software - I mean, I only saw that ADI lost a lot of places after his 12th lap, so I know it was because of his pit stop, but I didn't know he actually lost the place to you a few moments before going to the pits...
And oh, I also guide myself for the feedback each driver uses to give on this topic: - so, this also help me to put more and correct info on my race report. But this time only a few guys wrote about their races, so I didn't have too much material to write about it, except for the things I saw myself in the race, or the things I checked on the replay and the data I got from the Autosim Analyzer...
But still I can edit and add/take out/update ANY info/data on m report, so please, feel free to give me your own feedback (and info) and I'll update it right away!!!

And oh, about the engine, you're right! On this LMT mod the engine is pretty hard to 'trust'... I thought Arek would give you all the 'tips' about it... All I can tell you is: Try to use rads 2 or 3 for the races and boost 5 (it's ok to use rads 1 and boost 6 ONLY for Q1... in Q2, we MUST use our RACE setup instead, because it's parc fermé) and be careful with the revs staying in red for too long, especially in the 7th gear and also while changing gears (up or down) - THESE are the things that consumes a LOT of engine wear...
And, last but not least... if you can, try downloading the rFDynHu plugin, because it gives you important real-time info about your engine wear, so it's easier to take good care of it through the race.
Arek knows all of it, so... since he is your teammate, ask him to help you with all the details and bla bla bla - he'll have to babysit you - LOL!!!

4 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 8:39 am

Wow congrats Grisu and Wow Jure well down P4 awesome!!!!!!!!!

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5 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 8:48 am


Oh Arek has been so helpful. He's showing the ways to his rookie team mate very well. I'm very happy to work with him and I can sense that one day we can bring HRT to a championship winning team (though it won't be easy)!

I agree that perhaps your race reports need to be shorter, but don't get me wrong, they're interesting and fun to read, the only issue is that it takes only one perspective (and not always a neutral one, haha). I think maybe we should have a real F1 style 'selected driver quotes' page for driver summaries only and no comments; or there'll be big arguments. Just my suggestion.

6 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 9:57 am

An important notification Sexy, that FL of 23.8 is actually a 'fake' one (I did tell that to Sven) as I missed the braking point into T1 (there were no brake markers at all, I was lost Very Happy ) so I shortcut it a bit, and I didnt realise that I won about 1 sec on that 1st sector, sorry. My actual FL was about 24.6...
Adrian did pass me before pits, I actually didn't have doubts that he would catch me sooner or later when things settled down, and I 'mimed' some defence Very Happy but it was no point in fighting too much as we would both lose lots of time. But still I was very satisfied with my 1st stint, but after that it all gone teribly wrong, in a race where considering Adrian's DNF I could've won...The thing was when I braked the speed limit my hud kept showing 'drive-through' but in reality I should've stopped for 10 secs, so I made 2 drive-throughs (lap after lap) and the notification didn't disappear and then I thought I should stop for 10 secs and I did, and that finally clinched it Very Happy So, a nightmare race...Anyway, is actually a result that I didn't prepare enough for this race, as a 'logistics' point of view...
I could also add that when I finished all that 'pit visiting' I had some nice fights with Stig several laps, I was passing him and he was passing me back and so on...

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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7 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 12:53 pm


to be honest i probably should have kept going, but when i came out of the stop and go on the 3rd lap, and i was way down in 11th, i just gave up and so slammed the car into 1st gear from 210mph and exited.

everyone seemed to have some problems, and the pit-lane was something i had practiced a lot, so i probably could have got some points. maybe next time

8 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 4:45 pm

Tom, after my pit troubles when I fell back to 11 or 12 position I was on the verge to quit the race, but remembering from other messy races I thought anything can happen and in the end it was good that I continued...

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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9 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 7:17 pm


Good Report Sexy Wink

10 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 7:28 pm


Thanks Otti!!!
And thanks ADI for giving me more and the correct info!!!
And Adirna, your suggestion is good, but when I was asked to write these reports, it was because people thought they would be 'funny' and I told everyone I'm NOT a journalist or anything and that I wuold write them in an INFORMAL and PERSONAL way on PURPOSE... So, it's NOT meant to be a formal/journalistic report anyway.
And I agree that it's not that 'funny' most of the time (LOL) and since I like to talk a lot (I know, I know), it's also pretty long, but... I'm glad that, in a way or the other, in general, people seem to 'enjoy' it somehow... LOL
And please, don't get me wrong with what I'm gonna say, but... if ANYone else would like to try and write a future race report, I'm COMPLETELY ok with that too!
And like I told you before, I also LOVE to read about how the race was by each one of you guys's point of view on the 'shouting thread' topic (or even here as a response to my report), so PLEASE, feel free to give me YOUR insights and I'll always update my report with your infos!

11 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 5th March 2012, 11:18 pm


***REPORT (and results) UPDATED*** (after penalties)

(just check the 1st post again...)


12 Re: RACE REPORT – ITALIAN GP (Monza) on 7th March 2012, 6:41 pm


***REPORT UPDATED AGAIN*** (after penalties review by FIA)

(just check the 1st post again - yep, AGAIN...)

Very Happy

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