RFR World F1 League - Season 9 Rules


1. General rules 


All drivers and admins participating in the league undertake to observe all the rules in all parts of the league rule book.

Each driver must accept and understand the rule book, and inform the LAT, before they can compete in the league.

A driver’s presence at a league event is an implicit statement of acceptance of the rule book.


2. League Administration Team (LAT


The LAT is in charge of the league, and all of the league events.


The LAT are responsible for the following aspects of the league:

Ø  Drivers, driver roster, driver applications.

Ø  Server, mod, tracks, rules.

Ø  Calendar of events.

Ø  Penalties.


The LAT are responsible for the following at each league event:

Ø  Server - moving from session to session on time; server settings.

Ø  Drivers - driver adherence to the rules (chatting, behaviour, etc).Results - grid order; grid editing; recording of results - times from each qualifying session and the final race times must be recorded by an LAT member (at least screenshot).

Ø  Running - starting and/or stopping a race.

Ø  Communication - communicating to drivers what is happening, and what will be happening.


3. Drivers and applications


League events are only open to drivers on the current driver roster.


Applications to be a driver in the league must be submitted the LAT. Applications are only open to registered members of the official league forum. The LAT will study all applications and decide whether or not to instate the forum member as a driver. Applications are submitted by posting in the season registration thread on the forum.


Drivers are either regular or reserve. All drivers must sign ‘in’ or ‘out’ of a race. Regular drivers will have a guaranteed seat at each race. Guarantee is lost by signing ‘out’ of a race. Reserve drivers are drivers who will fill empty seats at a league event. Reserve drivers will also be placed on a waiting list for permanent regular seats. When a regular driver confirms that he is ‘out’ of a race, a reserve driver will fill his seat. The first reserve driver signed ‘in’ for that race will take the seat. If there are multiple free seats, the team with the least constructors’ championship points will be filled first. 


A driver may change teams if there is an open seat or he/she can agree a swap with another driver.


Drivers who were regular drivers at the final event of the previous season have first refusal of the seats for the next season (they do not have to have raced at the final event).


If in the opinion of the LAT a driver fails to operate himself/herself within the standards of the League or the R&R, the LAT may ban such competitor from the League forthwith.


Any driver who leaves the League loses the right to their seat and may have to go through the application process again.


4. Settings and RFR league specific settings rules


Drivers may use only the following aides:

Ø  Traction control (Full).

Ø  Anti-Lock Brakes (Full).

Ø  Automatic transmission/gear changes (Full).

Ø  Auto-clutch.


The use of any other aides (internal or external to rFactor) is strictly forbidden.


Technical settings for the league:

Ø  30% damage multiplier.

Ø  Tyre wear - x3.

Ø  Fuel consumption - normal.

Ø  Refuelling - allowed.


Drivers must save their qualifying and race replays. This is so they can be provided to the stewards if necessary. Drivers must set the following line in their PLR file as shown here:


Save All Replay Sessions="1"


If a driver cannot present his qualifying or race replay, then the server replay will be used to judge any relevant incidents.


Drivers must use at least one virtual mirror in official race sessions.


5. Events and participation  


League events will take place on the league server, using the current league modification and track list.


Participation rules:

Ø  If a driver cannot participate in a race he must post a clear message in the event thread for that race stating to the LAT that he is ‘out’.

Ø  A driver’s confirmation that he is ‘out’ of an event is final and may not be changed. This is to ensure fair treatment of reserve drivers. If there is grid space they may still claim their original seat.

Ø  If a driver misses 3 consecutive races without notification (or does not race when he has said ‘in’) he will lose his seat, and be added to the reserve driver list.

Ø  If a driver misses 6 consecutive races, with or without notification, he will lose his seat, and be added to the reserve driver list.



6. Championships


The rFactor Formula 1 Racers League Drivers’ Championship title will be awarded to the driver who has scored the highest number of points across all events.


The title of rFactor Formula 1 Racers League Champion Constructor will be awarded to the team which has scored the highest number of points across all events; results from the two highest placed cars at each event taken into account.


