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13 - Brazil GP (Interlagos) - Event Thread

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26 Re: 13 - Brazil GP (Interlagos) - Event Thread on 7th September 2014, 5:58 pm


Sorry for those unfortunate incidents, Alex... I know it's not your fault, but due to the high ping, it's hard for us to tell exactly where your car is (and for you to know exactly where our cars are) - the same happens with Adrian from time to time, but still you (Alex) have the highest ping (today it was floating from 400 to 500) and then lag incidents like the ones on your vid will keep happening from time to time... You should move to Europe! Very Happy

And about your incident with Reaper, I think it was that damn crazy bug again (of course there was some lag involved too), but I mean that bug this mod seems to have where 2 cars touch each other sido by sido and one of them suddenly goes flying in the air... The same happened between me and Alaster at Nurburgring and Reaper was lucky his car didn't fall in the endless limbo abyss as mine did... Razz


About my weekend & race...

I knew I was slow, so starting in 11th place was the best I could get, but at the same time about what was expected, so that was that...

In the race I was hoping being able to take 3 stints on Softs (doing only 2 stops) could help, since I knew some guys were going for 3 stops, or also for 2 stops, but using Meds for at least one stint and being a little slower compared to me on Softs in all of my stints... And I think that paid off!

I finished in 4th place and I think it was a mix of a bunch of stuff...
The strategy helped a bit, of course, but I also got a little luck with some unfortunate events the faster guys in front of me got involved with...
BUT... I also got involved in some of them myself and also lost time and places because of them, as I posted about here:


But all in all, it was a pretty fun and intense race, with big groups of cars fighting each other for lots of laps in a row, going sido by sido in lots of corners and although we still had a few incidents (and a LOT of bumps) here and there, in overall, all the drivers were trying to be careful and respectful to each other, so that was REALLY nice and I congratulate all of you for that, gentlemen - let's keep that up and improving even more!!!

See you guys at that damn Imola track from hell... Evil or Very Mad

And here are all the important links you should take a look:


- INCIDENTS REPORTS (you guys have only 48 hours to do it, so... GO GO GO!!!):




27 Re: 13 - Brazil GP (Interlagos) - Event Thread on 7th September 2014, 5:59 pm


If i had to put big moments of the race for me as Alex did I would have to just record the whole race of mine and upload here!  Surprised

Good to be back behind the wheel after a long break (it's been my 4th race in this season or sth like that) but seems like it didn't affect my genius of drive at all! Razz I was very fast and competitive so I was looking for a place in podium and I did it! As if that was not enough I could've also won this race if I was lucky after Lau's and Adrian's collision but I had to deal with Tom who stuck by me and didn't want to let me go for it... Razz I think we swapped our possitions overtaking one another like at least 20 times during the entire race. That was sick! Razz

Anyway it was a great fight and I was delighted  Smile
See ya at Imola!

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28 Re: 13 - Brazil GP (Interlagos) - Event Thread on 7th September 2014, 9:47 pm


story of my race:

good quali, good start, but a little bump in t1 and i was under pressure, then lap 2, that stupid bug flipped my car in t1 when crystakke and i made contact, luckily i ended facing the right way and didn't lose too much time.

i had some great fights getting back to the front again, and then from lap 10 to lap 36 i was fighting wheel to wheel with Arek for every lap

i've never had a fight like it, and it was hard but very clean as well. two great champions fighting it out Razz

we both could have won the race if not for this fight - we were fighting so hard Adrian caught us and passed with a few laps to go

great race!

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