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09 - Austria GP (A1 Ring) - Incidents Reports

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Another incident on T1, lap 1...

Don't know who caused it or if it was only a mistake by someone in front...

All I know is that I tried to 'dodge' a spun Caterham (I lifted up a bit and turned to the left, going almost out of the track to avoid it) and then I got hit from behind, spun, hit the wall, lost a LOT of time and places (dropped to last or penultimate place)...

If I had time to react and avoid that Caterham, why people from behind weren't able to do the same?

I mean.. I know sometimes you REALLY don't have enough time to react or anything, but.. come on, guys.. Right before the race start I asked everyone to be careful on T1 and T2 (and also T3), because these are the spots where we had issues in the previous races on that same track... I reminded you guys that it was a 'long' race and there was no need to risk too much on the first corner(s) and lap(s), so...

WHY are we still having these silly incidents at MOST of the race starts?!

Can't you guys be a little bit more careful?!

Do you REALLY have to start the race on full throttle/speed/pace?!

Can't you guys drive with INTELLIGENCE, instead of only pressing the pedals and turning the wheel?!

At the race start there are LOTS of cars around you (you're NOT alone in the track), the car is heavier, brakes and tires are cold - bla bla bla - EVERYONE KNOWS that, right?!...

But WHY do we still behave like noobs who started to play rFactor 'yesterday'?!


Just think about it, pliss - and make SURE to NOT let these things happen again...

Rolling Eyes

Yep, L1 - T1.. That was me who hit you.. Guilty as charged.. but it kinda suprised me, all that, didnt think you would bump into him and go left on me(in front of me)..I didnt drive so fast but shouldve predicted something like that.. Sorry Sexy(i know it doesnt change the outcome, but anyway)

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No, Reaper, it's ok - nothing personal at all, since I didn't even know who hit me - and now I know it was you, because you told me so - LOL

But seriously now...
I just used what happened to me as an example of what, unfortunately, happens pretty oftenly here, so I hope people start to be a little bit more careful, if they REALLY want to become better drivers - so everyone can have more fun and less stress - everybody wins!

As I said, I know sometimes you just can't avoid getting involved in an incident or even causing an incident - and that's up to the stewards to check and judge - but still I think some (maybe even most) of the incidents we have in our league - especially at the race start (first corner(s) and lap(s)) are avoidable incidents, as long as people make an 'small bigger' effort to avoid them.


I don't wanna name names but there were so pretty epic cuts during qualifying. Sad

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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