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12 - Malaysia GP (Sepang) - Incidents Reports

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1 12 - Malaysia GP (Sepang) - Incidents Reports on 24th August 2014, 3:24 pm

LAP & TURN!!!!
This thread will be open 48 hours from now!!!!
reports after that will be ignored!!!!

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I'm just gonna Chuck the race chatting incident here so no one forgets. Sorry about that. Must've missed that chunk of the rules.

Sometimes I make videos ... Click here to have a gander!
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Don't worry too much, Richard.
It wasn't a 'heavy' offense, but yes, we have it in our rules since day one and although your intentions were good, it's important to keep in mind that we ask for the drivers to just don't chat at all during the official quali and race sessions.

Lap 9, pitlane, me and Lau. Might've been "unsafe release" on Lau's part, might've been my fault. But after the contact, the pit crew wouldn't service my car and that was that....

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Just reminding! if for some reason you dont wanna tell about your incident(s) on public thread:
You can allways PM me or send me email about you case, or reporting something you see during the race!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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crystakke wrote:Lap 9, pitlane, me and Lau. Might've been "unsafe release" on Lau's part, might've been my fault. But after the contact, the pit crew wouldn't service my car and that was that....

I honestly do not understand why report it.
1 in the first place as shown in video, in front can not see any crew for a possible stop.
Why I say this because in my way of viewing the race, I saw a car in the mirror, did not know if pit or will do, and so I kept on running out the right side, just to let space.
rear car just swerved into me after a sufficient period of my departure from pitstop.
knowing that will make pit and I was gone (especially the one who was going to make pit, see exactly the position where he had to stop) should not force unnecessary entry to the pit stop.
2 this incident (if I was in the position of the car from behind, not because I was a Rivets this incident in the best position to be wary of any risk to me), I brought only disadvantages. 5 sec. delay from Adrian (from 0900 entry), and damage to the front suspension.
3 crystake were not in direct combat with me, so I do not understand at all handling done.

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1st. Lau, I only understood half of what you said.
2nd. I mentioned I wasn't sure whose fault it is. If it's mine, so be it.
3rd. It's your fault you don't see other people's pit crews. You need to activate that option. I see them.
4th. I turned right as late as I could to still make my pit entry.
Also if you had checked your mirrors you would've seen a green car coming. Now, the only two teams that have pit boxes before Mercedes, are Red Bull and McLaren I think. They don't have green cars. So it was obvious I hadn't made my stop yet. You can also press TAB to see players ID. 
Actually it doesn't matter where I had to stop. We would've been wheel to wheel up to that point and then when I had to turn right, it would have been contact. Somebody would have had to yield and that should've been you because I was in front when the contact happened.

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Guys, just to calm things down a bit...

I haven't talked to Fox or to any of the other stewards yet and it's THEIR decision in the end anyway, so I'm gonna give you guys MY opinion...

I think it was all an unfortunate race incident, BUT.. at the same time, I would blame BOTH of you for it... Let me explain:

IF I was lau...
I would have stayed on the right as long as I could until the actual pit exit just in case that green car behind me was still going to pit (in case I didn't know if it was going to pit yet, or if it was actually exiting the pit lane)...
So, I think lau moved a little bit too early and 'decided' to take the risk of an incident - maybe he was just focussed in exiting the pit as fast as he could, since he was chasing Adrian at that moment of the race, who was right in front of him and leaving the pits too... so, MAYBE lau didn't even 'think' about a possible incident with that green car on his mirror...
Still, YES, lau should have checked his mirrors, CONSIDERED the POSSIBILITY of an incident and TRIED his best to avoid it...

IF I was crystakke...
I would have been even more careful, because since I was going to be the car behind, I would be SURE lau was going to leave his pit spot, since I'd have SEEN him there, right in front of me...
Ok, I wouldn't know exactly WHEN his car was going to be released, BUT his car was released with enough time for crys to just lift up a bit, let lau go and then get to his (crys) pit spot safely.
So, IMO, crys could've avoided the RISK of an incident just by lifting up the throttle a bit, once he saw lau leaving his pit spot - I know it was all too fast, but in the video we can see there WAS enough time to react...

So, anyway... this is just MY PERSONAL OPINION and of course the drivers involved and especially the steward may disagree and take whatever decision they want about it...

It's a shame crys couldn't keep going in the race, but that was also related to some crazy rF bug, since in the worst case, crys could've just went reverse for a few meters and got his car worked normally, except for losing a few seconds with all of that mess... - it's really unfortunate, that the crew just didn't work in the car and he had to abandon, but THAT wasn't lau's fault at all - it was the GAME's fault...

Yeah, that RF bug had nothing to do with lau . And you're right Sexy, can be just a race incident or both our faults. I mentioned from the beginning I had no idea whose fault it is, if it's anyone's.

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lap-0000, net vs me, net blocked me all the way through the sessions and made me DNA (did not attend)

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12 Re: 12 - Malaysia GP (Sepang) - Incidents Reports on 25th August 2014, 10:43 pm

cryst vs lau in pits !! to me its a game fault 100 % never seen this in rfactor for 5 years Sad i guess racing incident only Sad

When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say. Shocked Shocked affraid
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13 Re: 12 - Malaysia GP (Sepang) - Incidents Reports on 25th August 2014, 11:39 pm


I remember a few seasons ago - also at Malaysia - Alex Hill was about to leave his pits and he saw people coming on his mirror, so what did he do?!... He left to the RIGHT (closer to the garages) and only near the pit exit, he turned to the left and got back on the 'correct' pit lane line - that was weird and fun, but it was also clever (since, in the game we can do that, but obviously not in real life) and by doing that, Alex avoided losing time and getting involved in a similar incident as crys and lau's.. - good job, China Boy!!
Very Happy

yeah... smart move Wink

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you can actually drive through the garages at this track as well... the walls aren't solid Razz

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