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Shouting thread - Portugal

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1 Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 3:02 pm

Tell us about your Quali and Race!!!!!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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2 Re: Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 4:10 pm

sorry guys my bad  Facehand

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3 Re: Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 5:01 pm

I apologize to all of you(chating during race),what i can say about my race,even that i dont do any lap in race

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4 Re: Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 5:04 pm

I had an 'Arektion' today, I ran wide after a fight with Sexy (not his fault), than Arek came and seal the deal with a bump that got me into the barriers and behind them... Smile
The race stopped there for me.

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 5:37 pm

brilliant quali , although at 1st i forgot about the 12 laps limit so i did my usual thing wasting laps and then i realized i had one chance and patiently waited for other guys finish their laps , so i went out for a last try and i made some mistakes in last sector after i saw i went faster than Joey's time but also got a bit traffic , somehow i still managed to beat Joe's time and he couldnt improve sorry mate for stealing it and also thanks to Adrian's net issue i got my 1st ever pole in the last moment.
For the race start , pretty nervous especially i had some damn fast guys like Joe and Adrian in my mirrors and also afraid of Arektion pole coz i had some moments with it in the testraces Razz But luckily i kept my postion from Adrian but then i saw some messages from Jure calling restart so got a bit affected (wondering what happened to him) . At the same time , Adrian gave me hell a lot of pressure and knowing my softs wont last long if i didnt start to save them so he passed me pretty quick , but i was able to drove behind him in 3 sec , on lap 11, my front left had almost nothing left so went to the pit and decided to put on softs to do 2 stops , however after a successful pit stop , i made a noobish mistake in one of thse uphill right hander and spun 360 lost about 5 sec , but didnt lose any position very lucky. i thought the tyre wearing would have decreased in 2nd stinit but unfortunately it wasnt , so had to save tyres again to make strategy work.
After 2nd stop, i was just 3 sec behind lau , pushed pretty hard and got passed him in T1 after he went wide and he fought back in the next corner although touched my car a bit (lag perhaps) but i was able to get pass him again , good fight mate. After that pushed like hell but 15 sec gap is just too much and also mod and track are damn difficult but was still able to come home in P3 is really great . Congrats to Adrian for an easy win and Joe great job on the 2nd place Smile

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 6:09 pm

I was very lucky to have my internet fix itself with just three minutes until the end of qualifying, but unfortunately it wasn't enough time to get up to speed with the car. Anyway Alex did a great job to get pole. Smile

My start was good, but I was wary of Joe because he usually has strong races so it was nice to get past him early on. Then I had to chase down Alex, who was setting good times so it wasn't the easiest thing to do until he started saving tyres.
From then I had to keep an eye on my tyre wear, but it was quite good so I could keep pushing. At the end of the last stint I had 3% remaining so it was a bit close for comfort.

Sorry to Tony for his misfortune, but I'm sure he'll make up for it (and thanks for the commentary). Very Happy
Finally, I still think the tyres should be changed as soon as possible. If Alex had the same tyre wear as me, he would have had a very good chance of winning or at least having a good fight for it. It's very unfortunate. Sad

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 8:20 pm


I pretty much don't know what to say about my race. I got mixed feelings. I'm happy that I finished in 5th and definitely it was the best place I could've got looking at pace of Adrian, Alex, Joe and Lau but my wole race except for the start was just a total crap. I had a very good and lucky start. There was some mess in front of me so I used that to move up to 4th place (starting from 10th). I thought to myself: "Wow, such great oportunity to have a clean solid and fast race".

Then I noticed there was Joe coming up from behind. I had no doubts he would pass me but I hoped for a good fight against him. Unfortunately I made a stupid mistake spinning my car in the last left corner...

But the 5th place was still better than good one.

Then I started to suck spinning my ass at every chance I had. Razz Adrian's set that I was lucky to get was very fast but also very demanding and difficult to drive so once I lost focus that was it. I felt down behind Black, Sexy, Denis and ADI a few times thinking: "Just f***'n great! Bye bye my 5th place..." But I was lucky again because they were doing mistakes too. I have no idea how I made it but I finished in 5th which was great for me and for the team Smile

Summing up a race to forget Razz

And I'm sorry for ADI that I ended his race. He was going back to the track after having a wide run through T1 and at the same moment I went too fast and couldn't match myself into the corner so we had a crash off the track. Nothing big happened to my car but as he said he ended up in the barriers (I didn't see that). Razz I just hope I won't get a penalty for that Razz

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8 Re: Shouting thread - Portugal on 19th January 2014, 10:05 pm

As I said for me there was not much of a 'stake' for this race, it's not like I'm involved in a battle for points or sth so I'm not mad at it, I just wanted to have fun. I would suggest it's not worth a penalty, I know it was just a bad coincidence that incident.  Smile
Leave Arek his precious position!  Very Happy

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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