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I have question :)

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1 I have question :) on 4th August 2014, 10:13 pm

I have a question about general things Smile

How come everything that creates a sense of realism (damage, no aids) is all but forgotten about? Because it seems that you'd get more considerate racing if you included all the realism that rFactor can offer. 

It almost feels like the Codemasters games driving these cars Razz

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2 Re: I have question :) on 5th August 2014, 3:17 am


I think it depends on a lot of things, Richard...

We've been racing for 6 seasons and the league was 'shapning itself' since the beginning and we had different mods and different settings for each one of them...

We had higher damage before and if the league is how it is today (not only about the damage level, but also about everything else), it's because we tested some things before and we didn't like them, so we were always trying to improve the league and make the races more fun and pleasurable for everyone - the main purpose here is to just have FUN. We are NOT a professional league and it all started about 3 years ago when some of us got tired of racing each other on public servers where a lot of idiots would join just to ruin the races... So, Sven and Joe McLaggen had the idea of creating the league and invited some of the nice guys who used to play in those public servers...

Since the very beginning, we used about the same settings and realism level from those public servers we used to enjoy, but as I said before, we started to create and use our own settings and small changes here and there throughout the seasons - some things we liked, some we didn't... And in each season/mod we had a different car behaviour and kind of competition, but in overall, we've always tried to keep it FUN for the people to drive and race against each other.

Please, don't get me wrong and I don't mean to be rude at all, but if people want something more difficult and/or challenging, they can always search for some other and more professional league.
As I said before, our main purpose here is to just have fun, with the 'right' level of challenge and realism, which is never that easy to reach and to please everyone, but... we'll keep on trying!

3 Re: I have question :) on 5th August 2014, 5:34 am

I was curious, because this mod seems exceptionally fast. 1:29 on a track these cars did a 1:42 irl :p

I just wondered why the realism was turned down Smile

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4 Re: I have question :) on 5th August 2014, 5:44 am


Yes, we noticed that this mod isn't realistic at all about the lap times...
It's the fastest mod we ever had in our league, but we were using a pretty bad mod the last season (CTDP 2006 - yes, we all thought it was going to be amazing, but turned out it wasn't that good and most people had issues with it and a real hard time in driving it and they got annoyed by that and we even had to reschedule some races - make them earlier than they were supposed to be - because we wanted to finish the season as soon as possible and then pick another and better mod), so, we had only a short time to test some mods for the current season and from the ones we tested, WCP 2013 seemed to be the best one and then since we REALLY wanted to get rid of CTDP 2006, we were just 'loving' WCP 2013 and decided to use it for this season. But only AFTER the current season started and we could compare the laptimes and race results with the previous ones we had in the same tracks, we realized the mod wasn't realistic at all (at least about the lap times), but then it was already too late to change anything and we decided it was better to just have a nice and fun mod to drive, even if it wasn't exactly a 100% realistic mod...
So, it's easy to understand that coming from people joining the league right now, without knowing how the previous seasons (and mods) were.

5 Re: I have question :) on 5th August 2014, 5:47 am

I've never really driven modern f1 I was all about the 90s cars :p

GPteam make some pretty decent one if you were looking Smile they're very drivable and fun to drive Smile

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6 Re: I have question :) on 5th August 2014, 5:54 am


The original plan from the LAT was to use a mod for at least 2 seasons in a row in the league...
We did that with LMT 2010 in seasons 1 and 2... The same with FSONE 2009 in seasons 3 and 4... And we were going to do the same with CTDP 2006 for seaons 5 and 6, BUT... in season 5, we found out CTDP wasn't the greatest mod we thought it would be, so... we decided to change the mod for season 6 (the current one), so... I don't know if the LAT will come back to the original 'plan' of using each mod for 2 seasons (which means we would keep WCP 2013 for the next season as well) or if we would just pick another mod (and if so, which mod it would be)...

I know it could be fun to change the mod at each season, but at the same time, always having a new mod to 'learn' and also to 'edit' (since we always customize a few things here and there) is a too big of a work for the LAT and for the drivers and that's why using a mod for at least 2 seasons was the original plan - and a wise one, IMO...

At the same time, IF we use a new mod for season 7 (or 8 ), I don't know if it would be a 'modern' mod (2014, for example), or an 'older' mod, like the 2010, 2009 and the 2006 we used before - some people even suggested some mods from the 90s or even 80s...
All I know is that the LAT will talk between the members and decide about these things when the time comes. And probably there will be some poll or something like that to hear the drivers's opinions and help the LAT to take the best decision to 'everyone'.

But to be honest, I think we should not worry about it for now and leave it to the LAT boys...
Let's just try to enjoy the current season (and mod) as much as we can!!!

7 Re: I have question :) on 8th August 2014, 8:48 pm

lol change the mod Smile its ok but not the greatest maybe drs and kers may help a season to catch lau n adrian ?

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8 Re: I have question :) on 9th August 2014, 1:53 am

Having mod for 2 seasons is kind of our tradition, It only didnt happen with CTDP for obvious reasons, as far as I see there arent any very big problems with this mod so I doubt we wont use it next season as well.

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9 Re: I have question :) on 9th August 2014, 10:22 am


League Director
League Director
We will have at vote at the end of this season if we go on with it or not if most drivers vote no well need to find another one

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