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1 RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 12:33 am


Pacific GP (Sunday, february 5th, 2012) – Race Report, by Sexy Brigadeiro Smile

That was a race full of surprises!!!
The most important one is that we have a new winner and there are gonna be fireworks tonight in Belarus: Congrats, Bober!!!

But HOW did Bober manage to win that race?! What about Sam?! ADI?! Otti?!... Sven?!... All also ‘favorites’ to win here...

First things first: let’s talk about MY (Sexy Brigadeiro) race – jah, before I ‘forget’… - ha!
I started at 15th place, which it wasn’t unexpected, since I was never fast at Fuji during all the practice sessions, BUT... at the official qualifying, I was able to improve my virtual PB (which is the sum of my fastest 3 sectors) from 1:16.418 to 1:16.187 – ‘almost’ on the 15’s! So I thought to myself: this can be a good sign!... But still the damn ‘virtual PB’ was just... virtual – PQP!!! My official quali time was only 16.6 and 15th was the best I could do – I could’ve went to Q2 with that 16.1... Anyway...
The 1st 7 laps were pure craziness to me! Lots – and I mean, LOTS – of drivers fighting for positions right in front and behind of me and I was trying my best to fight for positions too, but at the same time defend MY own position and avoid touches and any kind of race incidents with other drivers – after getting a penalty (on Austria), I can tell you this: it’s not nice (to get a penalty) – LOL – anyway... I guess I did a good job this time (in fighting as clear and fair as I could) and so did all the other drivers around me, except for a few touches and race incidents here and there, but it was easy to see that everyone was trying their best and being as fair as they could – I felt like driving at the rush hour, but with F1 cars instead and, man... it’s not easy! So, the good thing is that I had some GREAT fights with guys like Black, Jure, King Dario, Grisu, Arnoldinhu, Goa and Ax and I won a few positions and lost a few other ones and we were all close together, from the 10th place to the 18th place, so the smallest mistake could cost lots of places and that’s what happened to me on the 7th lap, when I was finally being able to get a little clearer track and was going a little faster than the guys behind and in front of me and then on Coca-Cola turn, me and Ax braked to avoid crashing each other, but still we touched wheels and that was enough for me to spin and drop from 14th to 17th – oh, boy!... And yep, just a race incident, no blame (or penalty) on Ax, ok? We were really having a nice, clean and fair fight until then... So, what was left for me?! Well, to just keep going and try to recover and that’s what I did! I got to the ‘big fighting group’ again 2 or 3 laps later and started gaining a few positions here and there until the drivers with softs and/or going for 2 pit stops started to go to the pits to change their tires and... well... did I mention I was with hard tires?!... Yep, I was! And that’s also why I think I was doing good until then! Because I was being able to fight and actually go faster than some of those guys, even being with hard (slower) tires! And my race strategy paid off in the end, because I was able to make only 1 stop, instead of 2 and after my stop – at the end of the 19th lap, I came back with softs and was able to have a pace. I came back in 13th place, but earn 4 positions when some of the guys in front of me went for their 2nd pit and I was 9th when Jure went to the pits and I got the 8th place (2 laps earlier, I was in 10th, but went to 9th when Sven had internet connection issues and just left the game – sorry, but thanks, Boss! (LOL) and that’s how it ended for me... from 15th to 8th... 4 more points on the championship (better than nothing) and all in a track I wasn’t expecting much anyway, so... like we say in Brasil “among the death and wounded, everybody was saved!” – jah, it doesn’t make any sense anyway... Razz

