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11 - Belgium GP Results

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1 11 - Belgium GP Results on 17th August 2014, 4:30 pm



* = 3 places grid drop

Actual Grid:

Pole: Adrian S Shole
2nd: lau
3rd: wes
4th: Reaper
5th: BlackFox
6th: Joe McLaggen
7th: Crystakke
8th: Denis_Belarus
9th: Sexy Brigadeiro
10th: Marius Popescu
11th: deadfish(GB)
12th: Alaster
13th: Richard Allen
14th: Alex Hill
15th: Juan Caires (joined in warm up)

P.S. - Guys that still have grid drop penalties to serve:
- cueballUK (3 places)


Provisional results - before penalties:



Winner: Joe McLaggen

2nd Place: lau

3rd Place: Reaper

Pole Position: Adrian S Shole

Fastest Laptime: Alex Hill





Fastest Laptimes chronologicly:

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