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10 - Singapore GP (Marina Bay) - Event Thread

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No problem, mate! I hope you can get it all fixed and join us for the next race, next sunday, at Spa!

Results and everything else coming up soon - working on them right now... Patience, pliss!!
Very Happy

What a tense race to me, started on pole coz of lau's penalty from last race , but at the start thanks to the stone cold tyres made me went wide in T1, and kinda returned the P1 spot to lau Razz, after that i was driving basiclly alone the whole race but it wasnt so easy , coz 1st, i noticed there was a gecko on the ceiling in my room before the warmup and was worried if it climbs down during the race ,so i had to observe where he is and caused me crashed twice and on the last lap i noticed he was on the ceiling just above my head Razz. And also my hards were only able to last for 11 laps in the 1st stint , 2 laps shorter than i expect so wasnt sure about what tyres will be on for my last stint, and in my 2nd stint i lost some time driving on nearly puncture tyres and had to pit with 6 laps to go so since i had no confidence on softs for that many laps so i kept on using hards and Reaper who was behind me seems to be on softs after his last stop and he was closing on me every lap so i had to push like hell and on the last lap saw him dropping like a stone (probably coz of tyres worn out) so that gave me huge relief and crossed the finish line in P2!

Congrats lau and Tom (a great return with a podium)

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My race was according to expected, so I can't complain.

I had a weird moment though and it was exactly when I was going to pit...
I was already on the pit entrance and my monitor literlaly shut down.. The screen went all black - but the PC (and the game) was (were) still on and then I had to press the button to turn the monitor on again and then I missed the pit entrance and spun (I think - I couldn't watch, since the monitor was off) and then when I turned it on, I was at the main straight entrance... I had no fuel to take another lap, so (after checking the track map and making sure no one was coming close and it was safe) I turned my car back to the pit entrance for about 10 meters... I lost about 20 to 30 secs with all of that, I think, but I was still able to keep going, so that was good enough...

So jah, I almost had my whole race fucked up for another external unnexpected shit, like the crazy bug at Nurburgring, the connection loss at A1 Ring and now this... Geezuz - stop your damn macumba/voodoo, wherever you are, Sven!!!
Evil or Very Mad

At least I had a very good, clean, fair and just nice fight against Marius (congrats and thanks for that, mate!) and I hope I can see it on his Singapore vid in the future!!!
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Check these important links, kids:






some fun touring car action at times... good racing with the older wiser heads at others...

next season i strongly vote for NO formation lap, the tyre temperatures drop way too quicky, making the first lap like an ice rally


"no formation lap" - amem...

(I'm REALLY tempted to say 'I told you guys it was a bad idea'... - oh, damn, I've just said it! Very Happy )

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