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05 - Monaco GP (Monte Carlo) - Event Thread

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Firstly a big congratulations to Pet Shark #27! It's not easy to win at Monaco, especially without aids, yet Tony did it completely on merit and I'm very happy for him. Smile

Now about my race; my qualifying went quite well despite crashing on my first out lap, making me do one run less than normal, but my race pace wasn't anywhere near as good. My tyres, particularly rears, overheated badly and I had very little grip and skewed balance. In my first stint I had lau following me until a bump spun me at the chicane which put me in 3rd. After passing wes and catching back up to lau, Tony closed the gap and has much better pace, so as lau pitted I thought it would be better for the team to let Tony chase after lau instead of me holding him up for no reason.

After the pits, I caught up to Tony again and passed him but then one of the yellow Pirelli cars parked across the exit of T1, so I literally had to stop to avoid hitting him. I got hit from behind a few times anyway, plus I had to reverse out to get around the stationary car. I'm not sure who it was, but thanks, because it really helped my race.

After that it was just doing tidy laps till the end. At the end of the day, Tony did a fantastic job of not only doing great laps, but also preserving tyres. He did a better job than me today and thoroughly deserves the victory. Very Happy 
Also great job to lau, Alex and deadfish! Smile

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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It was bad quali for me, only 4th place and 12.4 time (I knew I could do 11.5 based on testing), but race was complete oposite. First stint was exciting, because I had some nice fights and overtakes, and was closing gap to front runners, and at the end of 1st stint I was in 1st place and I stayed there for the rest of the race so it was a bit of a procession for me but its an awesome feeling to win in Monaco Razz .
Id like to thank my awesome teammate, #69 Pet Shark Asshole Razz for his help, hard work, and driving lessons, without him this result wouldnt be possible Smile. It was also great result for team because it was 1-2! so we are leading constructors now Smile . See you all in Canada! Smile

                                                                            Team Pet Shark
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