Points scale for both titles:


1st:         25 points

2nd:       18 points

3rd:        15 points

4th:        12 points

5th:        10 points

6th:        8 points

7th:        6 points

8th:        4 points

9th:        2 points

10th:      1 point


No points are awarded in qualifying.


If two or more constructors or drivers finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the Championship (in either case) shall be awarded to:


a) The holder of the greatest number of first places.

b) If the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places.

c) If the number of second places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of third places and so on until a winner emerges.

d) If this procedure fails to produce a result, the League Administration will nominate the winner according to such criteria as it thinks fit.


7. League race weekend  




Official Practice begins at approximately 13:00 UK time on the day of the event.

Ø  2 hours.

Ø  Open session.

Ø  Pit lane speed limit not enforced.

Ø  Chatting allowed.




The official Qualifying session begins at 15:00 UK time on the day of the event.

Ø  Strictly NO chatting.

Ø  Private session

Ø  1 session of 10 minutes.

Ø  9 lap limit.

Ø  No Parc Fermé.

Ø  Pit lane speed limit not enforced.

Ø  Any timed lap started before the end of the session (when the clock reaches 0:00) may be completed.

Ø  Drivers must not drive in laps after the clock reaches 0:00 as it delays the race weekend.

Ø  Any DQ given by rFactor for exceeding the 9 lap limit will be upheld.


In the event that qualifying cannot take place at all, the grid order for the race will be the current championship positions, with any tie positions determined by best finish.


In the event that two identical lap times are recorded, the higher grid position will be awarded to the driver who set the lap time first.




Ø  5 minutes.

Ø  Open session.

Ø  Pit lane speed limit not enforced.

Ø  Chatting allowed.

Ø  No Parc Fermé.


Drivers must check their grid spot is correct when the grid is set during this session.


If a driver disconnects during the warm-up they lose the right to participate and to their grid position. If they can reconnect before the end of the warm-up session they may race from the grid position rFactor decides. The race will not be delayed for any disconnected driver.




Race distance is 50% of the real life counterpart grand prix, or a distance decided by the LAT.


Drivers must make at least one pit stop in the race. This pit stop must be before the last lap. Failing to do this will result in disqualification from the event (DQ).


Drivers may change tyres as many times as they like. Tyre compounds for each Event will be announced in the opening thread on the official League Forum for each Event.


Restarts are only permitted in case of server failure, if grid order has been incorrectly set, or if all but one driver is DNF before 5 laps have been completed.


Drivers who lose their connection lose the right to race. Only in the event that more than 50% of drivers lose connection between the end of the Warm-Up and the start of the Race, the Warm-Up session will be restarted, and will be run for its duration or until all disconnected drivers have returned.


Chatting is strictly forbidden until all drivers have finished the race. Drivers may chat to each other using the /w name message command. Communications may however be made by the LAT. Chatting will be penalised. Any driver who does not stop chatting may be kicked from the race and penalised further.


Deliberate crashing after completing the race is forbidden, as it can cause lag to drivers still finishing the race.


In the event that the fastest lap of the race is recorded by more than one driver, the fastest lap will be awarded to the driver who set the lap first (earlier in the race).


8. Suspending a race (red flag rule)


In the case of a server failure resulting in disconnection of all drivers, the race is suspended and the LAT will call a Red Flag.


If less than 2 laps have been completed, there will be a complete race restart.


If more than 2 laps but less than 50% of the race distance has been completed, the race will be resumed at a later time.


If more than 50%, but less than 75%, of the race distance has been completed, the race will be ended and half points will be awarded.


If more than 75% of the race distance has been completed, the race will be ended and full points will be awarded.


In the event that a race is red flagged for a second time - regardless of race distance completed - the race will not be restarted. Section 10 is then applied.




