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S08 R06 Spain - Penalties

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1 S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 31st May 2015, 10:43 am

L1 T1 Lukasz vs. Arek - DT to Lukasz

L4 T1 Ax89 vs. Mike - Warning to Ax89

L20 T12 Lukasz vs. Arek - DT to Lukasz

Wez, Fox Kiki - Crossing the pit exit white line - Lap 4,6 - 23 - 26
Warning's to Wez, Fox, Kiki

Lukasz didnt send the right rF-scan file we request.
His performance from Spain Gp is Disqualified + incidents above,
he receives 6 penalty points.

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2 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 31st May 2015, 4:53 pm

i was told by sven rfscan no longer needed ? when did this change again ??

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3 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 31st May 2015, 5:07 pm


League Director
League Director
New drivers have to send at least one clean log wez

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4 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 31st May 2015, 5:18 pm


Me and some other drivers are still using it every race.

Honestly, I think EVERYone should use it ALWAYS - no matter if you're new to the league or not.
Because IF one day you have a 'suspicious' performance, the log may be your way to prove you didn't do anything wrong - also if other people are accusing you of cheating or something.

Sadly, some of the fastest drivers here also stopped sending me logs and then we have people suspecting of each other and no log to prove they're innocent..

But jah, ESPECIALLY the NEW DRIVERS (who we don't know anything about) MUST send logs after their official races, so we can be sure the newcomers joining the league are clean and HONEST drivers.

My logs are all stored on my PC and I can send them to anyone at anytime if you guys want to check them personally.
I'd like for EVERYone to send me their logs as well - it's the best way to ensure everybody is playing fair here.

Cheaters WILL be caught, sooner or later and BANNED from the league.

5 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 1st June 2015, 5:44 am

We could append the rulebook to state that all drivers must install and run rFScan and submit their log at the end of each race, with failure to do so resulting in DQ. But that might be too much workload for the LAT, I'm not sure. Maybe something like, any driver can be asked to submit their rFScan log at any time, with failure to do so resulting in DQ or penalty points. So if you don't have rFScan running you will be in trouble if you get asked to submit.

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6 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 1st June 2015, 5:51 am


I'm the guy who gets (and checks & reads) all the logs after each race and I don't have any trouble doing that - it's not that much work to do, to be honest.

If the LAT simply picks a driver 'randomly' and ask them for their log, these drivers may get upset and wonder if the LAT (or someone else) is suspecting of them or something...

So, I still think EVERYone (NO exceptions AT ALL) should use it ALWAYS - most simple and straight rule.

7 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 1st June 2015, 11:10 am

Why only one log and why only new drivers? 

Especially with what's gone on lately with the honesty of some well-respected drivers, who's to say that established drivers won't decide to start cheating at random?

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8 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 1st June 2015, 4:50 pm


I didn't say 'only one log' myself.

But they must provide AT LEAST one (TEST) log BEFORE their first race in the league, so I can check if they sent it correctly (Lukasz, for example, sent me a test log (before his first official race) from an IndyCar mod, on some random track, instead of sending a log from our mod and track, so that's an example of sending the wrong log), or even if the log is 'readable' - rF_Scan is only compatible with original rFactor.exe files, but I got a 'cracked compatible' rFactor.exe file directly from the guy who developed rF_Scan (Achim Ennenbach) and I always send the download link of this file to the drivers with 'unreadable logs' (Achim asked me not to post that link publically, but I can send it privately, via PM) - so anyway.. the point is: test logs are necessary, so we can be sure that the new drivers KNOW how to use the anti-cheat program and are doing it correctly.

And when they join for their first official race, they MUST use rF_Scan and send their (correct and readable) log(s), so we can all be SURE they are clean drivers.

ALL of that (about the test logs and the official race logs) was explained via PM to ALL of the new drivers. Me, Sven and even Arek did that (Arek translated my messages to polish, for example), so there wouldn't be any 'language barrier' issue.
So, ALL of the new drivers KNEW EXACTLY what they should do - I got test and official logs from most of them, but sadly, Lukasz was the only one who RACED but did NOT send his log.

And yes, I also agree with Adrian and I think that even 'older' drivers MUST keep using rF_Scan and sending their logs - including YOU, Adrian, who never sent them anymore (to be honest, I only got 2 or 3 logs from you since we started to use rF_Scan in the league) and you know yourself that some people suspect of you and bla bla bla, so.. the best way to 'prove' you're clean, is by sending your logs in EVERY race - don't know why you stopped doing that, but whatever..

I hope the LAT re-thinks their rules about rF_Scan, its usage and 'penalties' for not using it and/or not sending a proper log after the race - and I also think that this rule should apply to ALL the drivers and not only the new ones - of course.

And even IF you guys (older drivers) think it's not 'mandatory' to use rF_Scan and send the logs anymore, I strongly recomend that you just do it anyway, so IF there are 'suspicions' about you, you guys (and I) have the log to prove you're clean and honest.

So, jah.. I hope ALL of you just DO it from now on - no big deal.
The fact is that I can't do anything about people suspecting of each other in case of no logs sent...
And whoever plays clean and honestly have NOTHING to hide or fear - right?

9 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 1st June 2015, 7:44 pm

I stopped because the send function is shit. I always attempted to send them. And when you asked for them I always sent them via email - as with anything you ask for including replays, files etc. 
I've never not been able to prove any allegations, because I never hide anything.

I would've thought it'd be pretty obvious by now that I don't cheat, it's completely against the reason why I drive - I even consider using aids as cheating, because it makes it so much easier to drive, which is why I don't use them (yes, I know people have their reasons to use them and I don't have anything against that - please don't write an essay).

For the same reasons that you mentioned, like you, I've got the logs for every time I've driven since rF Scan was mandatory. So if you can't trust what I'm saying then I'm happy to send you hundreds of logs to check. The scroll bar can't even get any smaller. 

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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10 Re: S08 R06 Spain - Penalties on 2nd June 2015, 2:48 am


First thing is:

I don't need to 'ask' for anyone's logs  - at least I didn't have to, when it was 'mandatory' for everyone to send them (last season) and still you didn't send them, except for those 2 or 3 times I mentioned.

But even now, I still think EVERYone should send their logs without me, or Sven or the LAT asking for it - it should be something 'automatic' and the regular 'protocol' for ALL the drivers after each race.

And if your 'send button' is fucked up.. You said and know yourself, that you (and everybody else) can easily send your official race logs to me by email - the logs are stored on the 'rF_Scan' folder, so all you need to do is send it to me as a regular email and attach the log file to it - my email is the one already set on rF_Scan: gustavokblo@gmail.com

So, there's NO 'excuse' at all for not sending me the logs (and that goes for everyone).

And last but not least, the ONLY thing I'd like from you and all the drivers is for you guys to send the official race logs (via program or via email) after each race and then NO ONE could EVER suspect or complain about you guys, since all the data to 'prove' you guys race clean will be on the logs - as I said before, if you're a clean and honest driver, you have nothing to hide or fear.

So, in a way or the other, there's NO excuse for not using rF_Scan or sending the logs (once again, this goes to EVERYone) and then all of this discussion here wouldn't even happen..

Let's see how all the drivers are gonna behave after Fuji race.
And if the LAT decides to DQ more people for not sending their logs, don't even waste your time 'crying' about it...

Want to avoid issues related to it?
Just use rF_Scan and send the logs - easy and simple.

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