About Bober’s race... OF COURSE winning was his merit, BUT... it’s AMAZING how close of getting hit on the 1st corner (at the start) he was!!! Luft_inspektor passed so close to him that certainly damaged the painting on Bober’s car nose! And Bober was also almost touched by Arek on the rear, so he could’ve spun because of that and could’ve been smashed like a bowl pin by Luft – I guess Bober was the ‘ball’ before... – but this time, he was a ‘good boy’ and ‘Mrs. Luck’ was sitting on his lap inside his cockpit – damn!... Anyway... He managed to stay in 2nd after the start, right after Soutie and at the end of the 1st lap, Soutie had some HUGE crazy lag and just ‘disappeared’ in front of Bober, while leading the race and only reappeared in front of Stig, a few seconds later, only at 6th! So, once again Mrs. Luck did one of her tricks and gave Bober the lead for free! Still he was able to hold Alex and ADI behind him until his first pit stop, at the end of the 10th lap – Alex went to the pits with him, but still Bober stayed in front of Alex. Our Belarus friend came back on track in 8th place, once again with soft tires, going for a 2 pit strategy and on the following laps, he regained 4 places with the other guys stops and then the only real moment of the race where Bober had some ‘problems’ was when he found Arek and Luft fighting for the 2nd place right in front of him... Still he was able to overtake Arek at the 100 R corner, going to 3rd and then overtaking Luft and the end of the main straight, right at the beginning of the 17th lap, going back to 2nd place. He only had Otti in front of him, but he knew Otti was going for his pit stop sooner or later, so it was just a matter of time until he got back to the lead – which he did at the end of the lap 20/start of lap 21, when the ‘I’m Not Swiss, Cheese – But I Have A Big White Dildo’ guy finally went for his 2nd stop. And then, Bober was, once again, ‘running against the wind’ and keeping a pretty fast pace on the low 17’s and he set the race fastest lap at 1:16.944, at the 23rd lap and on the team radio he was listening “Толькі прынясеце гэты дзіця дома!” – and THAT’S what he did! So, once again, congrats, Bober!!!

But what happened to Soutie?! Well, once again our man in South Africa got the pole (what’s new?!) and he was able to stay in 1st for the entire 1st lap, but... as I’ve just said above, he strangely got some crazy lag at the last corners and literally ‘disappeared’ and then reappeared in 6th place, ‘hitting’ Stig... Soutie told us during the qualify that he was experiencing some crazy issues with his graphics and although other guys like Ax tried to help, he just couldn’t fix them and tried to race anyway, not to mention he was being kicked out of the game ‘randomly’, both because of internet connection issues and graphics issues, so... I’m sorry for you being out of luck today, mate! The ‘good’ thing is that you gave the other guys a chance for them to win – Bober will send you a ‘Thank You!' card, with heart-shaped chocolates, don’t worry! BTW, Soutie tried to keep going on the race, even if for him the graphics were all fucked up and he couldn’t see the track – literally – so, he found himself fighting for the 7th place with Sven for about 5 or 6 laps, until Sven finally overtook him on the 9th lap – well done, Boss!!! – and at the end of the 12th lap, Soutie went for his 1st pit stop, but... he pressed the speed limiter button a little bit too late and then, guess what?!... Yep, he was the WINNER of another ‘free ride at the pitlane park – stop/go edition’ – YAY!!! Well, on the following lap(s), he literally just gave up (McFly syndrome?!) but before leaving the race, he took the time to record a silly video to show how it was impossible for him to drive:
Better luck at Singapore, Sam – but not so lucky enough to go faster than me, obviously! Razz

But hey, and what about Sven?! I heard he was pretty fast at Fuji! Oh, poor Boss... SO out of luck too... I guess Bober got everybody else’s luck this time – blame it on him – LOL!
Sven was actually doing a GREAT race but here’s when he started going out of luck: 1st corner. LOL! Remember I said Luft almost hit Bober?!... And remember I’ve just said maybe Bober got everybody else’s luck?!... Well, guess WHO Luft hit?!... So, Sven started in 4th place, but dropped to 17th after being hit. He was ‘lucky’ enough at least to don’t break anything, so he could just keep going on the race and try his best to recover. Later we found out he was with a very risky, but also very good (if it worked) race strategy: he was going to only 1 pit stop, but making 2 stints with softs! Jah, he even didn’t go to track on Q2 to save his tires for the race! And it would’ve certainly paid off! He was REALLY fast at Fuji and he had lots of great fights trying to recover the lost positions and since he was faster, he was just overtaking everyone in front of him – including Lightning Sam (LOL) as I sad above! OMG, Boss! What were you drinking?! I want some of it!!! Razz Anyway… After recovering lots of positions, Sven found himself leading the race when the 2 stops strategy guys went to the pits for their 1st tire changes and he only lost the lead when Otti overtook him, one lap before HE went to for his one and only stop! After his pit, he came back in 7th place and in 8 laps he was leading the race again!!! And then… he just lost connection! OH NO!!! How come?!?!?!... Well, according to him… it was his lovely sister doing another strip show on her webcam or something… LOL! That’s what you get for having that damn wireless connection, Boss! You must find a way to improve it, or just forbid your sister to use her PC when you’re racing – or at least tell her to find a boyfriend – LMAO!!! Anyway… I feel honestly sorry for you and I can only wonder how frustrated you are… you could’ve won this one, I must admit that… BUT, you said you like Singapore, our next track on the next week and maybe you can do a good job there too! Now stop crying, lift up your head and tell your sister that Bober sent her a kiss! Razz

So… if Soutie and Sven were out and Bober won… who were the other two guys on the podium?!... I’ll tell you guys on the next week……………………

…oh, ok, I can tell you now: Otti, in 2nd and ADI in 3rd.

Otti did another pretty good and consistent race! He started in 8th place due to 5 grid drop, because of a race incident at A1 Ring, our previous race – which means he was going to start 3rd – but after the 1st lap, he was already in 4th place… After a few laps, he dropped to 6th (being overtaken by Stig and Denis) and then to 7th (being overtaken by Sven), because he was with hard tires and those other guys were with softs, but due to his 1 stop strategy, he was able to recover those places later and after the 1st round of pit stops, he got to the lead, by overtaking Sven and he was overtaken by Bober a few laps later, right before going for his one and only pit stop. He put soft tires for the remaining laps and now he was pretty damn fast again and on the lap 29 he was actually leading the race again until he got thirsty and just couldn’t resist drinking a Coca-Cola, so he spun at that corner and was overtaken both by Bober and ADI… But although he likes to take pictures with a human-size white dildo, he is also a pretty good and fast driver and he just kept going and on the start of the lap 33, he overtook ADI again – Otti was on softs and ADI on hards this time – and then Otti just had to take his big white dildo… I mean, his white sauber… to the finish line – congrats for the race too, mate!!!

ADI also had another good and consistent race! He started at 6th place, also due to 1 place drop, but finished the 1st lap in 3rd place, right behind Otti. He even led a couple of laps after everyone went to their pit stops, even being with softs, but then he finally went to his pit stop at the end of the 12th lap and came back at 8th place – this time with hard tires and he was not going for another pit stop until the end of the race! He was being able to keep a relatively good pace with hard tires and a lighter car so, little by little, he was regaining positions from the other guys’s pit stops and he was leading the race again when he was overtaken by Sven, right after he got kicked by his sister (LOL) and then he lead the race for another lap until Otti overtook him for the 1st time, a couple of laps before Otti decided to drink that Coke and ADI would’ve recovered the lead, but he was also overtaken by Bober, so he earned the 2nd place again and like I’ve just said above, at the start of the 33rd lap, ADI was overtaken by Otti again and had no choice but to be happy with the 3rd place – which was GREAT for Force India, because RBR didn’t score ANY points in Fuji and Force India scored another 19 points and finally passed them at the constructors championship – ok, ok, Tommy MacEye couldn’t race with us today due to a family meeting, but still Luft (the other RBR driver) didn’t score any points, so... yep, happy day for the Indian Guy (Force India’s owner)!

But… what about EVERYBODY else?!?!?!...
Ok, let’s see…

Arek: Started 5th, finished 4th. Did only 1 pit stop and used hard + softs. He also had a hard time trying to avoid touches and race incidents on the first 3 or 4 laps (and congrats for being a nice and fair driver, mate!) and he ended up dropping to 9th, but with his race strategy, he was able to recover positions with other guys’ stops and little by little was going up and up and he got to the 4th place at the 26th lap, when Sven ‘abandoned’. It’s a shame Giorgos, Arek’s teammate didn’t show up. HRT could’ve scored a few more points, who knows? Better luck for you guys at Singapore! Congrats for your race, Arek! Simple, but good!

Alex Hill: Started 7th, finished 5th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + hards. Another pretty good race for the China Boy! He was pretty fast on the 1st laps, even on traffic and he earned some positions after the start jumping from 7th to 2nd after the 1st lap! He had ADI on his ass (no Sven, NOT ‘like that’, ok?!), but still he held him there (LOL) until his 1st stop for tires at the 10th lap. He came back in 9th place, but 2 laps later he was already in 5th place! He came back on traffic and lost some time fighting with BlackFox and Goa and one lap later, also with ADI. And when he was finally able to overtake them, he spun at the 1st corner of the 3rd sector!... Still he tried to recover the best he could and just kept going as fast as he could and right before his second stop he actually led the race for 1 lap and after everybody else’s stops, even on hards, he gained a few more places again, getting 10 more points on his pocket!

Denis_Belarus: Started 3rd, finished 6th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs. Denis had an irregular race and it all started at the start… He was on 3rd place, but he and Alex divided the 1st corner and Denis ended up stepping that green (and slippery) kerb a little bit and had to control the rear of his STR, which was enough for him to lose some time and get overtaken by other drivers and then he was in the middle of the ‘hardest part of the grid to drive on the 1st laps’, where you have 567548690865 cars fighting for positions and even if everyone try to be fair and nice, it’s still hard to drive and even harder to keep a good pace, so… he couldn’t have his own pace and fell to 9th place and his only solution was to try another recovering race on the following laps… and that’s what he did and little by little he earned a few positions back, both on track and also with all the pit stops and in the end, 6th place and 8 more points were not so bad – still he started in 3rd, so... it could’ve been a pretty better race to him – ask your teammate – the other ‘Belarus Brother’ – for some of his luck, Denis!

Stig: Started 10th, finished 7th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs. Stig had a good start, going from 10th to 5th on the 1st lap, even touching ADI slightly on his back (while he was trying to control his car, from stepping the kerb at the hairpin braking point) and Stig gave a ‘half-spin’ and lost a little time there, but didn’t lost his 5th place – and at that same 1st lap, he had Soutie ‘magically appearing’ in front of him on the last corners and he went to the scape area, but once again, lost a little time, but not his place! And then he overtook Otti at the 6th lap going for the 4th place and was doing good (he got up to 2nd place) until his first pit stop at the 13th lap… He came back in 9th place and got to 8th after a nice fight with Jure at the 14th and 15th laps. He also overtook Sven when he was leaving the pits on the 17th lap, but Sven overtook Stig back on the 18th lap and then he had Denis on his ass… and on the 19th lap, he was overtaken by him and while trying to recover his place, they both touched each other at the Coca Cola corner and Stig spun… Once again, he didn’t lose any places, but lost time and wasn’t able to have a good pace at the 2nd stint. He tried to overtake Denis again at the 20th lap, but couldn’t do it and on the following lap he got Otti coming from the pits in front of him and he just couldn’t fight Denis right away… He went to 6th again when other guys in front of him went for their pit stops, but he had to go for his 2nd pit stop a couple of laps later and came back on 9th. Sexy (me!!!) was trying to get closer to him on the last laps, but Stig was about 0,1 second faster per lap in average and at the 32th lap Sexy also spun at the start of the 3rd sector, making it impossible to go after him, so Stig earned a few more positions (from Sven when he abandoned and from Jure when he went for his one and only stop) and finished in 7th, scoring 6 more points for him and for Mercedes, but now he leads the championship only by 4 points – 148, against 144 by Otti!

Goa09: Started 14th, finished 9th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs. It was a pretty good race for Goa! He had some good fights and nice overtakes and in the end he was able to score his first championship points!!! Congrats, mate!!! It’s been a while since Renault scored for the Constructors Championship too!!! Imola?!... Deadfish?!... Yep… THAT long!
*UPDATE* - Uh, oh!... It seems that our friend Goa crossed the pit exit line on the laps 13 and 25, which according to our rules, gives him a 20 seconds penalty added to his race total time, falling from 9th to 11th place and with that... he loses his 2 points!...
I'm sorry, mate, but the rules were clear on THIS POST and it seems that Renault will stay without scoring points for at least another week or two... Sad

JURE PAZIN (CRO): Started 9th, finished 10th. Did only 1 pit stop and used hard + softs. Jure had a hard start… He was ‘stuck’ in that hardest part of the grid to drive and fighting for positions there is almost always a lottery: you can win or lose (a few or lots of places) in a blink of an eye and he ended up losing a few ones… But while trying to overtake me at the end of the 1st lap, he got too much draft and had problems trying to brake for the 1st corner, so he ended up touching Grisu and he (Jure) spun, falling to the 17th place and then started a recovering race from there… He had some nice fights with Ax, Arnie, King Dario and Antonio – all of this with hard tires – he only stopped at the end of the 29th lap and put some soft tires and when he thought he was going to finish the race at 11th place, he got lucky, because Ax’s engine blew at the very last lap and Jure got Ax’s place and scored the last available point – and with that, for the first time on the championship, both Williams cars scored points at a same race – Frank Williams is jumping around with his wheelchair now… - what?! Razz
*UPDATE* - Jure REALLY got lucky! With Goa's penalty, he earned both an extra place (from 10th to 9th) and also an extra point! Smile

ax89: Started 18th, finished 11th. Did only 1 pit stop and used hard + softs. Ax was also from the ‘out of luck’ club today… He did a pretty good job and had some pretty good fights – including with me – even using hard tires and was able to gain a lot of places at the start and he was also being able to keep his positions, fighting in relatively equal positions against the other drivers and he only made his pit stop on the lap 24 this time for soft tires. He was in 10th place at the 30th lap and hoping to score that one little point but he was overtaken by Goa and at the same time earned Jure’s position, due to his pit stop, BUT… at the END of the LAST lap, only a few meters from the finish line … his engine blew! How frustrating!!! Jure was right behind him and then Ax got overtook and he ended up in 11th place and cruelly close to that 1 little point… Better luck in Singapore, mate!
*UPDATE* - Ok, ok, Ax... it seems that, in the end you were not completely out of luck! Also due to Goa's penalty, you also earned an extra place, from 11th to 10th and guess what?! You also scored that one little point - YAY!!! Very Happy

BläckFöx: Started 13th, finished 12th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs. Black did a GREAT race IMO! At the 1st stint, he was caught up in the middle of those 5434985308 guys fighting for a place in the sun and I REALLY admire and respect his skills and fair driving! He is respectful to the others and try his best to avoid crashes, but at the same time tries to drive as fast as he can and I heard that he doesn’t use any kind of automatic help from the game and if so… I respect him even more! The fact is that he also had pretty good fights with lots of drivers and got up to the 7th place before his 1st pit stop at the 13th lap, but he wasn’t able to have a nice 2nd stint and the best he got there was to the 10th place before his 2nd stop and he came back on track at 12th place, where he remained until… the start of the last lap, where he just lost speed and stopped at the main straight!!! I saw no smoke from his engine, so… my guess is fuel?! If so, what a shame, Black! And welcome to the ‘out of luck’ little club, buddy!!! (and spend a few more Euros for gas on Singapore!)

Joe McLaggen: Started 16th, finished 13th. Did 3 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs + softs. Joe was also pretty much out of luck… He was trying to overtake Antonio at the start, who was trying to overtake Grisu and with a slight touch from Antonio, Joe hit the right wall at the pit exit and tried his best to brake for the 1st corner, but he just couldn’t do it and he ended up making a strike, Bober style! He hit Goa and also Jure and spun, going to the external escape area and he went to the pits at the end of the 1st lap – I’m not sure what happened to his car – and that’s why he made an extra stop. Luft_Inspektor also had a rough start and went to the pits too, so at least Joe had some pretty good fights and overtakes with Luft on the following laps! Still he was able to gain a few places from the ones who made their pits and after his own pit, Joe actually earned King Dario’s place. And after the 2nd round of pit stops, Joe was able to get to the 13th place, which was his finish position, although he actually ‘left’ the race ‘mysteriously’ on lap 33… o.0

Luft_Inspektor: Started 11th, finished 14th. Did 3 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs + softs. Luft surely could’ve done a better race, but it started to go down on the very 1st corner… It seems that he literally ‘forgot’ to brake there and then just ‘threw’ his car on the grass to avoid hitting the other guys, but… he didn’t miss Sven (LOL)… At least Sven was able to get back on track and was doing that great race until his sister decided to use all his internet bandwich – God only knows what for… - anyway… time to talk about Luft now! He had a broken front wing and went to the pits – I guess he was paying a visit to Joe or something – the fact is that although they were far behind from the other guys now, at least they could still have some fun together and they had some pretty good fights on the following laps and lots of overtakes! And after both of them made their first ‘normal race pit stops’ Luft was able to gain Joe’s position and was in front of him again! But at the very start of the 32nd lap, when he was in 13rd place, it was time for his engine to say ‘meet me at Singapore, mate!’... Better luck for RBR there – Force India thanks you guys! Wink

King Dario: Started 20th, finished 15th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs. Due to a penalty from the previous race at Austria (5 place grid drop), Dario started at 20th, but was able to get to 15th place with all of those crazy fights and overtakes on that ‘rush hour’ group. But after his pit stop he came back in 18th (and last) place, going up to 17th place after Soutie abandoned. After Luft’s pit stop, he went to 16th place, but had some nice fight with him on the laps 25 and 26 and was overtaken, but still he kept the 16th place, due to Sven’s abandon. He also earned the 15th place with Arnoldinhu’s abandon, but 3 laps later, after lots of spins and lags (at least on my replay) it was his time to abandon and he finished in 15th place.

Arnoldinhu: Started 12th, finished 16th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs. He had a rough start too and got caught up among the ‘rush hour club’ too, so although he was unable to have his own pace, at least he had lots of fun with lots of fights and overtakes and the few times I saw him in front or behind me, he was doing a good job and having a hard but nice race! His best place was only the 14th, which he kept for good part of the race but at the start of lap 29, his engine also decided to take an earlier flight to Singapore – and he didn’t even call, huh?! Ungreatful!...

Antonio Hreljanovic 1: Started 19th, finished 19th. Did 2 pit stops and used softs + softs + softs. He had a pretty good start and probably his best so far! He jumped from 19th to 6th on the 1st lap – yep 13 positions!!! Senna in Donigton 93 who?!... Anyway… He tried to overtake Grisu at the 1st corner and when he braked, he got hit by Joe – who was probably not expecting him to brake that early – and the fact is that you guys already know what happened to Joe… Still Antonio followed fighting for places and – he actually went to 9th place after that 1st corner and gained 3 more places at the rest of the 1st lap – good job, Svenson!!! Then he was overtaken by Denis, Arek, Soutie and his dad (yep, the Boss) and he was now in 10th place and guess what?! Fighting well against everyone, standing on his ground and defending his position the best he could, which he kept until the 8th lap where he made lots of mistakes – too many for only 1 lap – and he dropped to 15th place. He went for his pit stop for tires at the 10th lap but had problems with the speed limit (why in a hurry, mate?...) and got a stop/go penalty, which he tried to pay on the following lap but then, guess what?!... He was in a hurry again and got a 2nd stop/go penalty while trying to pay his first penalty – oh, boy!... After that he just ‘grounded himself’ instead of waiting for his dad to do it and left the race… - sorry, mate! You were REALY doing well! Try again next week!!! Smile

Grisu: Started 17th, finished 20th. Grisu is now AKA McFly… yep… because since he was slow at this track, he decided to just ‘give up’ and go straight to Singapore… But then I called him ‘chicken’, since it worked with Back To The Future’s Marty McFly and now it worked again with him and he decided to race! And he was doing well especially by also being stuck on the ‘rush hour club’, where he got touched and bumped a few times – but don’t get too mad, Grisu! It was just a LOT of cars altogether in a ‘small’ space… Still you were able to keep your position and even fight for them too! And at the 5th lap, while he was right in front of me, at the main straight and I was getting his draft to try to overtake him, he decided to play a ninja trick… he just disappeared and I guess he’ll appear again next week at Singapore – I think McFly REALLY went Back To The Future this time – LOL!

Well, I guess that’s it, folks! Sorry if it’s too long – it’s hard for me to write all of that too, since I have to check everyone’s races on the replay, but at the same time I think each one of you guys would like to read something specifically about each one of you, right? Anyway… I’m accepting suggestions and ideas to ‘improve’ the race reports, so feel free to let me know what you think!
See you guys at Singapore!!!

NEXT RACE: Singapore GP, at Singapore (DUH!) – February 12th, 2012 – 3pm UK time (WAIT FOR ME THERE!!!)


PACIFIC DRIVERS’ POINTS (Official - after penalties):

1 – Bober (STR) – 25 points
2 – Otti (Sauber) – 18 points
3 – ADI (Force India) – 15 points
4 – Arek (HRT) – 12 points
5 – Alex Hill (Williams) – 10 points
6 – Denis (STR) – 8 points
7 – Stig (Mercedes) – 6 points
8 – Sexy Brigadeiro (Force India) – 4 points
9 – Jure (Williams) – 2 points
10 – Ax (Mercedes) – 1 point

PACIFIC TEAMS’ POINTS (Official - after penalties):

1 – STR – 33 points
2 – Force India – 19 points
3 – Sauber – 18 points
4 – HRT – 12 points
5 – Williams – 12 points
6 – Mercedes – 7 points
7 – Renault – 2 points

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2 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 1:47 am

sexy i was using soft+soft+hard

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3 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 1:52 am


Then I'm sorry, Alex. I guide myself by the Autosim Analizer, which is the program from where Sven gets those stats and graphs he posts here and also by my own replay of the race. And on that program, it says how many pit stops each driver did (and sometimes the number is wrong - for example: it told me that Goa did no pit stops at Fuji, but he did 2 pit stops!) and based on the number of pit stops, I try to 'guess' the type of tire each one of the other drivers were using... since you did 2 stops and had 3 stints, I assumed you used soft+soft+soft...
Anyway... I'm gonna update the report, ok?
My bad!

4 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 1:54 am

np mate good report

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5 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 2:02 am


I know you weren't complaining, Alex, don't worry! Smile
I was just explaining to you how I write my report and in which data I base it... so, IF something is wrong, it's ok for you guys to let me know and I'll update and correct whatever is wrong right away, ok? Smile
Thanks for enjoying this one too and BTW, it's already updated and corrected! Once again: congrats for the nice race, mate!!! Smile

6 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 2:16 am

yes im not complaining obviously but i was using softs+softs+hards not hards+softs+softs
just a small mistake doesnt matter

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7 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 2:41 am


LOL!!! I'm gonna update and correct it again - sorry!!! Razz

8 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 6:58 am

Great animated report Sexy! It must've been a great amount of work to make it. Respect for that Wink

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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9 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 7:12 am

Very nice report as always Sexy good job mate.

First of all i'm not complaining about this, just i'm letting you know what really happened.

I had a "stop & go penalty" after the first turn, i didn't pit to fix my car or change tyres, i did it to serve that bloody damn penalty which screwed up my strategy and my entire race as well, i couldn't be able to fight for points after that anymore...

My original strategy was making 2 pit stops only, Hard+Soft+Soft but after the incident, on a very desperate attempt to recover the time lost because of the penalty i made a mid race strategy change which wasn't succesful at all, my tyre strategy in the end was Hard+Hard+Soft (trying to make my hard tyres last 'till the end with only 1 stop but they weren't enough to reach the finish line so i used soft in the last 6 laps. Embarrasing race, really frustating because my strat was going to take me to the points i'm sure, but this is racing...

(Seems like that program you use is not 100% reliable mate, but anyway is not your fault you are just doing your job and we can correct mistakes).

(By the way i didn't leave the race on lap 33 (although i wish to have left it on lap 2 but hope dies last) i was lapped once so my race ended earlier).

Thank you Sexy!

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10 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 7:58 am

graças a um relatório apenas super sexy

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11 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 11:31 am


Good report Sexy!

12 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 2:23 pm


very good report

13 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 2:36 pm


League Director
League Director
thank you sexy brilliant job!

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14 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 5:00 pm


Thanks to ALL of you guys!!!
I'm REALLY glad to know you guys liked it, because it was made to YOU - so I'm happy for reaching my goal - LOL!

And yes, ADI, it gave me a LOT of work, but I'm not 'complaining'. I just wanted to say a little something about each driver, but if you guys have suggestions, ideas, criticism to help me to improve it in a way that you guys would like it even more, please, just let me know!

And Joe, thank you for actually explaining to me what really happened, because only by my replay and by the Autosim Analizer it was impossible to know each detail of what really happened! I'll be uploading my report on the next minutes with your own info, ok? I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway!

15 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 5:02 pm


i think you write more than you need to, but this is not a bad thing. it's a really good comprehensive review. i've added it to the website (check it out lol)

16 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 5:22 pm


Jah, I KNOW I write a LOT, but... I'm not a journalist and I wasn't trying to write a journalistic report. My idea was to write something 'informal' and, if possible, 'funny' and 'enjoyable' for us (from our league) to read. And then I wasn't sure if I should write only about a few drivers, instead of about everyone else... But I also thought that everyone would like to come here and read a little something about their own races... so, I decided to write a little something about each driver... which is OBVIOUSLY hard to do and it take me 'forever' to check each replay and compare the data from the Autosim Analizer with it - and also the personal feedbacks of each driver on the race feedback topic...
So, here's what I'm planning to do for the next races:
I'm gonna write about the podium drivers and only about the most relevant drivers/fights/highlights of each race...
At least I'm gonna test a different 'approach' and let's see how it goes.
ALL ideas, suggestions, opinions and critcism are ALWAYS welcome, guys!!!

17 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 6:25 pm


Good idea Sexy. It's always nice to read sth about your race but writting about everyone even if someone had damn boring race doesn't make a bigger sense for me. And please write a little bit shorter about your adventures, (which are great anyway) Razz try to focus on overal things istead of Smile

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18 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 6th February 2012, 6:30 pm


You're right Arek and I'll try to improve these poits and make a better report to the league! Still I thank you and all of the other guys by the support and suggestions! Smile

19 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 7th February 2012, 2:14 pm

tl;dr Well done Bober

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20 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 7th February 2012, 11:29 pm


cheers Race Report * UPDATED * after penalties and with OFFICIAL results. cheers

21 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 9th February 2012, 6:20 am


ADFAFAH ASBSJ Very Happy nice report like every day * i mean like every race yes very good* hahaha i will be back in SINGAPORE when i have done my mission in the past

22 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 9th February 2012, 6:34 am


In the 'past'?!... I thought you went 'back' to the FUTURE!
I guess you're 'lost' in time, McFly! Razz
But I'm glad you enjoyed the report anyway!
Thanks!!! Smile

23 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 11th February 2012, 3:23 pm

Awsome job Sexy I like it a lot (especialy that Donington 93 comparision) Very Happy

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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24 Re: RACE REPORT – PACIFIC GP (Fuji) on 11th February 2012, 6:17 pm


Thanks, Antonio!
You were really doing a pretty good job, mate! It's a shame you couldn't keep it up...
I hope you can do a good job at Singapore too!

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