The time and date of a race restart/resumption is at the discretion of the LAT, but they should follow these guidelines:


a) If all qualified drivers (except those already DNF) are still online, and the server (or backup server) can be prepared for the race within 20 minutes from the server failure, the race will be resumed/restarted the same day. All qualified drivers (except those already DNF) must be present at the restart or Article b) will be applied.

b) If all qualified drivers are not still online, the race will be restarted/resumed at the next available Sunday (at 15:00 UK time), and this will be announced by the LAT on the official Forum.

Drivers must confirm their participation again.


Presence of all qualified drivers is not required if the race is to be restarted/resumed at the next available Sunday.


If the race is to be completely restarted, the race distance will be the total race distance defined for the specific event, and the grid order will be the same as the original start. Practice, Qualifying and Warm-Up will not take place. Drivers who were DNF in the original start may take up their original grid position again.


If the race is to be resumed, the race distance will be the number of laps remaining for the leader, at the moment of server failure, less one lap. The lap the lead driver was on at the moment of server failure is assumed to be completed. The grid positions will be the exact race positions at the moment of server failure. Drivers who were DNF at the time of the server failure, or were not qualified for the original race, will not be allowed to race.



9. Repeating a race  


A race may be completely repeated if it becomes apparent that there was an error with first running of the race.


This can include, but is not limited to, incorrect race distance, timing issues in results, or any other unforeseen circumstance.


Incorrect starting positions is however not a reason to repeat a race. An incorrect grid should be identified at the time. It is the responsibility of drivers to ensure their grid position is correct, and alert the LAT if it is not.


If a race is to be repeated, the LAT will schedule it at the next available Sunday (at 15:00 UK time), and this will be announced by the LAT on the official Forum.


Drivers must confirm their participation again.


Practice, Qualifying and Warm-Up will not take place. The original grid will be used.


The presence of all original qualifiers/starters in not necessary.


10. Finish, classification and results  


Provisional results will be published immediately after the race by the LAT.


Official results will be published after stewards have completed all investigations into event incidents and amended the classification accordingly.


In the case that a race is finished before the scheduled race distance (red flag rule) the race will be deemed to have finished when the leading car last crossed the start/finish line.


If a race is suspended and cannot be resumed:

Ø  No points will be awarded if the leader has completed less than two laps.

Ø  Half points will be awarded if the leader has completed more than two laps but less than 75% of the original race distance.

Ø  Full points will be awarded if the leader has completed 75% or more of the original race distance. 


11. PENALTY SYSTEM - Incidents


Incidents in a league event will be investigated by three stewards appointed by the LAT as soon after the event as possible, and before the next race.


For an incident to be investigated by the stewards, it must be reported to the stewards within 24 hours of the end of the event or race.


Incidents must be reported to stewards directly either via private message or the incident report thread on the official forum with the following information:

Ø  Lap of incident.

Ø  Drivers involved.

Ø  What happened


The stewards may impose any penalty (or warning) set out in the rule book for any incident if 2 of the 3 stewards agree.


Stewards cannot judge on incidents involving themselves or their team.


Incidents under investigation will be published on the forum.


12. PENALTY SYSTEM - Penalties  


Stewards may impose any of the following penalties for any incident during a race weekend.


Each penalty carries a set number of Penalty Points.


Penalties may be suspended for up to 3 races. If a driver receives a penalty (or breaks the conditions of the penalty suspension) in this time, the suspended penalty will be applied.


If a Driver receives multiple penalties in a race, they will receive penalty points for all those penalties.



Ø  Warning

Race time penalties:

Ø  5 seconds (1 point)

Ø  15 seconds (drive through) (2 point)

Ø  25 seconds (stop and go) (3 points)

Grid drop penalties:

Ø  3 places (1 point)

Ø  5 places (2 point)

Ø  10 places (3 points)

Ø  20 places (Start Last) (4 points)

Ø  Start from Pits (4 points)

Disqualification by stewards (5 points depending on infringement)

Race ban (can be multiple) (6 points)

League ban


The following is a guide to how incidents will be adjudged and penalised dependent on severity. Penalty severity will increase with the severity of the action of the offender and the consequences to the victim.


