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06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread

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26 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 30th November 2014, 4:29 pm

Forgot to put fuel in at start. Lap 4 lost front wing when i was in a good battle for points. Kept spinning. Brakes failed on lap 31. Fun race for me Very Happy

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27 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 30th November 2014, 4:42 pm


Bahrain and Canada are tracks where we always had a high brake wear..

Well, about my race..

It was all ok and according to the plan until the very end of lap 13, at the last chicane...

I was on a 2 stops strategy.. First stint on Meds (slower tires) for 15 laps and then 2 more stints of 10 laps on Super Softs (faster) each..

On the first stint, I knew I would be pretty slow compared to everyone else, but I was hoping I could stay as close as possible to the guys going for 3 stops, so it would pay off in the end..
That included not being bothered by other guys behind me - even the faster ones, because even letting them pass, I'd still lose some time (not to mention the risk for incidents with impatient guys behind me).. BUT.. I got pretty lucky and wasn't bothered by anyone on my first stint, so I was able to keep my slow, but steady little pace..

But then, it came the last chicane at the end of the 13th lap.. My car got a little bit too much kerb and.. spun.. But not just a simple spin.. HELL NO!!.. It HAD to be a fuckin' spin that pointed me EXACTLY towards the wall on the other side of the track, so I could hit it strongly enough to FUCKIN' LOSE MY FRONT WING - GRRRRR!!.. - Jah, I know, I know.. it was all too good to be true..

Anyway.. I had to take the whole lap 14 without the front wing.. Lost TONS of time and 4 or 5 places.. Not to mention I was stopping 1 lap BEFORE the schedule, so.. I'd have to, somehow, make my Super Softs last for 11 laps.. I knew I could do it, but only if I didn't use the TC Override button at any moment and that's what I did.. Damn.. I was just as slow as if I was still on Meds - LOL - if I knew it was going to be that bad, I'd have just put another set of Meds and made only 1 stop for the whole race - DAYUM!!..

But anyway..
I got back on track alongside with BlackFox on the pit lane, but I knew I didn't have any chances against him, since I couldn't use TC Overrride to save tires and then the best I could do was follow him as closely as I could to get some of his slipstream - which worked well for 3 or 4 laps, but after that he went away and I was as slow as Arek.. I mean.. as a turtle.. And then after my 2nd stop, I was about to get lapped by Adrian on the last laps, which would mean the race would have one LESS lap for me, meaning ALL of that damn tire saving shit was in vain... GRRRRR!!..

BUT... I don't know exactly what happened at the very last laps (except for Sven who was clearly without brakes and I could overtake him easily), but I got Fox's place after my 2nd pit stop, overtook Sven as I've just said and then at the hairpin, I saw Adrian 'parked' and deadfish out of the track, so I was 'unlapped' and also got Fish's place, so.. in the end I was able to finish in 8th place...

But before I lost my front wing, I was in 6th place and with good chances to keeping it in the end - 7th in the worst case - but all I got was the 8th instead...

Still I can't complain much, since I was in 11th after all the mess and then I got BlackFox's, Sven's and Fish's places, so.. jah.. whatever..

Congrats Adrian for another (too) easy win...
Congrats Joe for another GREAT podium!!!
Congrats Alexinho for recovering from a DT!!..
Congrats McLaren for scoring with the 3 cars again!!!

28 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 30th November 2014, 4:49 pm

I'm very sorry to deadfish after taking him out on the final lap at the hairpin. Crying or Very sad
My left front brake failed which put me in a spin and just clipped the back of his car, but it was enough to send him over the wall. Sad
Horrible way to end an otherwise clean race for me.

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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29 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 30th November 2014, 5:06 pm


Some good battles in the first two stints with Lau and Antonio, but after Lau made a mistake I was comfortably there in p2 for the rest of the race.

Adrian was too far ahead to catch I thought, so I decided to just bring the car home. If I had kept closer to Adrian I could have benefited from his brake disaster, but I wasn't, and a deserved win for him anyway. Congrats to him.

P2 is great, 5th podium out of 5 races in Canada, extended both championship leads. So happy days.
I got fastest lap (thanks to Lau's slipstream) for the first time since Monaco season 4 and that makes me most happy 

30 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 30th November 2014, 5:13 pm


League Director
League Director
Great race and battles with Deadfish. Lost brakes on second last lap while driving on P8. Sorry Dead for crashing you the first time i lost my brakes and sorry for touching you Joe.

