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Shouting thread - Australia

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1 Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 3:06 pm

Tell us about your Quali and Race!!!!!

if i*ve ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart, i really dont give a shit
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2 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 3:42 pm


Sven took me out on T3.

I lost my rear wheel.

I've been saying for more than 3 weeks that the damage should be set to 25% (and not 30%)...

Good job, LAT.

3 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 3:47 pm

Jure lap 3 last turn unsafe rejoining

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4 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 4:08 pm

In T1 someone hit me and suddenly I also saw a car in front of me just about to face wrong direction.Then Otti lap 2 turn 5 (flat right hander) unsafe rejoin causing me to go off the track, and after that I spun in T6 probably because going off track because tire temp falllen down, while spin that I touched the wall and my car was very little damaged but was undriveable, spinning almoast every time I hit the brakes. Shit mod shit race. I have very little motivation to continue because this mod is just pure crap.

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5 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 4:33 pm

I made the mistake to switch back to wheel with 1 day before race, seeing how difficult is with keyboard. The wheel is altogether a mess, very imprecise. Than I had difficulties adapting to it and finding a set...I could barely hold the car in straight line when aproaching the turns. Very difficult to find the limit, even when I was nailing some corners I was still losing time to the ones nearby  Shocked
No way near a race as bad like this before.
But I've still enjoy racing  Smile  Though I would like to be at list involved in some sort of competition  Very Happy

Congrats to podium.  Wink

Race driving is like trying to thread a needle while running from a saber tooth tiger.

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6 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 4:42 pm

thanks to Grisu !! that's is all words for the race

please nest time look in the mirrors . and sven same thing ( but I managed to avoid collision )

after the collision with Grisu my car was undrivable.

maybe i was able to finish in first 3 places. i have it a good pace in race ,but the car was bad damage

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7 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 4:44 pm

Bad qualy with a 1,23,9 lap and i was expecting 1,23,3
Started at the 14 place and at the start i braked to early and juan hit me (no problem mate ^^) then i get p18 and i climbed to p9 in  two laps just avoiding cars. Lap 5 (i guess) i commited a error at the left-right corner and spin out of the track, back at p14 keep and againg climbing to p10 where i stayed till the end (sorry for the english errors) ^^

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8 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 4:49 pm

My wheel paddle very seldom double-downshifts and sadly it did it to me in the race. Crying or Very sad 

Toward the end of the race at T3, the gears went from 3rd to 1st which locked the rears and so I spun.
I think I was managing the tyres well enough to last to the end, but the spin didn't help and so my left front went on the second last lap. The track seemed to be getting quite hot also, which probably increased wear even more. Smile

Well done to Grisu kept up despite a slower car, Arektion for doing a great job of holding off Joe and cueball for a solid P5. Very Happy

Team "Grande" Pet Shark

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9 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 4:59 pm


Sorry to the drivers I 'prejudiced' for typing in the race.

I wasn't going to say anything. But accidentally I hit the 'BLUE FLAG, pliss =)' quick chat and after that I thought to myself 'Oh, fuck it!' and then I typed 'Thank you, Sven.' on purpose.


Here are my both replays - Quali PB + Race: #!VVAxUaaB!QkId91PadMurbDwGclhC3maCl50klEQ2pR1jqnRtiKY

10 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 5:13 pm

Otti wrote:Jure lap 3 last turn unsafe rejoining

Yea but i got a hit by hill and after that i dont have full control with my car,maybe i will get penalty and if you see me where im going then you can be little more careful but no here allmost everyone try to pass someone with force

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11 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 5:17 pm