General severity scale for incidents involving drivers all on same lap:

Ø  Causing no damage or loss of time/position - No Action or Warning

Ø  Causing loss of time/position - Drive Through

Ø  Causing obvious damage - Stop and Go


For incidents involving drivers on different laps or when rejoining the circuit (from off track or pits):

Ø  Illegal action not affecting other drivers - No Action, Warning or Drive Through

Ø  Causing loss of time/position - Stop and Go

Ø  Causing obvious damage - Disqualification



Typical incidents to be ruled under in this manner:


Avoidable collisions, forcing another driver off the track, dangerous or erratic driving, rejoining the track, pit box release, pit lane exit, ignoring blue flags.

Collisions on the first lap caused by undue care and attention to the dangers of the race start may be penalised more severely.


Other typical incidents with set penalties:

Ø  Accidental chatting during qualifying or race (quickchat or chatting too early at race end) - WARNING

Ø  Deliberate chatting during qualifying or race - 5 SECOND time penalty or 3 PLACES grid drop for each instance.

Ø  Jumping the queue of cars starting the race from the pit lane - DRIVE THROUGH

Ø  Not making a pit-stop during the race - DISQUALIFICATION

Ø  Speaking disrespectfully to other drivers - ANY PENALTY (DEPENDENT ON SEVERITY)Cutting to gain track position during qualifying (outlap) - REPRIMAND

Ø  Cutting to gain an advantage during qualifying (hotlap) - DRIVE THROUGH

Ø  Passing another car outside of the track limits and not giving position back - DRIVE THROUGH

Ø  Consistently cutting a corner, or going outside track limits to gain an advantage during the race -n ANY PENALTY (DEPENDENT ON SEVERITY) from WARNING to DISQUALIFICATION 


13. PENALTY SYSTEM - Penalty points  


When a driver receives a penalty he will also receive a set number of penalty points. Multiple penalty points can lead to further penalties.


Penalty points will be recorded in a table at the forum.


On the imposition of the:

Ø  First 6 points - 10 place grid drop at the next race.

Ø  Further 6 points - start last at the next race. 


14. PENALTY SYSTEM - Protest and appeal  


A protest or appeal may only be made against a penalty imposed for a driving infringement:

Ø  That causes a driver to lose championships points.

Ø  Where the stewards have missed a significant fact that may have led to an incorrect penalty.


Drivers must submit their appeal, including evidence (complete and intact race replay) to the stewards within 24 hours of the penalty being published or received.


Stewards will only consider appeals for incidents that may have been caused by circumstances outside of the control of the driver.


15. Racing Code/Code of conduct  


Drivers are encouraged to reduce graphics levels to as low as they can. This is in order to reduce FPS rate and increase video card performance, which helps to lower ping and lag, leading to a better racing experience for all drivers.


Drivers must follow the Racing Code during all Events and also during Free Practice. The Racing Code is the rules of conduct, setting out responsible and respectful behaviour that all drivers should follow, to ensure that everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience.


This involves adopting a ‘simulation’ mindset - do not do anything in the game that you would not do in real life, and be aware of your limits as a driver - you are not racing alone, show care to your opponents.


Do not cause damage or danger to any other driver on the circuit or in the pit lane. Be respectful to other drivers in the server chat; do not try to offend or defame others, or use cursing or swearwords


A race is not won at the first corner - to finish the race first, first you must finish. Please take extra care into the first corner, as tyres and brakes are cold, and fuel loads are at their maximum. You may also be receiving a slipstream effect from the car in front. It will therefore take a longer than normal distance to stop. Crashing at the start ruins yours’ and others’ races.


When making a pass or overtake, take great care to not make contact with the car you are passing. Be aware that if you are behind another car in the braking zone, due to the slipstream effect and resulting speed differential, your braking distance will be longer. Do not make wild lunges that could result in both you and your opponent losing time, positions and receiving damage.


