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Shouting thread - Brazil

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1 Shouting thread - Brazil on 6th April 2014, 1:26 pm

Tell us about your Quali & Race

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2 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 6th April 2014, 3:26 pm


Although I hate these damn wet races, I can say I still had some fun in this one...

I started from 13th (and last) place and by my side I had the EXTREMELY slow Juvenito, but all in all it was a pretty clean start for all 13 drivers - at least the 1st corners, which are always pretty hard at Interlagos with so many cars together - especially on a wet road - so, congrats to all for that!

At the end of the 1st lap, at the main straight entrance, about to open the 2nd lap, the funniest moment happened... Me and Arek were side by side (me, on the left and he, on the right) and then I went a little wider than I wanted, while at the same time, he turned a little more than I was expecting and then we touched each other and spun together - LMAO!!! It looks pretty fun at the replay... Luckly, both of us didn't get any serious damage to our cars and just kept going, although we lost a LOT of time with that little act...

Another VERY funny moment was less than 1 lap later, while at Bico de Pato (the hairpin on S2), Arke made (another) juvenil-ish mistake and I was able to pass him easily - and I just couldn't stop laughing - thank you, Mr. Juvenito, for all of these priceless moments!!!
Very Happy

After that, I was able to get a few places by other people's mistakes, except for Raso's place, which I actually got on track, by overtaking him and he played pretty fair, so nice job for the 'rookie'!
But then I found myself driving alone in 7th place for most of my 1st stint...

In front of me I had at least 3 guys fighting for P4 (Cue, Denis and Tom) and then I was hoping I could somehow catch up with them and have a few nice fights on my 2nd stint, after my pit stop and... I guess I did it!!!

I had a pretty good pit stop (pit entrance, stop and exit) and I was able to close the gap to Denis and Cue and we came back to track together and we had some pretty nice fights against each other!
Cue and Denis touched each other at 'Curva da Junção' (the 1st corner on S3) and Cue spun and I gently touched his car and put him on the right direction - I think I helped you this time, Cue - LOL - and then I just kept going after Denis and I was a little faster than him lap after lap, but Cue was a little faster than me lap after lap as well, so he got to me and Denis again...

A little later, Tom made a mistake and me and Denis were able to pass him, while he got right between me and Cue and then it was the 4 of us fighting for P4!

Sadly, while lapping Raso, Cue got hit and lost contact a bit, but still we were still close together - I mean, all 4 of us... So, I was being as careful and patient as I could and just waiting for the best chance to overtake Denis, which means, hoping that he would make a mistake or something, but Tom was again getting closer to me, so I didn't have much time to wait...
But then I got 'lucky', because Denis made a very small mistake at the start of the esses in S2 and I was able to put my car side by side and at the exit of the corner, I was able to complete the overtake and let Denis and Tom fighting against each other - which worked pretty well, since they had a little accident between them and I was like... LMFAO (sorry, guys)!!!

After that, I was finally on P4 and trying to keep a good pace, so Denis wouldn't get close to me again and I was also hoping he would hold Cue (since Cue was faster than me) and hoping Cue would fight Denis, so I would be able to open a gap and... that's what happened - YAY!!!

Still it was a helluva tense driving and each corner was a surprise... My car tried to spin a LOT of times and I went offtrack here and there and it wasn't easy at all and it was also a pretty stressing driving, but in the end I got a good result for these conditions and was able to have some fun, so I can't complain (although I hope we DON'T have wet races anymore, for they're not fun and just stressing in MY opinion)...

Congrats Adrian for (another) win - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Congrats Joe for the 2nd place and I'm sorry you went out of gas on the very last lap, while you were leading... you were going to win this one, but DAYUM!!!
Nice job anyway, mate!!!
Congrats Denis for the very nice and clean (at least with me) fight!!!
Congrats Raso for finishing and also scoring points on your very first race in the league!!!
Congrats Arek for getting your juvenil little ass kicked by me... AGAIN!!!
Very Happy

If anyone wants, here's my race replay file: download/5yjd4d3gqigh0wb/S5-14-Interlagos+WET+%28Race+Replay%29+-+Brig.Vcr.Vcr

See you guys at Suzuka, next sunday!

3 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 6th April 2014, 3:41 pm


I have nothing to say Razz

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4 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 6th April 2014, 3:44 pm


I mean I have. I didn't turn too much becuase I saw you were there. I just started spinning becuase I pressed too much throttle fighting with you noob Razz

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 6th April 2014, 3:50 pm


Always some lame ass excuse that's only NOT worse than your driving...

6 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 6th April 2014, 5:26 pm

ty sexy i had a good time racing today i failed in pits i broke the speed limit and had to go on a stop/go penalty for 10 sec (that's why i was lapped) but still finished the race Smile) overall a good race for a first one Smile

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 6th April 2014, 6:05 pm

bad race for me i was unlucky at 1st lap and i crash and lost front wing from my crash Sad

congrats adrian for win
and congrats raso for your 1st point

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8 Re: Shouting thread - Brazil on 7th April 2014, 8:32 am

This must've been the closest race event ever. To get pole by 0.007 and win by 0.062 is something I did not expect at such a difficult circuit.

I was very fortunate that Joe had his fuel issue. He was quicker all weekend and hardly put a foot wrong. He deserved the victory more than anyone, but bad luck can sometimes bite you in the ass and unfortunately it was one of those days. I trust that he'll bounce back even stronger and give us an even harder time in the final races. Smile

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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