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09 - Austria GP (A1 Ring) - Penalties

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1 09 - Austria GP (A1 Ring) - Penalties on 9th August 2014, 5:39 pm

Lau hotlap T1
Crystakke hotlap T1
Joe Hotlap T1
Wes Hotlap T1
Sexy Hotlap T1
Marius Hotlap T1
Reaper Hotlap T1
Alaster Hotlap T1
Cueball Hotlap T1
BlackFox Hotlap Between T8&9

All drivers above. 3 place grid drop to next race.
Cutting or going wide to gain time in quali.

L30 T5 Marius vs. Wes - Drive Through to Wes (causing position loss)

L32 T2 BlackFox vs. Adrian - 5 place grid drop to BlackFox causing spin

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2 Re: 09 - Austria GP (A1 Ring) - Penalties on 9th August 2014, 5:50 pm

to go wide in t1 is far away from cuting. only lose time there, but ...  afro

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3 Re: 09 - Austria GP (A1 Ring) - Penalties on 9th August 2014, 11:57 pm


I'm SO not looking forward to edit the grid tomorrow... Glad Tom may race... Razz


Official race results (after penalties), here:





- lau: 3 places grid drop
- crystakke: 3 places grid drop
- Joe McLaggen: 3 places grid drop
- Wes: 3 places grid drop
- Sexy Brigadeiro: 3 places grid drop
- Marius: 3 places grid drop
- Reaper: 3 places grid drop
- Alaster: 3 places grid drop
- cueballUK: 3 places grid drop

- BlackFox: 8 places grid drop


P.S. Championship Stadings (updated after Austria penalties) here:

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