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11 - Belgium GP (Spa-Francorchamps) - Penalties

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BlackFox told me there were NO incidents reported to him (on the Incident Reports thread) and so there were NO incidents for him to investigate, which also means there are NO penalties from the Belgium GP.

It's important to remind all of the drivers that ONLY the REPORTED INCIDENTS will be investigated - EXCEPT for the incidents that were seen 'live' by any of the stewards during the race - but still IF you were involved in ANY kind of incident, PLEASE, make SURE to report it after the race, so it can be investigated.

I made a suggestion to Fox and he agreed, so we can be a little bit more efficient about the incidents & penalties and here's how it goes:

The drivers have up to 48 hours after the race (which means until TUESDAY) to report the incidents.
ANY incident(s) reported AFTER this deadline will NOT be investigated.

Then BlackFox (and the other stewards) will have another 48 hours to investigate and decide about the reported incidents and then release the penalties - which means until THURSDAY or FRIDAY in the worst case.

So, please, don't forget to report the incidents and respect the deadlines, so we can make everything a little bit more efficient to the league as a whole!




Lap 0 - me vs door was about to go inside but door didnt leave the space causing me to lose multiple points

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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Sorry, Tony.
Too late to report incidents now...

Damn  Razz

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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I think the door should still get a 3 place grid drop penalty  Very Happy

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BAN door propposed by Sexy Brigadeiro: 2 votes to pass.

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