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06 - Canada GP (Montreal) - Incidents Reports

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Only incident reports here


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My race replay in case it's needed: download/fa50b25plh7nnlh/06+-+Montreal+Race+Replay+%5BBrig%5D.Vcr

P.S. Nick had a very high ping (over 500 ms) and was lagging like hell, going out of the track and moving 'weirdly', which made it hard to know exactly where his car was and I saw him and Arek (don't remember the exact lap, but I guess it was the 8th or 9th lap) having an incident that made Arek's car jump in the air (exit of the hairpin) and it may have been caused by lag, but anyway...

Nick and everyone else: Don't download/upload anything to/from your PC while you're racing. Don't race with too high ping, because it's dangerous to everyone else...

Lap 14/Last chicane      -      Me vs. wes

My mistake giving no enough room, but it seems that he car bugged badly or something, because i had just a touch in his rear left tyre. I want to ask sorry to wes because he DNF.

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Lap 10 exit of turn 9 Wes rejoined really weird on the racing line, after collision my car was much slower than it ususaly was.

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