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31 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 30th November 2014, 6:19 pm

Probably had my best race so far this season Smile I made a mistake speeding on pit entry, did my drivethrough and still managed to be up in 8th after some tense fighting with Sven. I also had good battles with Blackfox for a few laps. On the penultimate lap I was unlucky to be taken off and over the barriers, I had no idea it was Adrian as he had been to far back to take a stab up the inside Smile I then checked the replay and laughed my arse off Smile Oh well, nothing I could do to get back over the barrier Sad but all in all I had a good race and enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the fight with Sven !

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32 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 30th November 2014, 8:43 pm


Great race for me! 4th place in this difficult track. I couldn't expect a better result!

I had a bad Q session making mistakes on 2 out of my 3 hot laps so I didn't give 100% out of myself and had to start from the 9th grid which was 2 places lower than I expected. But I took those places back right after the lights went off due to having a great run for T1.

So I was in 7th having Alex and the rest of the fastest guys right in front of me. I knew I had to overtake Alex who was supposed to be slower as fast as possible, so I was pushing on him like crazy and finally after a few laps I forced a mistake and went past him. Razz Still I lost some time fighting with him, which let Joe and the others open the gap (about 2s to Joe) so I had to be driving alone. I had the same pace as Joe so the gap didn't change itself at all even though I was pushing like crazy.

Then Tony who was in front made a mistake at the harpin and rejoined right next to me. I let him go since I knew his pace would be faster trying to follow him in the slip stream but he got disconencted so I suffered another time loss to Joe but after that I started to reduce the gap.

During the second pit stop I was almost right on his tale and when we went out I found myself right behind Lau who pited one lap earlier and lost time somewhere. I was happy and thought I could stick to him and not let him pull away but of course Alex had to appear right behind from damn nowhere (he hadn't had his pit stop done yet), took an adventage of me having cold tyres, forced the same mistake just like I had done on him earlier when I overtook him, and passed me right at the same place making me lose time again...  Evil or Very Mad Now Lau and Joe were safe and Alex pited after this lap. Just f*** great, I thought to myself... Razz

Lucky Joe catched Lau's slip stream and since Lau was a little faster they both started to pull away from me which was frustrating. At one moment I felt as if my brakes were about to go off so I got scared and it made me lose my good rythym untill I found out they were ok and it was just some stupid feeling.

Lau and Joe were like 7s in front already so I accepted my 5th place but then with a few laps to go I noticed the yellow flags and I hoped sth happend between them and it turned out to be true! Surprised I felt my chance and joined the action being motivated like never and the roaller coaster ride started!  Surprised The last 3,5 laps were amazing and the battle was very though. Lau was in a sandwitch for most of the time having Joe in front and me right at the back! On the last lap at the harpin I did my final atempt to overtake him (using oportunity created by the little mess - Sven rejoining the track with a brake failure) and I made it taking the 4th place!

I'm very happy about the result and I think it was my best performance ever done in Canada.
Congrats to Adrian and thx for the great set that made me I could finally feel big pleasure driving on this track! Smile

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33 Re: 06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Event Thread on 1st December 2014, 8:10 am

had a not bad quali despite i ran out of fuel after the last chicane on my last lap but a good P6 right behind of Joey anyway , however at the start i found out that the grid slots were quite weird , there was a huge gap between me and Joey, so basiclly i lost at least 1 sec to Joe even before the race start Razz , anyway had a good launch and kept my position and running closely to Joe, then i was driving as carefully as i could and stayed in a safe distance to him in case of my lag so Areko caught up and pushed very hard like he was a master on this track Razz and since i had no testrace experience and only done one stint longrun test before this race and under such a pressure i lost my rhythm and also obviously made a small error on T3 , went wide and let him passed after rejoined the track, and that made Denis caught up and passed me as well, but i didnt give him an easy time and some laps later passed him back and pulled a safe gap and was slowly closing on Areko. 

On L9, i decided to pit even though i thought my tyres could last one more lap, however i just realized that i forgot to practice pit entrance before the race so i made a big error braked slightly a bit late and speeding about 20 KPH after the white lane and then when i came to pit spot , Joe was there so i had to wait him and lost some time, and got a drive thru afterwards so my race was ruined after that. 

So finished in P6 after driving alone most of the race on one of my most dislike tracks , wasnt really that bad. And congrats Adrian, Tom and Joe another great podium mate, and great job to Sexy for his good recovery after his big crash at the last chicane.

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