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01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread

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26 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 4:30 pm

Sexy Brigadeiro wrote:'connection lost'
I repeat. RFE Tire BUG


We need to put all tires together (or leave it as it is) and delete all RFE.dll files. I had the same problem in practice.

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27 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 4:46 pm


This time, I'm pretty sure it was just my connection, Marius - BUT...

The pic in your link is the message I get randomly most of the times I try to join the server - then I automatically get DQ and can't click to go to track... When we advance or restart the session, then it fixes itself automatically and all works fine.

BUT... it also happened to me in one practice session some time ago... I mean, like it happened to Marius... I was already on track, taking laps normally and suddenly the message popped up on my chat and I got DQ out of the blue because somehow the game/server considered my PC as not having the plugin installed - but I obviously had (and have) it...

We could even race without the plugin - it doesn't 'need' to be installed on the server (and in our PCs). But at the same time, without it, we wouldn't be able to read if everyone is using the right tire compounds...

I doubt the admins would remove it, so unfortunately, we're gonna be exposed to these bugs that might happen out of nowhere - and jah, it can happen to anyone and everyone...

28 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 4:51 pm

lau here is a video about that incident from my replay


dunno what to say , but how your car jumped/flew away was really weird , imo a bit like this vid Marius posted   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znWxr2ggetc

im sorry lau , a race incident imo but really shocked me by how your car flew away

anyway a shit race for me , stayed out too long before the 1st stop and got puncture in the middle of that lap before came in lost too many time so that blowed away the 2nd place

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29 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 4:57 pm


It's great to get back behind the wheel once again and... What a great start of the season for me! It couldn't be better!

I had a good qualifying session. Maybe not perfect because I had a setup for 29,5 and I did just 29,7 but even if I had done a perfect lap it wouldn't have changed my starting position beucase the guys in front were doing 29,3... Still 5th place was still nice to start from.

The formation lap was way too slow. I didn't check it out but I think that before the lights went off my tyres were colder than when staying in the garage and then when I tried to turn into T1 the car didn't respond at all and I went wide, losing 5 places... Razz 

I don't understand why you guys were slowing down in the middle of the straight. It doesn't give anything. It just makes a huge traffic and causes a danger. It doesn't make your brakes warm beucase only a heavy braking could do it, you just lose temperatures and that's it. Same for the tyres. Formation lap should be done in a pace which is just a bit lower than a normal racing pace. Then the gaps between the cars would be much bigger (I almost got a heartattack a few times when the cars were slowing down on the straights and I almost crashed into them) and everything would go smoother and faster.

Anyway, I was trying to get those places back and I made it. I had a nice fight with Andraz, then against Cue and later also Deadfish joined us. That was a huge fight which lasted a few laps. 3 cars side by side all the time Very Happy But ultimately Dead and Cue crashed together and I had a free track in front of me.

I had like 5s gap to Denis untill he pited. I did it two laps later and I came out right in front of him! He must've had some troubles which was good for me Smile He was able to pass me beucase I was strugling with my told tyres but when I got a good rythym again I overtook him back and pulled away taking the 2nd place!

Congratz for Adrian for a victory and I hope for such a result in another race for me Smile 
And special thanks to my biggest fan for the support today! I decicate that second place to you! Very Happy

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30 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 5:02 pm

Just before the race I said "slow and steady wins the race" and that's exactly what happened. Smile
Being a new mod, many drivers were going to have issues, so I concentrated on looking after my car, putting in consistent laps and finishing the race.

I had a great start but went wide like many others. Luckily I came out still in the lead and could start putting in a few laps to build a gap. My first stint was pretty good, second was okay, but third was really slow and I don't yet know why. I was putting in faster lap times in my first stint with full fuel. Anyway my goal was to finish the race so I'm happy. Sadly Pet Shark 27 didn't, but he stayed to chat until the end which was very much appreciated. Smile

We still have lots of work to do to catch the faster guys, but it was a good start to the season.
Congrats to Arek and Denis, and Joe did a fantastic job too. Also congrats to all the rookies who finished the race and picked up points. Smile

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

"I don't need another novel..." - Mike Henry Jr
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31 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 5:06 pm

Well, I did a PB in Qualy which put me in 10th, add to that people going wide in turn one and I soon found myself in p3 and felt I held my own for awhile. Then After a really good battle with Denis, I ended up squabbling with Arek and Cueball, places were swapped back and forth until I nudged Cue going into T1, this resulted in him losing a wing and both of us losing time to Arek:) I had a slight contact with Jure at one point but neither suffered any damage. My set was good for top speed but this meant I held people up through the twisties :)All in all a great race, bring on Suzuka!!!

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32 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 5:12 pm

@Arek  the reason i slowed down on the straight was simpily because after the last hairpin , i noticed the last places guys were pretty far from the pack  , so instead of going on our grid slots earlier/faster and waiting for them with engines running on neutral , i chose to slow the speed down on the straight and waiting for them to catch up the pack. but i dunno if it was better with the former way but our tyres would get cold either way imo

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33 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 5:13 pm


League Director
League Director
I had a quite good quali P6 but at the start i went wide in T1 and spun. I recovered and got 9th. There were some nice fights with Joe, Black and Marius! This mod is really great to drive it makes so much fun in the races Smile

I didnt like that many people DNF so early though they only spun. I think you should keep driving. Lau would probably be on the podium now if he didnt leave.

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34 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 5:21 pm


That's ok Alex. It was just a first time for everyone so we all need to get used to that procedure and I'm sure in the future it will be looking way better Smile

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35 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 5:22 pm

i had a great race today but i was very slow at qualify but i am  happy with 6th place. Congrats to top 3 and congrats to Arek for 2nd place.nice battle with wez and bober we had a great battle Smile

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36 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 5:41 pm

no comment

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37 Re: 01 - China GP (Shanghai) - Event Thread on 18th May 2014, 10:09 pm

Hi Smile
I should be angry, angry on me. I knew that i shouldn't downshift quickly, but i did it.  head wall 

Anyway, my Q was bad, my setup too. But i was so excited when i saw 23 dirvers. I really hope, all races will be like this.

My start race was excellent, but i don't know if i were really leading after first two corners. From 21 to 9 after first corner, that is pretty good :Dheh..

and yes, we should be more careful at warm up lap. One driver crashed in to me.. But it doesn't matter, i'll move on as usual Smile

Congrats to Adrian and all other, who finished the race Smile

See ya on next race, JAPAN Very Happy


My passion is driving
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