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Shouting thread - Japan

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1 Shouting thread - Japan on 13th April 2014, 3:06 pm

Tell us about your Quali & Race!!!!!

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2 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 13th April 2014, 4:28 pm

bad race for me i was so slow at this track i need more practice to be faster than that Sad
why i still have HRT logo? maybe because im slower than HRT  Razz

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 13th April 2014, 4:34 pm

No points but i had great fights with the new guys xD

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4 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 13th April 2014, 5:01 pm


One of the hardest races evah for me...

At the beginning, I was being extremely careful and going very slowly, just trying to get confident with the car and afraid of making stupid mistakes just in trying to keep it on track and even more while fighting for positions with the other guys... That was working fine and I got some places without too much effort...

My goal was to finish in front of Denis, since we were tied in the Drivers' Championship in the fight for the 5th place, but he was pretty far away in front of me until I saw him and Tom spinning at the esses and I got Denis's place! Of course, that was too good to be true and on the next lap (or a couple of laps later) I finally made my first big mistake (and just like at Arek's and Noobica's corners, nothing new here...) and then I spun at the 1st/2nd corner and lost the place to Denis again... and of course, it could get even worse: at the end of the esses, I went off track and lost even more time, so Denis was again more than 10 secs in front of me...

At that point I fell to last (14th) place again and practically lost all my hope for a decent race and good result - beating Denis was almost an impossible dream - but still I kept going...

After my pit stop (at the end of lap 13), I 'decided' that my 2nd stint would be a 'fearless' one and I'd risk everything I could to make only the fastest possible laps (to myself) and that's what I did and slowly I was getting close to Denis, but he was still 9 secs in front of me when I left the pits - I was able to reduce that gap to 6 secs, until near the last laps, but then I saw Denis and Sven spinning under the bridge (no, not the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song...) and then, again, I was able to overtake Denis and got to the 6th place!!!

I was a little faster than Sven and I had a little fight with him too and I knew I could (and would) overtake him before the end - UNLESS... I'd make a mistake and... 'mistake wins'!!!

With that, Denis overtook me again, but I was still close to both of them and they were fighting against each other (with only 3 laps to go) and then I was able to catch up to Denis again and I knew we would have a big fight in the very last lap...

I'm sorry, but it felt like that fight had the whole Championship in it - LOL - at least that's how I saw it and how determined I was to fight for it - but so was Denis...

All I know is that on the very last sector, of the very last lap, I was able to get his slipstream and our cars were 'sido by sido' for that flat left hander ('over the bridge') and Denis tried to squeeze me on the edge of the track (I was on the inside, on the left), but I held my ground... And at the corner itself, he turned into me - probably not on purpose, but... - our cars bumped each other, but I was able to stay on track while he went wide on the runoff area, but was also able to hold his car and I knew we would have a fight on the very last overtaking spot, which is the famous 'Senna x Prost Chicane' (jah, that's how I call it!) and then Denis bumped me on the rear and sent me to the runoff area... Then I said to myself: Hey, Jean-Marie, I don't give a shit about your 'best decisions!' - and then I rejoined the track the best I could - I lifted up a bit, so I wouldn't gain time by 'cutting' (and keep in mind I was SENT off track by other driver) and then I just kept the inside (right side) on the very last corner and although Denis was right on my tail, he wasn't able to overtake before the finish line...

WOW, what a fight - one of the toughest ones I ever had!!!

So, although I don't like that driving style... I congratulate Denis, for his driving skill and toughness (if that's a word) on track - lots of respect for you, mate!

You guys should definitely check my replay - especially the last lap and the fight with Denis... download/po3fv1qrm6fe1rn/S5-15-Suzuka+%28Race+Replay%29+-+Brig.Vcr.Vcr

All I know is:

Sexy - 2 x 0 - Denis

Malaysia (which is a track where I'm historically slow, here in the league - but so was Suzuka...) will tell how the story ends...

5 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 13th April 2014, 5:45 pm

what a damn tough race
had a good quali and started the race on P3 , had a fine start but then i got wheelspin after turn 2 and  went on grass when i got my car back on track i dropped down to P8 right in front of my teammate Juan.we had a close call thru the fast right hander but glad nothing big happened Smile   My 1st lap was a damn mess and thought: ok just another cocked up race. i drove pretty carefully on the opening laps and what can i say i had some really good luck . 1st ,Sven went to the gravel at the last chicane after a contact with Denis ,i got passed him easily , then Tony and then Denis and Tom's contact made me gained 4 places without fighting hard Razz. Then i drove a lonely race but pretty consistent which is a surprise to me since suzuka is bloody tricky for keyboard and i was slowly catching Joe but he made some big mistakes today (very unusual from him to make those mistakes), felt really bad when i past him while he was on the sand Sad  before my only pitstop i was chasing down lau to 5 sec gap and we pitted at the same lap and somehow i closed down the gap to 3.8 sec to him after our pitstop , and the rest of the race was all about chasing lau , it was damn hard coz lau was pretty fast and also i kept making mistakes and unsurprisingly i spun just before the last chicane (wheels on grass) with about 6 or 5 laps to go so then i basiclly gave up and just nursed the car home but a few croners later i saw an light blue car looked like spun on the road under the bridge , and it was lau! (actually my 1st thought was that blue car must be Areko but then realized he didnt race Razz) but unfortunately i was a bit far from him since i just spun corners earlier but i was right on his tail but unfortunately i kept making mistakes and wasnt able to pass him. But finished in P3 after a drama 1st lap for me was really really brilliant! 
congrats Adrian on another Vettel style race and lau for the 2nd place

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 14th April 2014, 3:34 am

My race was good but not great thanks to some stupid mistakes I made, mostly in T1. Sad

It was very easy to lock rear brakes with race fuel so on lap 6, I was sideways for about 30m before running out of road and spinning. It nearly happened again on the next lap too. Lau got past which, on the positive, meant that I could have a battle with someone. He drove hard but fair but didn't fight too hard into 130R, I guess because he knew it would cost time to keep fighting. The car was much better balanced on the 2nd stint, but I still didn't string a good lap together. It was obviously a good result but my driving wasn't as good as I'd like. Smile

Great job by lau and Alex. Sven did a really great job too considering his pace earlier in the week. Very Happy

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 15th April 2014, 3:49 pm

It was not a good race for me, I had a lot of struggle and crash  Sad . Sorry Sexy I firmly defended because I know that we are fighting for the 5th place in the championship. Good speed Sexy good speed.

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8 Re: Shouting thread - Japan on 15th April 2014, 7:32 pm


It's ok, Denis and I understand.
You're a good and fair driver, although sometimes you fight a little bit too hard.
But as long as there are no crashes or unfair overtakes, it's all ok.

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