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04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread

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1 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 16th November 2014, 4:36 pm


Good race for me, lucky win really, benefiting from others misfortune.

Fighting early on with Lau and Tony. Adrian drove into the distance. Lau was slower than I expected and I got past, then he and Tony collided with the jumping bug.

The Adrian spun off, lost time fighting Crys and Lau and then had some other issues I guess.

I hardly saw any other cars after my first pit stop, I think only when I lapped Rory. Just a race against myself.

You wait 1 year for a win and then two come along at once  Very Happy

2 Re: 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 16th November 2014, 4:46 pm


League Director
League Director
Shit race for me. touched someones wheel on way to t1 and flew 50 metres into the gravel then went back into points spun in a race incident with antonio who tried to overtake in every corner thinking he was super hero what made me crazy. overtook me back into points and then in the last lap i got a 5 seconds lag and had to finish 11th because of it.

im very sad that i didnt get any point for my efforts. congrats to tom and blackfox for their awesome performances!

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3 Re: 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 16th November 2014, 5:09 pm

My "awesome" performance??? did you take wrong pill today Sven Very Happy

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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4 Re: 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 16th November 2014, 7:09 pm


League Director
League Director
Blackfox wrote:My "awesome" performance??? did you take wrong pill today Sven Very Happy

i think you did well considering your quali time!

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5 Re: 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 16th November 2014, 8:08 pm


Sven was involved in an incident at T1?!?!?!...

Well, that's 'new'...


6 Re: 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 17th November 2014, 12:02 am


Blackfox wrote:My "awesome" performance??? did you take wrong pill today Sven Very Happy
Yeah i was a bit suprised too seing you somewhere around on my "radar". As well as Wes for a few moments Razz Nice performance although it was not enough to beat such a master as I am Wink

If it comes to my race it was great. I mean the result was great. My pace could've been a little better but this is how it is when you join at the last minute and at the time of a day when you'd never had any practice before. There was a talk about that on the server before the race and it really would be better for me if your races started somewhen between 9-11PM or even later Razz But I don't want to complain since some other guys have to wake up very early in a morning with a big hangover and play so it's not that bad to be honest. Could've been worse  Smile

As I said the result was great but I may lose it due to a penalty for what happend in the 1st corner. There was a little mess right in front of me during the run for T1. Denis and Sven touched each other and Sven got a big airbourne and it also affected my car. The front got kicked and I lost control for a moment and then I hit Denis and made him spin. I didn't expect him to brake that early beucase there was some space in front of him he could go for but after it happned I felt like I could avoid it if I braked more decidely instead of trying to add a little of bit throttle to get as close as possible. The shittier it was beucase Denis was about to get smashed by Nick (who forgot what his brakes were for) anyway even if I didn't touch him. But I did and I'm sorry for that, Denis! Crying or Very sad

To defend myself I just can say I was distracted beucase right after the lights went off I had a phone call and it started to ring rignt in front of me on my desk but it's not an exuse  Embarassed

The rest of the race was good. I took an adventage from the other guys mistakes and finished 3rd after a nice fight with Lau, defending the place desperately in the last corner.
Congrats to Tom for a great performance today and it was also a very nice result for Ferrari!  Flag

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7 Re: 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 17th November 2014, 7:45 am

A very very disappointing race for me and for Mclaren, had a good start but once again being too carefully at T1 and lost some positions , some turns later i got pass Cry and Joe coz of their weird moment but unfortunately in those two fast right handers , Cry hit me and i spun for about 3 circles and ended up in gravel and i couldnt really rejoin the track since everyone behind was on fast speed thru there so i had to wait for everyone behind passed then rejoined so i dropped down to the bottom place. 
With yet another terrible opening laps , i had to do a recovery race and making good progress until i caught up with Tony, he was very hard to pass and pull away ,tried some moves but either i made mistakes or he had great corner exits , he always got the place back , so i decided to play long game, just drove closely behind him and we together catch up with guys ahead. However , since i never had a testrace or a longrun practice for the race so i have no idea how long my meds would last so after asking some Yodas advice Razz i put 36L fuel and found out it was too less so i had to pit at the same lap with Tony even though my tyres could last 2 more laps, and got out behind him in the 2nd stint as well and we had some good battle pretty enjoyable fights but i passed him several times but just couldnt pull away in the fast turns so after many attempts, i decided to play long game once more Razz and this time i already had 2 laps more fuel so i could pit later than him and the strategy worked after my last stop i got out 2 sec ahead of him and i had a great relief, finally got free , felt like a lion finally breaks out of his cage Razz. after pushing so hard to catch up Arek/lau pair , cutting the gap down to 3 sec i made a big error, went wide after T6 went on the grass lost control and hit the wall went into the gravel and lost many time but luckily still ahead of Tony but the chances of get Arek/lau just gone and even worse that on the final lap of the race i spun on the end of the middle sector and Tony just flying passed me head wall so i even lost the 6th place at the end

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8 Re: 04 - Malaysia - SHOUTING thread on 17th November 2014, 11:35 am

crap race am to slow and with no points given after top 10 nothing really to race for !!!! very disappointed with the season so far.

congratz to the winner.

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