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03 - Bahrain GP (Sakhir) - Event Thread

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51 Re: 03 - Bahrain GP (Sakhir) - Event Thread on 3rd June 2014, 7:34 am

crystakke wrote:I kept the same line all down the straight, I braked normally and when I saw that you are not trying to pass on the inside I went for the apex. Then all of a sudden you come side by side with me and I think we hit wheel to wheel. You also had a huge front right lock-up and you slammed into me, but you're the one who came worse from it. Considering the lock-up, I don't know if we could've avoided each other.
No hard feelings at all, but the collision could've easily been avoided. It's Bahrain, there's a million miles of run-off which you didn't even need to use.

I was actually ahead of you into the braking zone when you turned into the apex, so I don't know what made you think I wasn't trying to pass. The lock up wasn't significant at all, I still made the apex - see T1 of Lap 10, where nearly the same scenario occurred but Arek left me the perfect amount of space to avoid a collision.

Even if I did go wide (like I did in T1 of Lap 1), it still doesn't mean you can turn into me and blame me for a collision; you still have to give space. Here are some real life examples.

In Monaco 2014, Magnussen could've easily made the apex, but gave space to Raikkonen to avoid a collision (see 0:13 and 0:30):

And in Japan 2008, Raikkonen had to do the same (but even went off the track) to avoid a collision with Hamilton and Kovalainen (see 0:13 - Raikkonen is on the left and Hamilton on the right):

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52 Re: 03 - Bahrain GP (Sakhir) - Event Thread on 3rd June 2014, 2:47 pm

Adrian I'm not trying to blame you. It a racing incident in my opinion. I was saying your lock-up also contributed. I checked my replay again and all down the straight your front wing is barely on the level of my rear wheel. I braked in a straight line for the first 50-60m, I saw your front wing for a fraction of a second by my side and then it disappeared and I just assumed you weren't going for the pass so I turned in normally. Then I see you again all of a sudden when you lunged down the inside and I tried to correct, but we touch wheels. It was also the last lap of the first stint for both of us so the tires were also almost done. 
And as that example with Raikkonen and Magnussen shows, it's not always a good idea to dive on the inside. Smile

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