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SRD - Custom Helmets - Season 1

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1 SRD - Custom Helmets - Season 1 on 6th September 2015, 5:20 am

For this series, the drivers REGISTERED FOR THE CURRENT SEASON (before it starts) can also request to use a custom helmet on their cars.

The helmet can be made/painted by themselves or by me (if they want) - or also by anyone else, if someone is skilled enough and wants to do it!

They can also send me helmets they used on another mod or league/series and I'll convert and transfer the helmets for our current mod format!

Drivers can use any kind of helmet - totally original, made from scratch, or iconic helmets from famous drivers (like me, for example, using Senna's classic yellow one) and they can paint them however they want and/or ad sponsors or any other stuff they want as well!

Obviously, the forbidden things are the usual: inappropriate pics, hateful symbols (or speech) of any kind and etc - keep all the bad stuff to yourself - let's just use common sense, here, ok?

The drivers can design the helmets themselves on Photoshop (or any other graphic editor) and send the picture file(s) to me and so I'll add them to the mod - a PATCH will be released and added to the mod a few days before Season 1 starts officially!

If you don't know how to paint your helmet on your own, you can try and download the picture below - just right click with the mouse on the pic and then on 'Save Image As' - and then make a simple example of the general idea, colors, design and sponsors you'd like on your helmet and post it back here in this same post, with the most detailed instructions as possible, so I'll try to follow them closely and design your helmet for you:


THE DEADLINE FOR SENDING ME YOUR HELMETS FILES/IDEAS IS SEPTEMPER 17th (a thursday) AND I WON'T BE ACCEPTING HELMETS (OR ADDING THEM TO THE PATCH) AFTER THIS DATE - if you miss it, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait until the beginning of the next season to get your custom helmet - but yes, you can still race with us, using one of the 'mod default' helmets anyway, so don't worry!!!



All of the following drivers already have their custom helmets and car numbers painted and ready to go:

- Sexy Brigadeiro
- Gilson D'Avila
- Joe McLaggen
- Antonio Hreljanovic
- Juan Caires
- lau
- BlackFox
- Alex Hill
- Tom McKay
- Sven Dirks
- Arek
- Shaffiq Islam
- Giorgos
- Alaster


I will paint custom helmets and add car numbers to future drivers as well, but ONLY IF they register and send me their files/ideas/requests BEFORE the deadline mentioned above - so, if you want a custom helmet.. HURRY UP!!
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