well my 1st race this season in melbourne a track which i dont like tho so i wasn't expecting a good result. But in the quali , i was surprised with a 22.4 on my 2nd flying lap to put me on 3rd lol but then i found out i already did 10 laps with about 7 mins to go, so i thought i could do another 2 laps to test race set and pit entrance but not finish the 2nd lap so plan went well but unfortunately after i pressed ESC on lap 11 (it said) the game gave me DQ when i was in P3 damnit  Crying or Very sad should have asked Toninho what happened to him in the last race. but anyway had to start from the back ,good start and after T2 i found out myself about up to P11 i think amazing Razz then i drove behind Tony and on L2, T6 he made a mistake and spun off ,sorry mate , and after that i was right behind Jure and right in front of Otti , so under a little pressure and in L3 before 2nd to last turn i saw Jure went wide so i thought i could went right and then side by side with him through there but i was wrong , Jure went back to racing line and i wasnt expecting that and i hit him , i thought it was a small hit but Jure lost control after rejoined and Otti couldnt avoid him damn really sorry matey  Sad   Then after some laps drove behind Black , i noticed my medium tyres were already yellow so i thought wtf why it worn so early but then i drove on the kerb in T10 then slowly spun off afterwards. 
On lap 10 or 11 i noticed there was only 1 red square on my left wheels so i chose to pit on that lap and change to a new set of mediums. All went well but i met Tom who was quite slow and i got hold up for a long time and couldnt find a way pass and the gap between me and lau decreased from almost 10 sec to 4 or 5 sec Razz , but then i dont know why but Tom went straight off in T3 , i was surprised but i got fresh air ahead of me finally. on the last few laps ,i was in P5 cos cue went to the pit and i got passed him and had only 2 sec gap with about 7 laps to go, then i took a look at my tyres and they were still yellow lol so i changed my plan from 2 stops to 1 stop but knowing my tyres werent that good maybe i couldnt even made it to the finish so i slowed down a bit to save the tyres and cue got closer and closer with fresh tyres , i knew i couldnt fight against him so he got passed me easily. And i still dont understand why some guys' softs can last more than 15 laps but mine mediums can hardly last 13 laps in the 1st stinit  scratch

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12 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 5:43 pm


League Director
League Director
I had a bad quali and a 5 places grid drop from the last race. I had to start 18th. At the race i started well but then i misjudged the brakepoint and went very wide. I didnt even notice that i hit sexys rearwheel (watch the incident with my Tcam view and you will see) im sorry!

The rest of the race was shit. Bad pace and i kissed the wall ~5 times and finished 12th.

The admin team will discuss the damage% and the tires for the next GPs!

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13 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 5:45 pm


Apologies accepted.

14 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 8:47 pm

lau wrote:thanks to Grisu !! that's is all words for the race

please nest time look in the mirrors . and sven same thing ( but I managed to avoid collision )

after the collision with Grisu my car was undrivable.

maybe i was able to finish in first 3 places. i have it a good pace in race ,but the car was bad damage

I also have to say when i watched the replay that you wheren't even alongside at the straight with my car. It's pretty risky to overtake like that. Still i will not say that it was your fault and i do not think that it was my fault. But in my opinion it was too aggressiv. Ofcourse you wanted to use the chance to overtake me and it probably was the only one. But yeah. At that Gap i would not risk it. And the Main problem was: I didn't saw you anymore when i drived into the corner, your car was in a dead angle. I also thought you are behind me. And i also was so slow that my Car steered too much into the corner. That wasn't planned at all. I may should take the corner next time with full speed. Because i braked a bit more than usual and didn't want to take the usual linie. Which allowed you to get at the last moment side by side. Anyway let the stewards Decide.

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15 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 15th December 2013, 9:47 pm


I see that dissatisfaction dominates so far... So time to change it! I have to say that I had a really great race and the result was way better than expected! Smile

Quali wasn't that good as I wanted but even if I had reached my goal which was 22,9 (I was 0,2s slower) it wouldnt've changed my starting position... So from the times I shoud've started 8th but due to Alex Hill's counting problems I took the grid no. 7 Razz

The start couldnt've gone better. I had a good launch and then I attacked Tom in T1. I slipped past him by the outside and I was happy I had a clean start without any contact and damage which is very important in this track Smile

In the middle of the opening lap I saw Lau spinning after a contact with Grisu. It wasn't good for the team so now I knew I have to be pushing very strong to score as many points as I could. I also took an adventage of this situation and overtook Joe in the whole mess which as it turned out later, it was crutial to my today's result.

On the following laps Otti who was in front of me lost control over his car and spun which was a great news Smile

I was 3rd with only Adrian and Grisu ahead of me but it wasn't a big problem at all since they were much faster... Razz I had clean air all the time so all i needed to do was pushing as fast as possible so I did that. Unfortunatelly I noticed that despite my efforts Cue was getting closer and closer...

