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League Administration Team (Admins & Stewards for Season 13)

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League Director
League Director
League Administration Team: (LAT)

Sven (League Director)

T McKay

Sexy Brigadeiro


Stewards: *

Chief-Steward: ¹ Blackfox

Co-Stewards: ² Arek, Joe McLaggen/Eduardo Méndez

(Reserve Stewards: ³ Sven, T McKay, Sexy Brigadeiro)


* - The Stewards are also league Admins (part of the LAT).

¹ - The Chief-Steward has the final decision about penalties in unclear situations. He is the representative of the stewards and the contact person for the drivers. The penalties and penalty points will be announced by him ~ 48h after the end of the race.

² - The Co-Stewards can 'overvote' the Chief-Steward if they have the same but different view on a case than the Chief-Steward. They will be replaced by a reserve steward for incidents they are involved in.

³ - The Reserve Stewards will be called to analyze, judge and decide about incidents where any of the official stewards (or their teammates) are directly involved - so they will never decide about their own incidents.

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