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Announcement - Cutting and making false times

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1 Announcement - Cutting and making false times on 18th June 2014, 10:22 pm


A number of drivers have been cutting the track and making false times not only in Monaco but at Barcelona before.

From the rule book, section 15 code of conduct:
Drivers must follow the Racing Code during all Events and also during Free Practice. The Racing Code is the rules of conduct, setting out responsible and respectful behaviour that all drivers should follow, to ensure that everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience. 

This involves adopting a ‘simulation’ mindset - do not do anything in the game that you would not do in real life,

Any driver consistently cutting or using wrong tyre allocation, to gain an advantage or falsify LiveRacers stats, or for whatever reason (in practice or race), is breaking our rules.

You are not respecting the values of our league, and disrespecting the other drivers in doing so.

Any driver that continues to do this will be banned from future races/the league, until they can participate in the spirit of the league.




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