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Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads)

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1 Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 9th October 2014, 5:34 am


Tracklist - Season #7 (and download links)

01. Bahrain GP - Sakhir (WCP 2014) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/8wfawq898gvalbl/rFR+S7+-+01+-+Bahrain+GP.rar

02. Australia GP - Melbourne (RFT 2011) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/n2lujnvw7u9ljsj/rFR+S7+-+02+-+Australia+GP.rar

03. Great Britain GP - Brands Hatch (2005) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/fa2p2uy95g1tuw2/rFR+S7+-+03+-+Great+Britain+GP.rar

04. Malaysia GP - Sepang (RFT 2010) - TIRES: M/H (set 5) download/bt2b0gu3ohamrs6/rFR+S7+-+04+-+Malaysia+GP.rar

05. Spain GP - Valencia (RFT 2012) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/ofycjcvpopcv3h5/rFR+S7+-+05+-+Spain+GP.rar

06. Canada GP - Montreal (2008) - TIRES: SS/M (set 2) download/m1cde4am0m2o0oa/rFR+S7+-+06+-+Canada+GP.rar

07. Turkey GP - Istanbul (RFT 2011) - TIRES: M/H (set 5) download/gp97ag99e3dmrrz/rFR+S7+-+07+-+Turkey+GP.rar

08. Austria GP - RedBull Ring (WCP 2014) - TIRES: SS/S (set 1) download/6a88xgxt7c3lb43/rFR+S7+-+08+-+Austria+GP.rar

09. Germany GP - Hockenheim (GP4 2001) - TIRES: SS/S (set 1) download/gxa65exosuodldo/rFR+S7+-+09+-+Germany+GP.rar

10. Belgium GP - Spa-Francorchamps (SimPro 2008) - TIRES: S/H (set 3) download/besbghm0w6n55hg/rFR+S7+-+10+-+Belgium+GP.rar

11. Italy GP - Monza (ISR 2011) - TIRES: SS/S (set 1) download/ebo5yd2x8o17rog/rFR+S7+-+11+-+Italy+GP.rar

12. Japan GP - Suzuka (FSR 2013) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/53k89qp2heaqcz6/rFR+S7+-+12+-+Japan+GP.rar

13. Mexico GP - Hermanos Rodríguez (1988) - TIRES: M/H (set 5) download/k744j7sm4br8ddd/rFR+S7+-+13+-+Mexico+GP.rar

14. Brazil GP - Interlagos (FSR 2012) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/4lgb3ydftumilbb/rFR+S7+-+14+-+Brazil+GP.rar

15. Europe GP - Jerez de la Frontera (SLN) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/52wmgjcakj6tngd/rFR+S7+-+15+-+Europe+GP.rar

16. Pacific GP - Fuji (2008) - TIRES: S/M (set 4) download/lvwq6847h0g9vvb/rFR+S7+-+16+-+Pacific+GP.rar

FULL CALENDAR <--- Click here!

P.S. - ALL tracks above are a little customized: loading screens, pit limit set to 100 km/h, menu names, saving folders and a few other technical stuff (NO changes made to the tracks 'physics') - so, even if you already have any of these tracks (in their original versions, or from previous versions), you still MUST download our custom ones, otherwise you'll get mismatch at our server.

Commands to load the tracks:

01 - Bahrain:
/callvote event rFR S7 01

02 - Melbourne:
/callvote event rFR S7 02

03 - Brands Hatch:
/callvote event rFR S7 03

04 - Malaysia:
/callvote event rFR S7 04

05 - Valencia:
/callvote event rFR S7 05

06 - Canada:
/callvote event rFR S7 06

07 - Turkey:
/callvote event rFR S7 07

08 - Austria:
/callvote event rFR S7 08

09 - Hockenheim:
/callvote event rFR S7 09

10 - Belgium:
/callvote event rFR S7 10

11 - Monza:
/callvote event rFR S7 11

12 - Suzuka:
/callvote event rFR S7 12

13 - Mexico:
/callvote event rFR S7 13

14 - Interlagos:
/callvote event rFR S7 14

15 - Jerez:
/callvote event rFR S7 15

16 - Fuji:
/callvote event rFR S7 16

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2 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 9th October 2014, 5:44 am


*** IMPORTANT!!! ***


Bahrain is NOT the exact same version as in season 6.
I mean.. it IS, but.. it has fixed lights (better and clearer lights) for the night race.
So, yes, you guys have to download it again (from the link above).

The same goes for ALL the other tracks in the track pack, including the ones we used in the previous season(s).

That's because of some technical issues in how to make the whole track pack work properly and it HAS to be this way (otherwise it just wouldn't work).

So, I apologize for the 'big inconvenience' of having to download some of the same tracks for every new season...

In the other hand, IF you guys want (although you don't need to do it), you can simply just delete the 'rFR S6' folder from your 'Locations' folder, if the tracks are taking too much space on your HD...

The missing links will be added on the next few days, as soon as I finish putting the whole track pack together, so please, be patient.

And last but not least:
We're gonna have a file added to the mod that 'locks' the tires compounds for each track, so you won't have to worry about changing the tires on the car menu anymore - they're gonna be automatically loaded properly according to each track, as soon as you load it or join the server!


This file will be included on the mod patch, which will be released in the next few days as well, so... right now we DON'T have this file yet - which means people would be able to join our server (and S7 Bahrain) with any tires compounds they wanted, BUT... as the LAT asked before, please, DON'T join the server with not allowed tires compounds, so we won't have false times on Live Racers.

So, please, be SURE to join the server with the correct (allowed) tires compounds - which, for Bahrain, are SOFTS & MEDS (set 4) - check it out on the Event Thread (and also sign IN or OUT for our Season Opener!!!):


3 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 9th October 2014, 11:00 am

Thank you sexy and LAT boys for another season. I really like to race here Very Happy
One question. If we'll add that file, can we remove rfe tire plugin?

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4 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 9th October 2014, 4:35 pm


I believe not, Marius.
Because the RFE plugin files are also on the server and if you remove it, then you may get a permanent mismatch or error (that one that DQs us right away and we can't even click to go to track).

P.S. links to a few more tracks coming in the next mins!

5 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 9th October 2014, 5:05 pm


Australia (Melbourne), Europe (Brands Hatch) and Malaysia (Sepang) links added!!!

6 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 10th October 2014, 6:33 am


Spain, Canada, Turkey and Austria added - 50% done!!!

The other 50% will be done in the next couple of days!!!


7 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 10th October 2014, 11:32 pm




8 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 10th October 2014, 11:59 pm

When you guys do the mod is there a way that you can make the seats adjustable (up-down-forward-back)? 
Or is there a work around to adjust it? I never was able to adjust the seat in last years mod.

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9 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 11th October 2014, 12:01 am


I think you can assign keys for that on the controls menu in the game, Rory.

There's also the option of manually editing the .cam file of your car, which is the file with the cameras and you can adjust the cockpit cam or the t-cam, depending on the cam you use to drive.

10 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 11th October 2014, 12:08 am

yes thats it the cam file. i use tv cockpit for these cars is why the seat adjust doesn't work for me. i'll mess with the cams. Thanks   

Move my post to the correct area if need be. I wasn't sure where to put this post.

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11 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 11th October 2014, 12:33 am

To change the camera position, you have to make modifications here:

PositionOffset=(0.000, 0.458, 0.070)

0.000 -> + Left / - Right
0.458 -> + Up / - Down
0.070 -> + Back / - Forward

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12 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 11th October 2014, 1:33 am

Thanks Guys. That did the trick.

btw i google adjust cam and fov for rfactor one of the top choices took me to a thread on this site. Your google famous.

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13 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 11th October 2014, 3:10 pm


Gentlemen, I've just added a link to download ALL 16 tracks as a single .rar file too!

14 Re: Season 7 - TRACKLIST (downloads) on 16th February 2015, 12:08 am



Due to some technical issues found at the Abu Dhabi track (graphical lags, loss of FPS and invisible walls), the LAT decided to switch it by another track.

And since Abu Dhabi was a 100% new track to the league, they decided to pick another 100% new to the league track and.. they chose Jerez de la Frontera!


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