I was lucky he lost some time fighting with Joe who finally got rid of him and started teasing me... Razz

I had him on my back since lap 12. At the begining I had about 1,5s gap adn I was able to keep it for a while but then he started getting closer. From lap 14 he was literally on my rear wing all the time. We went though the pits together on the same lap and I thought it's just a matter of time when he passes me. But after another few laps he was still behind me...

Then I started beliving I could hold him up till the finish line. And after a very tough battle I made it! We were side by side once or twice and we crossed the finish line driving next to each other!  Flag 

That was a crazy race! One of my best. I don't remember if I made any mistake. I was pushing from the start to the finish line as if I was doing quali laps one after another still being under the pressure of faster cars. Great result! Smile

At this moment I would like to thank (despite of how stupid it would sound) Joe for his setup and of course for a nice clean fight Smile

Congratz to Grisu and Adrian and next time I hope my teammate won't have such a bad luck as for this time. We could've scored more points for the team today.

See ya in the next race Smile

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16 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 16th December 2013, 6:20 am

quali was'nt as good as i'd hoped seeing as i'd just done a 22.5 just before quali started   Laughing  but when quali started i could'nt get near it and ended up with a 23.3 wich put me right behind arek  Facehand  

anyway i managed to miss all the madness in T1 and T2 so i ended up behind ark who was fighting with tom and joe.  i guess tom and joe made a mistake cos arek managed to get past them but this helped me also and i get past joe :)sorry joe if i pushed u a litte wide.  then a few laps later i managed to get tom who seemed to be struggling for some reason.   then the chase was on to catch arek wich i was doin very slowly haha but at the same time joe had got past tom and was catching me  Surprised  anyway by lap 11 arek me and joe was all very close but at the same time i new there was no way i could make my tyres last to make a 1 stop :(so i had to pit but then i could'nt change any of the pit settings to stop it from repairing my car so lost time in the pits and also had to stick with soft tyres cos it would'nt let me change them  head wall   anyway after that i had a pritty quiet race apart from the last few laps i had to chase down alex but he was on old tyres so past him pritty easy for 5th :)the main thing is i managed to do the whole race guys without spinning on my own  Shocked  lol.  unlucky black i hope u have better luck next race  Cool

oh and i'd like to say thx to adrian and joe for the help in practice.

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17 Re: Shouting thread - Australia on 18th December 2013, 7:56 am

A bit late but better than never Very Happy

Qualy: I expected that Adrian gets Pole and I also expected that i got the second place. However i didn't expect that i screw all of my laps in the last sector. Let me loose always 0.4tenths because of too careless driving, too not screw the lap over. At the end i was very happy to get the second place. To get not holdet up by other drivers. In the Race i knew that my only chance was at the beginning to overtake Adrian. Unfortunately the first lap didn't go as Planned with Lau and so on... Anyway adrian had a 3 Seconds gap my car was a bit damaged. It made it may a bit more unstable than it already was but only on some particullary corners. Than i was really surprised to see catching up Adrian by constantly 0.4 tenths. I Made some consistency Laps. But than a Bad Mistake at the second last corner. And lost all the time i closed to him again. Before the first Pitstop i managed to get again, once, behind him. But after the Pit stop everything was turned Around. Adrian became quicker than me and was able to drive 0.1sec faster. We switched both always the times and beating our fastest laps always again and again. Than some backmarkers started to get in the way one time Adi drived sideways and i nearly crashed into him. The other time Alexandre wanted to let me through but braked a bit too early and was still a bit in the way. I had to brake heavely to avoid A Crash i'm glad that i managed it to brake early enough. I may just got catched off guard, if i wouldn't brake i think i could dodge him without hitting him. But by surprise i used full brakes which forced me to not move to any directions. Than Adrian started to make a slighty mistake in a lap. I think he nearly lost the car at the fast S Corner but he could manage to hold his car on the Straight. After that his wheel got a problem and his car double downshifted. I could overtake him. Got very much pressure which paid of at least in terms of fastest laps. I had so much pressure that i gave everything and got a 22.7 which was a inch perfect lap in the Race xD. Well and that was it. If Adrians tyres would hold until the last lap my tyres would wear off and i would loose the race. But gladly his tyre was gone 1 lap before my tyre would.

I'm really impressed how adrian can drive those laps without knowledge of Setup. I was constantly impressed from fsone how he manages to drive such lap times if he has no Idea how to set the Car for the Track. It may becomes a Interesting Season.

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