Please respect faster drivers in all sessions, official or not. If you see a blue flag, please move over at the first available opportunity. Check your mirrors!


If you do cause a collision, please allow the driver to retake his place within one lap, and you will only receive a warning (not applied if driver loses other positions, at discretion of stewards). Do not attempt to do this on the opening lap however as this can be dangerous.


16. Driving regulations  



1.1 Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not.

1.2 A driver will be judged to have left the track if less than two wheels remain in contact with the track. The two wheels must be on the same side of the car (differing axels).

1.3 Should a car leave the track the driver may rejoin, however, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage.

1.4 Leaving the track and gaining an advantage will be deemed ‘cutting’ and may be punished.

1.5 If however, a driver cuts through a chicane or takes a shortcut either to avoid an impact or through a genuine error, he/she will not be penalized. In doing so, the driver must not take a shortcut at full speed but reduce his speed so as not to gain advantage from the manoeuvre. Any positions gained from such a manoeuvre must be given up within 1 lap, unless the position was gained due to a crash, or the other driver has DNF.

1.6 More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off‐line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.

1.7 Moving directly ahead of another car after overtaking is not advised, and may waive liability of the following car in any collision (stewards’ discretion).

1.8 Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are not permitted.

1.9 As soon as a car is caught by another car which is about to lap it during the race the driver must allow the faster driver past at the first available opportunity. If the driver who has been caught does not allow the faster driver past, waved blue flags will be shown to indicate that he must allow the following driver to overtake. Failure to respect blue flags will lead to a penalty.

1.10 Drivers must drive within the Racing Code, and show that they are in clear control of the vehicle, having done at least some basic driving with the car at the circuit.



2.1 Overtaking should be without any contact. Do not make ‘lunges’ from many car lengths behind.

2.2 Overtaking drivers should be spatially aware of their car and not cause a collision, or force another driver off the track (from behind) with their overtaking move, or force that driver to take action to avoid a crash.

2.3 Drivers that are being overtaken should also be spatially aware of their car. In cases where:

Ø  The attacking car was NOT alongside the defending car at BOTH the braking point and the turning point, the attacking car will be liable for any collision with or avoiding action taken by the defending car.

Ø  The attacking car was NOT alongside the defending car at the braking point, but WAS alongside at the turning point, liability will be at the discretion of the stewards.

Ø  The attacking car WAS alongside the defending at BOTH the braking point and the turning point, the defending car will be liable for any collision with or avoiding action taken by the attacking car.



3.1 Drivers must not follow another car into the pit entry, unless they are intending to pit.

3.2 The pit lane is divided into two lanes:

3.3 The ‘fast lane’ is the lane closest to the pit wall. Drivers must use the fast lane to drive through the pit lane to their pit box when making a pit stop.

3.4 The ‘slow lane’ is the lane closest to the garages. Drivers may only drive through the slow lane when moving in to a pit box from the fast lane.

3.5 Drivers may only move from one lane to another when it is safe to do so. Drivers must ensure that when they leave their pit box in the slow lane, and return to the fast lane, that they do not endanger another car.

3.6 Drivers must not cross over the white line that defines the pit exit lane. Failure to stay within the pit exit lane will result in a penalty. Cars may only cross the white line to avoid an accident either from in front or from behind. In the case that a circuit does not have pit exit lane, the LAT will define a safe pit exit before the Event.

3.7 When leaving the pit lane and rejoining the circuit, drivers must not endanger drivers already on the circuit. 



4.1 Drivers are strictly forbidden to drive their car in the opposite direction to the race unless this is absolutely necessary in order to move the car from a dangerous position.

4.2 If a driver’s car has stopped, is moving slowly, or is not facing in the direction of the course, due to mechanical fault (engine or otherwise) or due to accident or incident, they must move it to safe position, whilst not endangering any other drivers, as quickly as they can. If the driver must retire, they must exit to the monitor as quickly as possible to avoid interfering with another driver’s race.

4.3 At no time may a car be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person. This will apply whether any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane.