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14 - San Marino GP (Imola) - Event Thread

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28 Re: 14 - San Marino GP (Imola) - Event Thread on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 10:25


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29 Re: 14 - San Marino GP (Imola) - Event Thread on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 11:46

Best qualy in my life although I wanted that pole so much and I came very very close I didnt get it. In race my tyres were very cold at the beginning despite doing burnouts at start finish and my start was bad and I droped to 3rd and at Tossa I got double downshift which hasnt happened whole week to me not even in test races but it somehow had to happen in official race...what can I say I had safe 21 points at least possibly 25 or 30 in my bag and Im going home with nothing what I was most looking foward to was good battle with my teammate but ot wasnt destined to happen, I couldve very easily won 3 races at least this season and it all looks to me set that I will end up with only one, deeply deeply disappointed and demotivated.

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30 Re: 14 - San Marino GP (Imola) - Event Thread on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 12:18

Had a Bad race, Collision with wall on formation lap, had to replace front wing, Then Denis hit me whilst lapping, Whilst i do claim responsibility i also state that I moved over and Denis went for my slipstream too much, Engine damage put me out of the race! Its all part of the learning curve!

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31 Re: 14 - San Marino GP (Imola) - Event Thread on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 13:10


Another messy race at Imola (what's new) and I'm just glad it's over...

Just to clarify the 'restart rule'...

We DON'T have restarts, EXCEPT for a HUGE crash at the race start involving more than 50% of the cars OR if there's some crazy issue with the server...

We DON'T have restarts just because this or that guy crashed... especially at the Formation Lap...

BUT STILL... the admins were nice enough to allow the drivers to call for that restart, since there was some little big mess at the first Formation Lap and 'luckly', most drivers voted YES...

Then at the 2nd attempt, we AGAIN had crashes at the Formation Lap and someone was calling for a 2nd restart...

Well... that first restart shouldn't even had happened in the first place, so... I'm sorry if whoever crashed in the 2nd attempt felt prejudiced in any ways...

The fact is: we MUST be more careful at the damn Formation Lap... simply because causing incidents & crashes in it is the 'noobest' thing ANY of us can do... and, come on... it's not that 'hard' to take the Formation Lap properly... Just STOP doing those damn zig zags and altering your pace/speed... just keep a STEADY PACE/SPEED (don't accelerate & brake all the damn time) - also those 'burnouts' at the end of the Formation Lap are literally pointless and they don't heat up the tires enough for you guys to have a 'super good start' and it's only a waste of rubber and a chance for stupid crashes to happen...

So, PLISS, let's STOP the 'noobish' acts during the Formation Lap!!!


Important links to check:


- INCIDENT REPORTS (thread opened for the next 48 hours only):



32 Re: 14 - San Marino GP (Imola) - Event Thread on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 17:14


Nothing much to say. Two spins after stupid mistakes, bad start and the first lap on cold tyres as most of the times... I didn't feel like it was my day. At least I had a nice duel with Joe to the finish line which I lost but it was fun. Race to forget Razz

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33 Re: 14 - San Marino GP (Imola) - Event Thread on Sun 14 Sep 2014 - 18:03


"which I lost" - what's new, seu juvenil?!
Very Happy

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